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Campus Hiring   | 2 Min Read

Campus Hiring + Offline = Think Again!

Written By utkarsh rai

Campus recruitment period is like the spring season for companies where they look to add fresh and blooming talent to their bouquet. It's essential for a company to choose their flowers very carefully so that they don't spoil the team. So whether it's a big bunch MNC or a start-up posy, they have to face their own problems when it comes to recruiting from campus.

Recruitment Trends

The recruiting trends report from LinkedIn show some of the key points that companies consider while preparing their hiring plan. It clearly suggests that almost all good firms focus  sourcing on quality of hire. So, they look to hire from the best campuses around. This connects them with the pool of skilled candidates which can satisfy their business needs. However, it's essential to pick only those candidates whose expectations meet your requirement and does not hurt your budget and goals.

Campus Hiring + Offline = Think Again! Campus Recruitment


Thus, the question arises. How can we make the most of Campus Hiring?

Once upon a time .....

With enough been said about the growing requirement of  harvesting this talent crop from the ripe educational fields,  lets discuss the example of  Mr. Hoddor Ramsey (or simply Mr. H.R.) who is head of the talent acquisition team at Walsh and Company Pvt. Ltd.  His organization is growing fast and they've got growing pains. It's a tough task to find the best from the lot and as a recruiter, Mr. H.R. needs to accomplish this task by hiring fresh college graduates for an all new division at his workplace.

So he decides to visit a top notch campus to have the best in class talent for his organization. An experienced and a reasonable man, Mr. H.R., decides to approach the campus all by himself. Now some might take it as a great move to build a relationship with the educational Institute and promote the brand. So, by setting foot in the campus, he made his intentions clear that he is here to pick the finest individuals out of the lot. However, he decides to go with the traditional pen and paper style of assessment, a practical move to avoid all the tech hassles and co-ordination related expenses.

Also using his understanding of human tendency of bending the rules, he deployed his talent acquisition team to keep an eye on those who would cross the line and cheat. All went well in the end as Mr. H.R. stayed glued to his plan. Later that day, the team took a decision of sacrificing their weekends for test evaluations.

After a great team effort they evaluated and shortlisted a handful number of candidates. Bravo! However, this exercise was not going to get them anywhere near their target hiring.

No doubt they kept the control of the entire campus drive but they still need to walk another mile and visit different campuses to meet their requirement. They will have to live through the menace of campus hiring and fight another day. However the moral of this story is a realization and not that they need to visit more campuses.

The earnings made with the traditional methods of recruitment were spent on handling the logistics and promotion of their brand. Spending the resources optimally is not just a pain for Mr. H.R. but for all those hiring managers who are in the same boat as him.

So, let’s provide some effective changes in Mr. H.R.’s campus hiring strategy:

Let Technology be your saviour

In this era of digitalization, the traditional pen and paper methodology sounds a bit outdated. In the very near future, sourcing will stop being the way it used to be. Broader technology advancements have started to disrupt the talent industry, setting stage for a dynamic and exciting future for recruiting.

Even if you look from a business prospective, if an organization continues to operate on primitive technology it will hamper its growth; like trying to fight the hiring demons with a dull sword. Defeat, will wait on the cards. Therefore, it's time to hone your blade and charge on the campus front. As an H.R., it's your job to be the sword bearer and ensure that you're the organization is not experience such a defeat. Right?

With a lot been said, let's see how technology could have helped Mr. H.R. Let's begin with replacing the pen and paper test with an online assessment. It gives you the flexibility to customize your test according to the competencies you want to measure.

With significant development in the testing and assessment sector, some big players have come up with some innovative solutions to address the issue of cheating - controlling browsing tolerance which ensures that the candidate does not browse away from the test window, and webcam proctoring which monitors the candidate activity using a webcam. Such features are highly effective in regulating the candidates and to restrict them from compromising the integrity of the assessment experience.

How to do more than just Logistics Handling?

Mr. H.R. can improve on his logistics handling. Engaging his entire team to evaluate the scores and transforming them into assessors/invigilators is a resource guzzling. One solution is to outsource this task to the assessment companies as they can easily cater to this request to provide qualified assessors to invigilate the online test in campuses who can also provide their expertise in setting up the online system, address the tech related issues and ensure that the drive runs smoothly with no goof-ups.

Also, by using an online test one can calculate the candidate scores simply at the click of a button. Some vendors provide descriptive test reports to make comparisons not just between candidates but also between educational institutions. This data can be useful in analyzing the quality of candidates among different institutes. Hence, this data is important to understand where the top talent come from and what their top talent look like. It also helps in developing a better recruitment plan for the next drive or a brand new recruitment strategy altogether.

However, the corporate is not making the most out of such platforms. Even though online assessments have been in business for a decade now, only 33-35% of the industry has switched to online assessment platforms.

Also there is another very important observation one must not overlook which is the cost; an online campus drive costs significantly lower than pen and paper test as there are additional overheads involved when it comes to handling large volume of assessments.

What's the point of this article?

Today, finding exceptional talent for your organization is like finding pearls out of seashells. Make sure that you include online assessments as a part of your campus hiring process. So begin with transforming your organization's Hiring Model and take a step towards the future of recruitment.

Online assessments provide structure to your entire campus hiring program, add significant value to your brand and resolve the most painful problems of campus recruitment. Today, competition and compensation continue to be the top obstacles for attracting talent, forcing recruiting leaders to get smart and use data-driven techniques in their pursuit of top talent. Thus, online assessments stand tall as the one-stop solution to all your campus recruitment related problems. The time is now.

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Originally published February 04 2019,updated June 29 2019

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