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Top 8 Complaints Candidates have with the Existing Recruitment Process

Written By mettl

As soon as the hiring season draws closer, CVs start pouring in. This season is tough on everyone, especially the candidates. They work up their spare time to edit their resumes and furnish professional details. A candidate does everything in his/her capacity to bag the right job, right from taking time out from his office schedule to attend telephonic and in-person interviews to researching about the potential employer on Glassdoor.

So, when a candidate makes a thorough preparation for a job interview, all he wants is a similar approach, attention to detail and same level of recruitment efforts from the recruiters. However, a lot of them end up going home dissatisfied with the recruitment and selection process. 

Top 8 Complaints Candidates have with the Existing Recruitment Process

Complaint #1: Don’t know whether the company received my CV. I keep re-sending it.

This happens with a lot of candidates. They believe that their CVs have descended to some black hole or is simply lying in the spam box. While that may not be the case, but that is what a typical job seeker would end up believing. It is imperative for HRs to set an auto-reply on their careers page, email, or with their Application Tracking System to ensure that a candidate receives a proper confirmation mail.

Complaint #2: They said that the interview process would take 2 hrs, it took my entire day.

Since most interviews take place during weekdays, professional candidates applying for a position either have to take a day off or take a half day from his/her current workplace. This depends on the time he has to invest on the interview in question. Recruiters have to be extra careful to explain to the applying candidates about the entire recruitment process. The candidate should know how many rounds are going to be there, if there is a written test what would be the scope of the test, and finally how much time all of this will approximately take.

College recruitment process sometimes take much longer, they continue till late into the day - 3 a.m. is technically day. Since not all candidates can devote an entire day and sometimes even 2-3 days for job interviews, company HRs should try to cut down the time of the recruitment and selection process. In this regard, recruiters can use technology to their best advantage. Taking telephonic rounds and then sending an online assessment test, that a candidate can take from the comfort of his/her home will significantly shorten the recruitment time.

Complaint #3: This is not the position I applied for. I am a commerce graduate and I was given a JAVA test!!!

Okay, I exaggerated the second part, but again all of us would agree that at least once in a lifetime we have experienced this. Be clear in your job description, vagueness would only confuse the candidates. “You shall get what you seek”, it is as simple as that.

Design your written test in a similar fashion. If it is a technical profile (yes, most goof-ups happen in this profile), make sure you use two different question papers for freshers and experienced candidates.

Make sure you do not repeat the questions time and again. With introduction of Yelp, Linkedin, Glassdoor and other discussion forums and sites, interview questions are easily circulated. Again using online testing format will help HRs to randomize the test questions and make it cheat proof as well.

Complaint #4 They kept asking me unnecessary and weird questions.

Imagine if you are an engineer and you are asked to draw a map of India? Some would say it is a good exercise to check the GK of a candidate, but is it really relevant to the job profile? Don’t always try to be a smart alec for something as professional as a job interview process.

Remember candidates today are much smarter than this, they would readily put a post on Quora about “Why to avoid job interviews at ABC company?” Trust me, this has the potential to go viral.

Complaint #5 I cleared all rounds, interview was very good, salary negotiations were done, i am expecting a call soon. Day1...Day 2...Day 3...Week 1...Week 2...Month...Happy New Year.

Do not keep a candidate hanging. Feedback is an essential part of the recruitment process. It is the duty of the HR to collect feedback from interviewers and give it to the interviewees. Candidates wait to know what happened with their interview. Did it go wrong? Why and Where? this information helps them prepare better instead of simply procrastinating.

Complaint #6 I don’t know, my written test was great, technical round too, was it the shirt I wore, or the girl next to me smiled a wee bit more?

Don’t let your personal choices influence your judgement. Although, one should dress formally and look agreeable, this is not the only criteria to judge a candidate. Interviewers are often known to judge candidates on their physical appearance. A candidate with good looks and pleasing personality should not be given credence over real talent or skills.

Complaint #7 I have three years of work experience and my written test was also good, but I did not score a first in my grad school.

Hudson’s research shows that “organisations are currently evaluating the wrong attributes when selecting candidates and are too focused on the cost of a hire rather than the quality of a hire”. Hiring candidates based on proximity of location, salary expectations, minimum degree and marks, minimum experience and other particular requirements is a big NO. When it comes to a good talent and thoroughly skilled professional, these criteria should take a back seat.

Complaint #8 I still don’t understand why they did not hire me, both me and my friend did equally well

This is a dilemma for the candidate and the interviewers. When two candidates perform equally well, HR need a valid tie-breaker to test them. While two candidates can have similar written test scores and interview scores, it is highly unlikely they will have similar personality scores. This is where you bring art of science into recruitment. Combining personality assessments with aptitude tests or work based assessments will give you a decisive figure.

While these are top 8 complaints that candidates have with the existing recruitment and selection process, there were several others which we came across during our research. Help us find more stories like that, share your experience with us.

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Originally published February 11 2019,updated May 25 2019

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