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Psychometric Guide   | 1 Min Read

An Ultimate Guide To Psychometric Tests

Written By Nishant Muralidharan

Candidate’s behaviour is one important benchmark in the recruitment process, far more valued than the aptitude. Psychometric tests go past simply gauging the abilities and knowledge to really judging the genuine individual.

Inside An Ultimate Guide To Psychometric Tests

What is a Psychometric TestNorming, Reliability and Validity of Psychometric Tests


Determining the Quality of a Psychometric TestApplications Of Psychometric Tests In An Organizations

Understanding the Science behind Psychometric TestsChapter 6: Can Psychometric Tests be Gamed?

Types Of Psychometric TestsKey Psychometric Tools at Mettl




Why does an organization need Psychometric tests?

Are you looking for tools to make more efficient recruitment decisions? Want to assess the suitability of potential employees? Need to further develop the team you have? Need to motivate your employees or retain your most valuable employee?

The solution to these and many more such problems is just an assessment away, aka Psychometric Assessment.

How does this guide help?

This guide is the complete resource to psychometric assessments, a must-read for all the HR, recruitment managers, CXOs, a sales manager who is in search for a rockstar salesperson or any corporate manager, for that matter, who is responsible for leading, administering and directing a company towards attaining company’s objectives.

This guide starts with understanding human behavior and skills and summarizing them into personality, cognitive, and acquired skills. It moves on to how these personality traits in humans help build a psychometric test.

Once psychometric assessments are made, the guide talks about their nature: are they valid and reliable? What role does norming play in these kinds of assessments? Hence standardizing the psychometric test.

Also, this guide delves into the vast applications of these tests from an organizations’ perspective. It gives a clear cut picture of how important these tests are and what role they play in recruitment, training and development, which covers training need identification along with training effectiveness. Also, how organizational planning and the problem of employee retention can be efficiently resolved via these tests.

How much of this guide do I need to read?

If you are serious about improving the efficiency of recruitment based decisions, planning for engaging employees or any such decision, that may, in turn, take huge amounts of time with no such guaranteed results (needless to say, decisions that are aligned to business objectives), we recommend reading this guide front-to-back.

Each chapter of this guide is important in understanding the concept of Psychometric Assessments.


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Originally published December 05 2019,updated December 07 2019

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