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Cognitive Assessments: How We Customize Assessments To Your Needs

Written By Pragya Awasthi

Cognitive ability assessments are used to test a candidate's abilities that are mostly involved in thinking processes like reasoning, memory, mathematical ability, verbal ability, decision-making and problem-solving, etc.

Mettl assessment results are indicators of a candidate's IQ or intelligence level. The results are relevant in predicting learnability and job performance and help the employer to assess the current and potential employees at all levels. Results (reports) of Mettl assessments can be customised to include any specific analysis depending upon the client's requirements.

Advantages of Cognitive Assessments

  1. Easy to administer
  2. Can be used indirectly to measure mental ability
  3. Results are not observer bias as they are quantitative and objective in nature
  4. The same assessment can be taken by the same or other candidates in order to validate the result
  5. The results of cognitive assessments have been highly successful in predicting future job performances

Limitations of Cognitive Assessments

  1. Assessment results may be affected by a number of extrinsic factors like age, gender, education, etc
  2. Leadership roles require skills beyond intelligence, and hence, for such roles, results of only cognitive assessments cannot be considered for hiring a candidate for such roles.

How We Curate an Assessment at Mettl to Assess a Candidate For A Particular Role?



Cognitive Assessments Benchmarking


Benchmarking As We Know It

Benchmarks are calculated across three factors -

  1. Levels
  2. Content type
  3. The difficulty level of the questions used

In Mettl assessments, benchmarking is done based on relevant sample sets -

  1. Based on local data - If the data is available for more than 50 candidates, then benchmarking can be done.
  2. Based on global data - The data used here will not be restricted to just Tier 1 colleges but will include the data for all the candidates who have been tested on that skill.

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Originally published June 14 2019,updated June 29 2019

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