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Recruitment Playbook - 50+ Niche Job Boards Recruiters Must Bookmark

Written By mettl
Moving on to the next step in the recruitment process, after job description comes advertising or job postings. This is where the relevance of niche boards comes into the picture. Read on to find out about the best places to bag the right talent.

Founders and CEOs of start-ups often adopt a streamlined approach to fill key positions in their company. And why not? They need experts to build a strong team. This holds true for other organizations as well; everyone is looking to hire top talent with a very specific skill set.

While traditional job search engines or job aggregators like Monster, Simply Hired, or CareerBuilder would search across the internet for jobs; niche job boards are typically industry focused.

Niche job boards cover industry-specific jobs like advertising, government, pharmacy, human resources, marketing, etc. This space advertises and caters to only a targeted set of candidates. As a recruiter or a hiring manager, posting at the right place is of utmost importance.

Here is our pick of niche job boards that you must bookmark if you are actively hiring or are active in the recruitment industry.

1. Technology


CrunchBoard is the official job board of the TechCrunch Network. The network is famous for its websites: TechCrunch, CrunchGear, and MobileCrunch. All these websites attract tech-savvy readers and fuels discussion around startups.

Target: Software engineers, developers, mobile engineers, business manager and people in software/application research.

Pricing: $200 - One Job Posting (30 days)

$895 - 5 Pack of Job Postings

$1495 - 10 Pack of Job Postings

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2. Human Resources


SHRM- The Society for Human Resource Management is the world’s largest association devoted to human resource management. Their job board is specific to HR job postings and resume submission.

Target: HR professionals, Recruiters, HR Leaders, HR Managers etc.

Pricing: Non-Member: HR Jobs Online - 30 days - $242.00 + variable

Member: HR Jobs Online - 30 days - $198.00 + variable

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3. Sales


As the name suggests, caters to sales talent.

Target: Sales industry professionals, sales managers and leaders.

Pricing: $199 a month - 1 Job, 25 resume views,

$299 a month - 10, 500 resume views

$399 a month - 25, 1000 resume views

$499 a month - 50, 1000 resume views

$999 a month - 1500, 1000 resume views

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4. Marketing

TALENTZOO-LOGO is an employment and recruitment site that pertains to the communication and marketing domain.

Target: Marketing, PR, Digital Marketing, Advertising, Digital copywriter, SEO campaign Manager and many more.

Pricing: $499 for 30 days and customized packages.

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5. New Media


Yes, the famous British-American news website, technology and social media blog has a job board too.

Target: Bloggers, Reporters, Network engineers, Web Designers.

Pricing: Single Job Posting - $249

$229 per job - 3 Job Postings

$219 per job - 5 Job Postings

$199 per job - 10 Job Postings

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6. Designers


Coroflot is not “just a” job board for designers, it also lets the designers of all backgrounds from all over the worlds to post their portfolios and connect with available career opportunities.

Target: 3D modeling, concept art, animation, product designer, art direction, landscape architecture, photography and many more.

Pricing: Single Job - $275 per job

3 Jobs - $242 per job

5 Jobs - $220 per job

10 Jobs - $185 per job

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7. Admin/Clerical


Admin Careers is a niche job board that accepts only admin related job advertisement.

Target: Administrative assistant jobs, receptionists jobs, secretary jobs, office manager jobs, executive assistant jobs and other types of clerical and office support jobs.

Pricing: Single Job Posting - $99

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8. Accounting


Find the most comprehensive directory of Accountancy employers and graduate accounting jobs at Accountant Careers.

Target: Accounting, Finance, Auditing, CPA, Tax, Financial Analyst and more.

Pricing: Single Job Posting - $235

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This list is a mix of regional and international job boards,  if you think we have missed out on a few, comment and let us know.

Before you start posting don’t forget to create a crisp job description for your open position. A well written JD will get you the right candidate, irrespective of job posting sites.

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Originally published May 09 2019,updated June 29 2019

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