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Psychometric Properties   | 5 Min Read

Factors That Make Psychometric Tests Reliable

Written By Tonmoy Shingal

What is the value of a psychometric test if the data provided in it is not reliable?

Psychometric assessments are created with the sole purpose of measuring an individual’s mental capabilities, behavioral style, and measure whether they are suited to carry out a role according to the required personality characteristics and intellectual abilities.

Hence, reliability is critical for the success of psychometric tests. After all, what is the point of having the same test yield different results, for the same person each time? It is particularly the case if scores can affect employee selection, retention, and promotion. For instance, a particular test that measures intelligence should give the same results, every time an individual attempts it.

There are always minor conflicts in test reliability because different people taking the same psychometric test may have different thoughts, feelings, or ideas at various times, thus leading to a variance in scores. A lot of factors, like stable traits and momentary issues, can both lead to a difference in test scores.

Some factors influence test reliability. Some of these factors are the timing of two test sessions that affect the test-retest and alternate/parallel forms of assurance. Additionally, the similarity of content and expectations of subjects in context to different testing elements affects only the latter type of confidence along with split half and internal consistency.

Organisations need to pay special attention to the changes that candidates undergo over a period of time while assessing the reliability of psychometric tests, like their environment, physical state, emotional, and mental well-being. Test-based factors such as inadequate testing instructions, biased scoring lacking in objectivity, and guessing on the part of the test-taker also influence the reliability of tests.

So, do your psychometric tests measure what they are supposed to do?

Tell me, just how reliable is your test?

Here is an infographic that illustrates it all.

Factors That Make Psychometric Tests Reliable



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Originally published December 12 2019,updated May 27 2020

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