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Online Remote Proctoring   | 1 Min Read

Time to Say Goodbye to Cheating in Online Tests!

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Have you taken digital exams/tests at your school or in a competition and thought to yourself, "If only I got myself a cheat sheet, no one here would've noticed!"? or felt tempted to tap or wink at a neighbor for that one, singular answer that will give you an edge over many? Well, I have it! But come technology, those days are numbered.

Some of you will be imagining CCTVs in exam halls and security-room-in-action-movie like invigilation rooms. You're not too far from reality. Technology today is enabling exam admins, teachers, recruiters to see, hear and even smell (OK, exaggeration here) the exam candidate, sitting thousands of miles away. Mettl is empowering these exam admins, teachers and recruiters with technology to do the same with our Advanced Online Proctoring Feature.

Mettl Advanced Online Proctoring 

It is a step up from our current Web and Image online proctoring features. For those who aren't familiar with our Web and Image online proctoring:

Web Proctor Feature:

It defines a top limit for the number of times the candidate can navigate away from their test screen and also pops a warning or terminates the test depending on the admin set limit.

Image Proctor Feature:

It activates the candidate's webcam and takes random shots of the candidate in the duration of the test - these get appended in the automatically generated report.

With the introduction of the Advanced Web and Advanced Image Online Proctoring Features, the test admin will be able to do all of the above and get the live feed on the candidate's progress on the test, live - With webcam feed in case of Advanced Image Proctoring and an image free, candidate-wise test progress.

With the Advanced Proctor feature, the test admin can see all the candidates in a grid view on the dashboard (See image below) and do all of the following:

Advanced Online Proctoring Features:

  • Can watch the live feed of the candidate
  • Get live images of candidates updates every few seconds
  • Chat with the candidate
  • Make announcements
  • See automatically generated red flags (Flagged by our SW depending on any suspicious behavior)
  • Pull up a live feed of any candidate with history at any stage in the test
  • Terminate any test from the dashboard
  • View the candidate's screen - live!

Online Proctoring - Prevent from cheating in online tests

The Advanced Video Proctoring feature is doing away with manual invigilation requirements and is a blessing for high-stakes tests like the CAT, GMAT, etc. and even off-site recruitment drives.

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Originally published December 05 2019,updated January 22 2020

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