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Revolutionizing talent acquisition and training through AI-driven English assessments

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Revolutionizing talent acquisition and training through AI-driven English assessments


Organizations are transforming their business sense by operating in a market with virtually no borders. This enables companies and candidates to function remotely from anywhere around the globe. In this scenario, the English language has become the most widely used form of communication. Therefore, assessing candidates for English proficiency during initial screening ensures optimum talent acquisition.

Artificial intelligence (AI) in English assessment is a revolutionizing way for organizations to hire and train employees. Conventional hiring techniques include paper-based or computer-based assessments, which require manual evaluation, resulting in complicated and time-consuming hiring. AI-driven English assessments are an efficient and accurate alternative that offer personalized candidate experience.

Mercer | Mettl’s SpeechX is an AI-powered English proficiency tool that evaluates candidates on the nuances of speech. This tool checks for critical, non-trainable pronunciation and grammatical errors, fluency, and fact-based understanding.


How AI is used in English assessments

  • AI-based assessments provide talent acquisition teams with a standard, structured, and objective framework to assess candidates. These innovative tools give recruitment teams a 360-degree overview of the candidates’ English language skills.
  • AI assessments for English proficiency include situational judgment tests through realistic, chatbot-style candidate conversations. Therefore, they also evaluate candidates’ responses to predict their reaction in similar scenarios, judging candidates’ ability to work in a team, perform assigned tasks, work style, and personality.
  • These assessments give talent acquisition teams insights into candidates’ skills and potential to perform in high-pressure roles.
  • AI assesses candidates through video interviews, game-based assessments, and coding challenges. The diversified options help keep the candidates engaged and ensure proper selection.


Importance of AI in English assessments

According to Lemon Grad, only 4% of global conversations in English are between native language speakers. The rest 96% of conversations in English are between non-native speakers, which exemplifies why English language proficiency is globally necessary.

As per a Rosetta Stone report, "67% of employers admit that language-related miscommunication contributes to inefficiencies".

Companies use AI-based English assessments for a comprehensive evaluation that helps hire candidates well-versed in spoken and written English communication. It also reduces the burden on L&D teams in the future.

These tests guarantee unparalleled accuracy and significantly reduce the time taken to evaluate and onboard candidates. This removes the dependency on assessors and hiring managers, freeing their time for other critical tasks.


The contribution of AI-based English assessments in training

The key ingredient for effective training is identifying skills gaps, specifically around communication and language. AI-based English assessments identify the communication-centric training needs of an organization by offering insights into these gaps. They help assess candidates’ spoken and written English skills on parameters such as fluency, pronunciation, grammar, and listening comprehension.

Writing simulator tools help gauge a candidate’s ability to translate complex information into easy-to-understand written correspondence and follow detailed instructions to create accurate content. AI-based assessments also automatically grade and evaluate candidates’ written pieces, which helps the company prepare training programs.


How AI in English assessments is transforming recruitment

AI technology is revolutionizing the recruitment process, making it quicker, smarter, and more efficient. By leveraging AI recruiting methods, hiring managers can automate repetitive tasks and reduce time spent on these activities. AI algorithms collect data from resumes, social media profiles, and other sources to assess the fitment of a candidate. They even conduct interviews, provide feedback, and analyze responses.

Using this technology in recruitment helps organizations make decisions based on facts and data rather than just intuition. This reduces costs, simplifies the hiring process, and shortens hiring time. It helps recruiters focus on building relationships with candidates and improving employer branding.



1. Bias control

Organizations that strive to diversify their workforce and hire the most qualified candidates based on their skills, English proficiency, and job match can rely on AI. AI eliminates unconscious bias in hiring by objectively screening candidates based on merit and providing the necessary information to assist humans in making unbiased decisions.

2. Conducting interviews

The use of AI-powered bots streamlines the pre-screening and initial interview stages by asking specific English language questions to gather responses. These bots ensure a consistent line of inquiry by asking the same types of questions to each candidate, thus promoting fairness and objectivity in the selection process. Automating the initial stages of English proficiency assessment frees recruiters to focus on the more complex and personal aspects of the interview, resulting in a more efficient and effective hiring process.

3. Personalization

AI ensures job-related English language questions that fit each candidate’s role dynamically, improving their experience. AI customization improves employees’ growth by aligning career development with their personal preferences.

4. Recruitment automation

AI handles various time-consuming aspects of recruitment, including:

  • Sourcing suitable candidates and automatically identifying the best fit for a role
  • Screening, scoring, and ranking talent and applicants
  • Scheduling English assessments and utilizing chatbots for automated real-time reports
  • Communicating follow-up correspondence and the status of candidature

5. Saves time and money

Using AI in hiring reduces the time to hire and time to fill in the recruitment process, saving time and money. AI in English assessment saves time by minimizing the chance of losing valuable talent due to inaccurate recruitment processes. It also helps in reducing staff turnover and costly mis-hires by ensuring efficient hiring questions according to different job roles.


How Mercer | Mettl can help

Clients like KPMG, American Express, Uber, Cognizant, DHL, and so on, trust Mercer | Mettl’s SpeechX, an AI-powered English proficiency test tool. This English proficiency test combines the best of human and artificial intelligence. CEFR guidelines and accurate identification of critical non-trainable errors are part of the evaluation methodology. This cutting-edge speech evaluation tool is powered by Carnegie Speech technology, licensed from Carnegie Mellon University, and uses advanced speech recognition and AI technology.

SpeechX verifies candidate identity and makes your process auditable. Our proctoring suite combines AI-powered anti-theft and prevention technology to help you authenticate candidate identities and generate automated red flags for malpractices. It records candidates for auditing and presents random snapshots in the report. The tool auto-evaluates at scale and provides real-time reports to aid in making data-driven recruitment decisions.

To assess English-speaking ability, SpeechX checks for:


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Mercer | Mettl assesses all aspects of the candidate’s communication skills (speaking, listening, reading, and writing) with the AI-based online communication test.

  • Speaking - Assesses a candidate's clear and coherent speaking abilities with SpeechX.
  • Listening - Evaluates their attentive and clear listening skills.
  • Reading - Measures their ability to read, process, retain, and synthesize large amounts of written information.
  • Writing - Determines their ability to write fluently and clearly, effectively expressing ideas and thoughts.

It summarizes a candidate’s performance in a comprehensive, actionable, and objective report, readily available for use. You can access the report in real-time, on the cloud and across multiple devices, for immediate availability. The report also features a CEFR and SpeechX score.


Image 2



AI-based English assessments offer solutions to improve efficiency, reduce input costs, and minimize administrative tasks. Furthermore, AI technology accurately assesses candidates’ skills and provides fair evaluations. As technology evolves, AI-backed English assessments will become a critical tool for organizations.



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Originally published February 20 2023, Updated July 3 2023

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Vaishali has been working as a content creator at Mercer | Mettl since 2022. Her deep understanding and hands-on experience in curating content for education and B2B companies help her find innovative solutions for key business content requirements. She uses her expertise, creative writing style, and industry knowledge to improve brand communications.

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