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Coding Certification Paths

Written By Nikshep Mehra

Coding is one of the skills needed to get that leverage in this digital age. Coding certification does not just boost your resume; it provides you better control of your site and your career track in general. There are different online coding courses or programs that you can take right in the comfort of your home. The Internet is mushrooming with various learning tools to help coders build amazing websites from scratch or raw creative imaginations. It takes one spark of a brilliant idea to create the best brands in the industry.

These educational coding tools equip professionals with the skills and aptitude for straightforward design brought about by one’s style and calibre. With the continuous advancements in technology, a myriad of coding classes or programs are spreading online and growing in popularity. You can choose from the low-cost classes or free programs, computer programming certification degrees, or opt for the full degree options that you can get from enrolling in universities and colleges that offer these courses. You can get certified in coding with Mettl that has different assessment tools to fit your needs and preferences.

A lot of people are getting into the loop of technology by taking up free coding programs or classes online. It is albeit in the understanding and practice coding that an individual can cope and contribute to the societal, and economic changes brought about by the evolution of technology. It has been relatively fast and deliberate over the years, and if you can’t move with the pace, you might get left out.

Statistics show that by 2020, it is projected that around 1.4 million new coding or computing jobs will be available in the United States but with few computer science students rising to the demands of the industry. Only around 400,000 students can hold up to the pre-determined demand of the coding industry. It is not too late though to think of coding as a career option or to make that shift respond to this impending demand for the skill.

There is a growing trend for a coding in response to the increasing request for the ability. This further explains the growth of computer programming or coding certification companies online – there is indeed a huge demand for this particular labour force in the market today and shortly.

Coding is one of the skills needed to get that leverage in this digital age. Coding certification does not just boost your resume; it provides you better control of your site and your career track in general.

Coding may not be for everyone though as it requires specific skills and expertise. Coding is geared for those who are technically superior as compared to the others. You must look for the right coding certification classes or programs that specifically match your aptitude and needs. Check out the different paths or sources that you can take for coding certification:

Get into free online coding courses

Coding is certainly more relevant and indispensable now more than ever – in the 21st Now, you can take advantage of different online coding programs or certification courses that you can take for free. These free online coding courses are perfect for beginners or those who have entry-level skills and looking to acquire basic to advanced skills needed in their coding career path. You can check out the which makes use of instructional games as a way to teach users on basic computer science skills. Practically anyone from elementary to high school or any advanced age or skill set can participate in this free program. You can also take advantage of free coding instructions or gain basic computer programming skills at the Khan Academy. You can learn any course you want and sharpen your skills online or even without leaving home. It’s power-packed with over 100,000 interactive programs or exercises designed to sharpen and hone your skills. This is intended for both parents and educators who are partners in the empowerment of students worldwide. Do check into Code Academy too for online coding practice classes that allow you to learn and advance in accord to your pace. You can build and master coding to website creation right on the same page. This gives you every tool you need to become successful in the coding industry. Even business people or employees work on this on weekends to gain expertise or pick up new skills along the way. Also, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Open Course Ware which offers free lessons, teaching materials, videos, assignments, and exams derived from real classes.

Paid online coding classes

Many courses or programs offer free introductory classes which would require fee or payment upon moving forward throughout the process of the program. Check out Code School in which you can register for free to participate in ten introductory classes then users would have to subscribe for $29 a month to granted access to all courses or learning paths like Ruby, JavaScript, Python, Database, HTML/CSS; and other electives. Students get to experience a one-on-one instructional learning experience as compared to free coding classes.

Coding certification programs

These courses or degree programs equip you to get a job in the field you choose in. You can enrol in different universities or colleges in which you can earn a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology – you can learn online or attend regular school hours. This allows students to specialise and get a certificate that they would need for employment and even for promotion or further studies in their respective fields. These courses are short-term, and some could even be completed in a short span of time or as little as four months.

You can get your coding certification from Mettl which specialises in talent or skills assessment. One of their modern tests is the coding assessment for hiring your next code ninja alongside other assessments like aptitude tests and psychometric tests that many companies depend on for the results they need for their business. These results of the evaluation are critical data that many companies rely on for hiring, retaining, promoting, and coaching employees. If you want tests that are highly credible, substantial, relevant, and standardised – Mettl has you covered. Thousands of companies and professionals trust and rely on the Mettl brand for their hiring, selection, and promotion needs to get you stand out in the arena of experts.

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Originally published January 22 2020,updated June 07 2020

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