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Technologies That You Must Prefer In Skills Assessment Test

Seamless API Integration:

You can create the best assessment experiences for candidates and instructors by preferring a seamless API integration. The platform must eliminate the risks of cheating and allow comprehensive management of testing procedures. It should give you full control with integration into the existing LMS or Learning Management System. A management information system enabled with certification dashboarding ensures easy accessibility to candidates’ information in the real-time.

Multiple Simulators:

Always prefer deploying online skills assessments that offer multiple simulators for measuring the practical experience. It allows assessment of Blue collar skills along with specialized skills. Check the availability of features like code snippet evaluator with IDE integration, online coding editor, custom library, and flexibility of evaluation. You can check the query writing skills of a candidate by choosing a platform enabled by Database Query simulator. For service-oriented QPs, there must be simulators that test business acumen of candidates. These multiple simulators help you in making an informed selection of simulator that suffices your testing needs.

Secure Online Assessments:

You can maintain the audit trail in your skills management test by choosing an automated and secure assessment suite. It allows remote proctoring to flag suspicious behaviors. Furthermore, these systems help in securing candidate authentication using advanced techniques of facial recognition or biometric scanning. The real-time video and audio feed recorded during the test can be easily used for future references.

Customized Interface:

You can enhance the technical competence of your vocational skills assessment procedure by choosing a customizable interface. It should allow easy customization of features that you need in this interface. This system facilitates using intuitive white labeling for branding the scheme with your logo. Also, you can customize the background of the interface and its color scheme to reflect your brand ethos.

Periodic Result Analysis:

You can make data-driven decisions by selecting a system that offers periodic result analysis and reports. These reports provide a detailed summary of candidates along with NOS level analysis, training partner analysis, score distribution analysis, performance criteria, and testing items analysis. Such a comprehensive analysis largely simplifies the timely reporting of results.

The consistency of skills assessment test and its reliability are also essential factors to be considered apart from the technical aspects. Always invest in a system that is developed by professionals after gaining years of experience.

Originally published March 12 2018, Updated June 16 2020


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Get awesome marketing content related to Hiring & L&D in your inbox each week

Stay up-to-date with the latest marketing, sales, and service tips and news