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Structured Hiring   | 4 Min Read

Structured Hiring: 5 Key Advantages

Written By Romila Kanchan

Hiring is a hassle. It is a time, cost and effort intensive task. Gone are the days when HRs and hiring managers used to completely take it upon themselves to plan, schedule and execute the entire hiring process. This outdated practice not only consumed the HR’s and Hiring Manager’s time in doing repetitive tasks that does not contribute towards hiring process improvement, but also distracts them from their most important task, which is ensuring identification, selection and onboarding of top talent.

Woes of an HR

Scheduling of hiring rounds is the biggest time waster.”-Sirisha Poondla, Talent Acquisition Manager, Callidus Cloud(India)Pvt Ltd

Others say its candidates ‘backing out’

Yet others swear by the lack of accurate talent assessments as their biggest roadblock

Alas the woes of an HR never end

After interviewing many HR’s, we compiled a list of the top five woes of an HR:

  • Sourcing quality talent
  • Screening of candidates in bulk
  • Accurate skill assessment
  • Scheduling of interview rounds
  • Basing candidate selection on data backed insights

5 woes of HR

What’s the solution?

To ensure continuous improvement and non-stagnation of hiring process efficiency, structured hiring is the way to go. It helps in sourcing, scheduling, assessing and selecting candidates in a manner that is scientific, unbiased, data driven, easy, cheaper, faster and most importantly self-improving and evolving to meet the organization’s rapidly changing talent requirements.

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Structured hiring is made possible by using technology to integrate an Applicant Tracking System with competency based Talent Assessments, remotely proctored Video Interview Tools and analytics to take data backed accurate candidate selection decisions.

hire track

The aim of structured hiring is to identify the best talent in the market consistently and create a hiring process that attracts them and convinces them to become a productive part of the organizational framework.

  • Putting a system in place that can be used repetitively to carry out the hiring process for every job role and level,
  • Has very little dependence on the HR and hiring manager and
  • Substantially improves the hiring process execution and experience for the candidate

Structutre Your Hiring Process with Mettl's Hire Track

Why structured hiring?

It’s the only sustainable hiring process that can adapt and hence cater to the ever changing needs of HR and organizational talent and skill demands presently and in times to come.

hire track

Easy to say , Hard to implement? Not at all!

Here we provide you with a ready reference checklist to choose the right recruitment solution for structuring your hiring process in an easy and effective manner.

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1) Easy to use

 A recruitment software should have an easy to use interface. It should make the HR’s task of scheduling and having a visibility of completed and upcoming tasks very simplified. This can be done if the recruitment software contains the following features:

  • Auto scheduling: this is a functionality that allows for scheduling of candidate screening, assessment and selection rounds in an automated manner. The moment a candidate clears one round of hiring process, they are automatically sent an invite for the next round and all the relevant stakeholders, such as HRs and Hiring Managers are informed about the same.
  • Talent Pipeline/Funnel: A talent funnel provides information on how many candidates are there at every stage of the hiring process. It provides the HR with clear visibility on how many candidates were sourced, and subsequently how many of them cleared the screening, assessment and selection rounds. It helps them in deciding if all the open positions will get filled, or if they have more/less number of candidates than required. Hence it helps them make decisions such as keep the job opening open or close it.
  • Recruiter’s dashboard: It is a tool that provides an HR with a full picture of their completed and coming tasks related to the hiring process on an everyday basis. It helps them manage their time and priorities tasks accordingly


 A recruitment software should be customizable to meet every organization’s and job role’s requirement. It should allow the HR and hiring manager to select competencies relevant to the job and create talent assessments and structured interviews that tests the candidate on all the selected relevant competencies

3) Accurate skill assessment

 A recruitment software should provide the HR with features such as competency library, talent assessment library and video interview tools that allows the HR to accurately assess the candidate for the required skills in as interesting, fast and unbiased manner.

4) Analytics driven

Once the candidate has been made to go through a talent assessment or video interview round, the recruitment software should auto generate a candidate diagnostic report which capture’s the candidate’s performance. These reports can then be integrated together to enable the HR and hiring manager to make decisions related to candidate selection and rejection

5) Integrated Platform

All these features that allows for candidate sourcing, screening, assessment and selection and onboarding should be integrated on one single platform to allow for seamless execution of the hiring process in an easy and effective manner.

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Originally published February 11 2019,updated June 29 2019

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