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Examination and Proctoring | 2 Min Read

Inner Working of Online Remote Proctoring Software

What is a Remotely Proctored Exam?

A candidate sitting in an unknown location with no physical supervision might baffle any test administrator. Is the candidate giving the exam genuine or an impostor? Are there any chances of fraud during the assessment? It is an involuntary feeling for the test administrators to feel concerned over these matters. They often seem perturbed by the thought of the integrity of the exam getting compromised. Imagine if you wake up one morning only to realize that you have been robbed of your ability of sight. A test administrator feels the same about the candidate giving an exam miles away while he/she is sitting in a remote corner.

A remotely proctored exam ensures that the assessment is padlocked in the best possible way to keep the test administrator unfazed by questions about cheating, authorization, and security of the exam content. Mettl’s remote proctoring software allows a student and the test administrator to transgress the geographical boundaries and be a part of a technological era, which caters to two significant industries, one being education and the other, recruiting.

How Does Remote Proctoring Work?

Remote proctoring software can be thought of as the eyes, ears, and nose of any examiner. It is the eyes to spot if the right candidate is giving the assessment or not; ears to ascertain there is no disturbance caused during the exam and nose to smell out anything fishy via the recording feature of remote proctoring. The test administrator goes through the recording of the assessment, ensuring that nobody tampers with the test.

Remote Proctoring is a three-level padlock system against cheating.

Level 1 implies the start of the test, where the examinee is being verified through facial recognition and biometric verification.

Level 2 implies the ongoing evaluation process, where a remotely settled proctor can synchronously invigilate a large pool of candidates. It is just like an examiner closely observing the behavior of candidates in an examination hall; the only difference is that all this is now possible on an online platform. The number of times a candidate deviates from the test window, the system will issue automated warnings to flag such incidences.

Level 3 is the stage of completion. Once the exam is over, the entire recording is archived, and the administrator/faculty can access it afterward

The unique feature of Mettl’s Remote Proctoring System is that it is so flexible that you can modify it as per your requirements. Mettl’s Remote Proctoring is as unique as you are. It is as different or as simple as you want it to be.

The noteworthy features of remote proctoring are as follows:

  • Verifying test registration fields filled by the candidates
  • Stopping or warning candidates whenever they move away from the test window
  • Preventing the use of copy-paste option to protect the assessment content
  • Observing the entire assessment via webcam recording

Is Remote Proctoring Free to Use?

Mettl’s online proctoring services are secure, scalable, cost-effective, and easy to implement. This AI-powered proctoring platform can deliver a seamless and effortless exam experience. Just sign up for a free trial and maintain examination integrity with AI-led auto, recorded and live proctored services.

Advantages of Remotely Proctored Exams

Given below are benefits of switching to remotely proctored exams:

  • It ensures exam integrity and supports fairness and transparency by authenticating the identities of the examinees.
  • It saves lots of time and resources that would otherwise be spent on setting up physical assessment centers in remote locations, not to mention human, logistical and infrastructural expenses.
  • It helps in reaching a larger candidate pool, enabling candidates to complete the tests in the comfort of their homes ( or other locations) with flexibility in timings.
  • It also eliminates geographical barriers by helping proctors in reaching out to non-local candidates quickly.

How Can Mercer| Mettl Help?

Mercer|Mettl’s remote proctoring software makes administering online tests that candidates can take from remote locations incredibly easy. Instant notifications of suspicious behavior or a detailed report of cheating crops up if anybody tries to cheat. Furthermore, features like detection of suspicious browser activity and logging of audio-visual responses from candidates preserve the sanctity of virtual exams. The proctoring tool also comes with the option of prohibiting candidates from doing copy and paste during the test. Mettl offers supreme facial recognition features to verify the identity of the test-taker along with a host of features that helps in keeping fraudulent activities at bay.

Mettl’s online proctoring software is easily integrable with any website or test engine that needs to be proctored.


According to the World Economic Forum, the Fourth Industrial Revolution has arrived where the technology is now designed to put the spotlight on the most isolated corners of the world. The fourth revolution is a digital revolution that is defined by an amalgamation of technologies that is blurring the lines between biological, mental, and digital spheres. Teleportation is no more a far fetched notion, and most of us are strongly connected via the virtual world.

Technology today is no different from the water that makes its way through rocks and mountains. Technology has reached where no man has. So, when technology can reach the remotest corners of the world, it is not an arduous task for us to reach those corners with the help of technology. Working in tandem with initiatives like Digital India and Skill Mission India, Mettl has genuinely attained a global status of reaching the ends of the earth and beyond by being a part of this neo-technological era.

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Originally published March 27 2018, Updated July 15 2020


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Get awesome marketing content related to Hiring & L&D in your inbox each week

Stay up-to-date with the latest marketing, sales, and service tips and news