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Employee Engagement   | 2 Min Read

Harness the power of employee engagement – Mettl

Written By Nishant Muralidharan

Employee engagement is the emotional commitment an employee has to their workplace and its goals. It’s more than simple happiness, and it impacts employee performance more than anything else. An engaged employee will be high-performing, innovative, efficient, and committed. But if this engagement drops off, so will their creativity, motivation, and positivity. And actively disengaged employees can be an incredibly disruptive force. They’re employees that care so little that they’ll do the least amount of work possible, waste time, and undermine their co-workers.

The big problem is that businesses are really bad at keeping their employees engaged.  In the UK, just a third of employees report feeling engaged, leaving the majority underwhelmed and unmotivated by their jobs. Dreading Mondays is the norm, and most people can’t wait to get out of the door at the end of the day.

The Power of Employee Engagement

So where are employers going wrong? Reasons vary by individual, but poor management, hellish bosses, low pay, bad training, and a lack of work-life balance have all contributed to this widespread feeling of malaise. But with disengaged employees costing UK businesses a shocking £340 billion every year, it’s time to take action. Businesses everywhere need to focus on engagement if they want to grow and prosper.

With this in mind, Mad Max Adventures has put together this handy infographic to help you out. We’re going to tell the true story of employee engagement – the facts, the impacts, and our best tactics for boosting engagement and happiness. Let’s get started.

The Power of Employee Engagement

The Power of Employee Engagement

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Originally published December 28 2018,updated November 18 2019

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