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Want to Bring Down Certification Costs?

Rising certification costs are a cause of concern for the certification industry. It not only makes the certification inaccessible to a lot of potential aspirants, but also makes it harder for the certification manager to justify the benefits of the program. And yet, the need for world-class certification programs has never been greater.

It sounds like a catch-22, but fortunately, there’s a way out. With the help of Web Proctoring—that is, using cloud-powered certification platforms to proctor certification tests—organizations can have their cake and eat it too! The result is drastically reduced certification costs.

Let’s see how online proctoring makes it possible:

No proctors:

The most innovative feature of Web-based certification platforms is the use of smart monitoring software that does away with the need of having dedicated proctors. With intelligent cheating-detection system, online certification platforms like Mettl are able to monitor users for suspicious behavior such as face missing from web camera view, multiple faces in the view, navigating away from the certification window, moving out of the view, etc. These instances are recorded and logged for later review, while suitable warnings are issued to candidates.


No test centers:

When proctoring is done online, it does away with the need of having test centers. The flexibility of going online allows candidates to take the test from the comfort of their homes. For the credentialing organization, this translates into a massive saving on costs, as it doesn’t have to spend on booking multiple test centers. This also means that the organization gains greater control over the certification process, helping it improve the overall quality.


No overheads: 

Test centers and travel are not all that’s questionable about existing certification practices. To manage a test on a medium to large level also entails significant overheads. These come in the form of logistics required such as delivery of exam material, collection of completed sheets, etc. Other expenses include those involved in printing and manual checking of the tests – small costs, that can add up significantly. When organizations go online, these expenses are reduced to virtually nothing, allowing them to turn their certification programs profitable quickly.



With Web proctoring, the credentialing organization can easily scale up from a few candidates to a few thousand, with very little increase in cost. This flexibility comes from the use of cloud computing, which allows online certification platforms to gather extra resources on demand.

That said, cost is not the only reason to switch to Web Proctoring. It also allows organizations to gain direct control of their certification programs. That’s because with cloud-based certification platforms, organizations do away with infrastructure and don’t have to rely on a certification partner. This increases transparency and quality levels, which is much needed in a good certification program.

Originally published April 1 2018, Updated June 15 2020


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Get awesome marketing content related to Hiring & L&D in your inbox each week

Stay up-to-date with the latest marketing, sales, and service tips and news