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Human Resource Management   | 1 Min Read

HR Competency Testing

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All the super-successful organizations have one thing in common – outstanding talent. Not only are they able to acquire exceptional talent, but also shape it in the right direction. But the undercurrent that gets omitted in the whole talent discussion is HR competency. It’s only when you have the right HR talent that you can look add further great resources.

So how can you hire the right candidates for your all-important HR roles? Taking the traditional route of resume-filtering is about as effective as praying to the forces of nature; this time, do something you can trust and quantify – online tests for HR competency.

The basis of HR competency assessment

Why are online HR competency tests effective? That’s because these are based on the Big 5 Personality Traits, an established personality model in the study of psychology. The Big 5 is a scientific model that measures a person on what it terms the five fundamental traits of human nature – openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism. It doesn’t take too much to see that these traits are essential for high HR competency.

Critical HR skills

Based on the theoretical framework of the Big 5 personality model, online HR competency tests are able to accurately benchmark an HR candidate based on the following traits:

  • Self-effectiveness: 

    This measures how well the candidate can shape his or her own self for greatest effectiveness. Various themes of this section of the test are: awareness of others’ needs, integrity, continuous learning, interpersonal skills, adaptability, etc.
  • Leadership skills: 

    Another important requirement for the HR role is that the person should be driven by the vision to create better human resources. For this, accountability, employee advocacy, and time management are important, which is tested by this part of the test.
  • People management:

     Acquiring talent is one thing, but it’s equally important to pay attention to everyday dynamics. A good HR manager should not just be able to resolve conflicts, but should also work towards coaching and mentoring, teamwork, etc.
  • Business acumen:

     The final trait tested in online tests of HR competency is super-critical. All the hard work and processes by HR can go waste if they don’t translate into business results. For this, the HR manager must possess sharp business acumen, displaying skills like a deep understanding of business strategy, planning, and problem-solving.

The benefit of utilizing online assessments for hiring HR managers is that you get results that can be quantified, interpretations that are backed by solid psychological research, and benchmarks that have been successfully tested the world over. If you haven’t tried

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Originally published February 08 2019,updated October 12 2019

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