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Tech Recruitment Strategy   | 3 Min Read

An Ultimate Guide to Tech Recruitment

Written By Debarshi Nayak

A bad performing employee can hamper the spirits of others in the team and cost exuberantly to the business. A systematic recruitment strategy is what helps you hire the right person, with the right skills.

Challenges that comes being a tech recruiters

A guide to enhancing your Sourcing Strategy

Comprehensive guide to Technical Recruitment - Selecting the best candidates

Why is there a need for better Technical Recruitment Strategy?

One of the most challenging yet important tasks of an organization is recruitment. Everyone eyes the best candidate but hiring them is not easy. Between the high demand of technical candidates and the reduced supply, between the large competition and drop-offs, it can be challenging to not only find an employee but to find the perfect fit. Or maybe there could be a systematic approach to improve our chances of hiring the right person, we might not be investing enough in the thought and hence suffering.

How does this guide help?

“Do you ever find yourself caught in hours of scanning job boards and LinkedIn with no luck?”

“Do you fear early attrition and changing skills?”

“Do you think you need a robust sourcing process?”

If any of these are your concerns, then this guide is the right place for you. It is a 3-guide journey which tells you everything you need to know. You might be curious to get a defined list of challenges you face, sometimes penning down your thoughts isn’t easy, but we do that for you in our first segment of the guide.

After making you well versed with the various challenges faced by start-ups and companies, don’t think we will keep you hanging, we have the solutions for you. In the next segment, we help you understand what you are looking for, we aid in building a relationship which helps you connect with your coder.

Lastly get a sneak-peek at the creation of a technical recruitment assessment, how should interviews be conducted and a complimentary mention of the Competency Framework.

Target the right sources and get the right candidate with the perfect competencies.

How much of this guide shall I read?

As they say, half knowledge can be injurious to health, so please save yourself the injuries.

If you are serious about hiring the best coder and the thought of another challenge conquered relaxes you then we recommend a thorough read of the guide. Each chapter has its own essence and carries a takeaway, don’t miss it, read closely because if you don’t get it right then a bad hire will cost you exuberantly.

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Originally published May 15 2018,updated November 18 2019

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