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Top 10 Hacks for Better Hiring in 2018

Written By andreena

No HR can deny the value a highly professional and skilled candidate adds to the organization. Recruiting efficient managers, leaders, and workers is an essential task as without adequate human capital, a business in merely an idea. But how does an organization manages to bag a highly skilled talented candidate?

The answer is HR hacks! HR hacks are approaches, mostly needing minimal resources, utilized for the sole purpose of recruiting talented and highly skilled individuals into the organization. Every organization deploys HR hacks, while some organizations take time to explore the right and the most effective set of hacks, others settle for the more common ones available such as newspaper ads. The result unsurprisingly is different, companies which put inputs and resources in exploring the best HR approach, end up with a better probability of hiring a top performer, than the other organizations which usually ends up with mediocre talent.

From corporate hiring giant to the HR manager of a small business, all look for new and innovative approaches or hacks to bag the top talent in their industry. However, many such approaches are often complex, expensive or difficult to implement for the organization. But that does not imply that the easy-to-use hacks are less efficient. Different organizations can opt for different approaches, according to the requirement of the job, the size of the organization or personal judgement of the HR manager.

However, there are some effective HR hacks which have been tried and tested, and increase the probability of the company in hiring the top talent.

Here they are:

  • Boomerangs

    Boomerangs or hiring previous employees is an effective HR hack, which can help the organization gain back the talented employees that they had lost before. It should be made sure that the highly skilled and professional employees of the organization should stay in touch with it even after leaving, to make sure that they feel welcome, if they ever wish to leave the other firm and re-join the organization. What makes this approach even better, is the gaining back of an even more skilled and aware employee, which can benefit the organization in the long run.
  • Exciting Job Descriptions

    A key element often ignored by many organizations, is the job description. A dull and banal job description, fulfils its purpose of describing the job responsibilities to the potential candidate but fails to attract them to the job itself! Job description should be exciting and fun to sell the advantages of the job to the candidate. These days organizations have gone a step further and introduced video job descriptions, which gives them a better perspective on what the job and team ‘feels’ like. Innovative and exciting job description can help an organization find an equally motivated candidate for an exciting job position. Try searching for description of roles like 'Growth Hacker', to get an idea.
  • The World Wide Web

    In this social age, challenges faced by the HR may have increased multi folds, but the advantages are not far behind. Social media reach has increased manifolds, making it a perfect platform for advertising the job positions in your organization. A better reach, means a bigger pool of candidates to choose from. This leads to increase in organizations chances of hiring the best talent and further prevents it from staying restraint to a certain region.
  • Top Employee Referrals

    One of the oldest and most commonly used HR tool, has to be top employee referrals. It has been a common practice to ask for recommendations from top employees of the organization, to fill job positions in the organization. Most of the times, if any employee comes through recommendation of a top manager or employee, it comes at the sake of the employee’s reputation, thus reducing the chances of any bad additions to the organization. Other than referrals from top employees, companies can also refer them from top customers, previous top employees or company well-wishers.
  • The not-so-official Setup

    A non-official and friendly event is an excellent way to get a better perspective about a potential candidate beyond their curriculum vitae. Any social event, frequently attended by top professionals, is the idea event any organization can hope to find a ‘right’ candidate for the job positions.
  • Understanding the Prospective Candidate - "What is your ideal job?"

    It is not an easy task to bag a talented innovator, it requires understanding their expectations, factors that could influence their decision of taking up the job, and their earlier job frustrations. This question plays an important role as it provides the answer to all the questions. On having clear idea regarding the expectations of the candidate we can tailor our offer to ensure that the candidate chooses us and not the competitor.
  • Unique Employment Proposition

    “What is your unique employment proposition?” is asking what is it that we provide and our competitor don’t? It is essential to develop a unique employment proposition, to provide reasons to the candidate on why they should choose you over your competitors. One way to do this could be to engage your existing clients. Asking your existing clients to list down the reasons why they love the office, work and their colleagues, can help you jot down some of those reasons.
  • Conversion to Full-Time Employees

    Another hack frequently utilized by HR is the conversion tool. Top interns, ex-workers, temporary workers, organizational consultants, and contractors can be converted into regular employees. This conversion tool is beneficial for the organization as personal related to it, who understand the organization join as permanent employees, thus assisting in a better way to improve.


  • "Who's it?", "Your CEO" !

    CEO calling as the name suggests involves the CEO of the firm calling the potential candidate, to inform them how the company would be benefited by their contribution and how the company will provide the candidate benefits in return.  This is one of the least used tools and is clearly more effective for small scale organizations than large industry giants.


  • Public Relations

    This is an essential department which if works in sync with the HR department can prove to be a boom for the organization. Significant publications, mentions in famous lists or business awards can help boost up organizations public image which in turn increases the inflow of applicants for job vacancies in the organization.


These are a few of the approaches, which can help any HR in improving the quality of human capital in their organization and bag the top talent. However, with the war for fresh and skilled talent is underway, HR needs to come up with better, cost effective and easily implementable hacks.

Do you know of some hacks which we missed? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Originally published February 07 2019,updated June 29 2019

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