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Recruitment Strategy   | 2 Min Read

Recruitment Best Practices: Going Beyond The Norm – “Social First” & More.

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Vandana Tilwanilinkedin icon

Head - Talent Acquisition Group M

Without a speck of doubt, 2015 was the year when traditional talent sourcing modes saturated and gave way to new age recruiting practices. Buzzwords like “social recruiting” and leveraging on “six degrees of separation” found mentions in all communication channels about talent sourcing, web or print. Every leading journal sang paegans about it, the fraternity swore by the edginess of it and thought leaders instilled an aura of inevitability around it becoming a norm. Very few organizations were able to crack it, though. GroupM is one of them.

The recruitment team at GroupM has been able to come up trumps in deploying these novel tactics by instilling a “Social First” culture towards building a diversified talent pipeline for all major roles in the media behemoth.webinar intends to answer.

Join Vandana Tilwani (Head - Talent Acquisition, GroupM) in a webinar with Mettl to understand how mapping industry talent & social recruiting become the key differentiators for talent sourcing at GroupM.

Learn how to build a strong talent pipeline which will reduce your recruitment TAT

Recorded on: 21 Jan, 2016     Duration: 62 min

Topics: Recruitment Strategy

Originally published April 08 2018,updated June 29 2019

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