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The most effective way to assess cloud engineering skills

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The most effective way to assess cloud engineering skills


According to research, 60% of the world’s corporate data already exists on the cloud, and the industry is slated to grow significantly in the coming times.

As a result, the role of a cloud engineer has become crucial in organizations, increasing the need for a well-defined cloud engineer skills assessment plan.


The significance of hiring the right cloud engineers

A cloud engineer is responsible for managing and maintaining an organization’s entire digital infrastructure. As organizations transition to cloud computing, skilled cloud engineers are increasingly becoming more valuable and sought after.


The skills and traits of a good cloud engineer

A suitable cloud engineer needs to have a plethora of technical skills to accomplish their day-to-day job responsibilities. They need to demonstrate a combination of hard skills and soft skills to succeed in their roles.



Technical skills



A deep understanding of multiple coding languages and strong computer programming skills are vital for developing customized cloud computing infrastructures.

Operating systems:

Knowledge of operating systems is important for a cloud engineer to develop and implement customized servers, effective security measures, and efficient business processes.

Development operations:

An understanding of the concept and best practices of DevOps enables cloud engineers to collaborate with other developers to build and integrate an organization’s IT infrastructure and to implement principles of DevOps within the company.


Cloud-based networks are not connected to a physical server and are broader in expanse, which makes it essential for cloud engineers to have a deep understanding of cybersecurity protocol and be well-versed with the measures to implement to prevent cyber-attacks.

Data management and administration:

It is important for a cloud engineer to know how to retrieve, export, and manipulate data within the organization’s databases while also ensuring security and maintaining the integrity of the database itself.

Soft skills



Excellent problem-solving skills are essential for identifying cyber threats and implementing the required security measures. So, during hiring, a cloud engineer should be able to demonstrate adept critical thinking skills.


Cloud engineers need to have strong communication skills for successful inter-department collaborations. To ensure cloud initiatives are aligned with business objectives, they also should be able to translate technical concepts into actionable plans.

Time management:

The successful completion of cloud-based initiatives on time and within budget can only be managed using exceptional time management skills.


To keep up with the constant evolution of cloud computing, a cloud engineer must be willing to learn and grow consistently and should be able to adapt to the latest advancements in the field with ease.


The importance of having the right cloud engineer skills

The workplace underwent a major transformation in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. According to a study by Zippia, 94% of enterprises today use cloud services, and 67% of enterprise infrastructure is now cloud-based. Given the flexibility, speed, and accessibility offered by cloud-based services, numerous organizations have transitioned from physical servers to cloud-based systems. So, why are cloud engineering skills important?


Improved cybersecurity:

Cloud-based networks are more open to cyberattacks, which requires cloud engineers with good cybersecurity skills to resolve operating system vulnerabilities.


Efficient operations:

Cloud engineers can help identify inefficiencies and improvement areas. They can also optimize the organization’s digital operations for efficient, streamlined business processes.


Reduced costs:

Good cloud engineers can easily find new ways to maximize the cost-effectiveness of an organization’s digital operations.


What is a cloud engineer skills assessment?

As discussed, the role of a cloud engineer involves implementing, managing, and optimizing cloud-based computing software and requires IT specialists to oversee the same. During hiring, cloud engineer skills assessments are to be used to evaluate the competencies of a candidate as a cloud engineer. The assessment should typically analyze whether a candidate possesses the skills required for the job, which include:


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Skills and traits tests


Traditional, resume-based hiring may prove to be inefficient while hiring cloud engineers, as ascertaining a candidate’s actual skill set requires tangible results from a comprehensive assessment.

Recruiters can utilize skills and traits assessments to evaluate the hard skills and soft skills of candidates for the cloud engineer position.

Some of the top assessment categories that recruiters must consider adding to their hiring processes include:



How Mercer | Mettl can help organizations find skilled cloud engineers

Recruiting skilled candidates for technical job roles can get a bit difficult at times, especially given the fact that recruiters generally don’t necessarily always possess an intimate understanding of the discipline they are hiring for. Even if the interviewer is well-versed in the technical field, it is still vital for them to be able to assure that the candidate they are considering hiring as a cloud engineer possesses all the technical skills and soft skills that the job role demands.

Mercer | Mettl provides a range of assessments and skills tests that recruiters can seamlessly integrate into their processes. These tests for hiring cloud computing professionals evaluate whether the candidates have the relevant technical and soft skills, even before they are invited to the first interview round. Some popular assessments by Mercer | Mettl that organizations use are Microst Azure Devops Assessment and AWS Devops Engineer test. These assessments are designed to allow recruiters to source the most suitable candidates from the talent pool.



Utilizing cloud engineer skills assessments during the hiring procedure can bring several benefits, including being able to source the most suitable talent for open technical positions that are an excellent organizational fit as well, reduced attrition and training costs, and the establishment of unbiased, skill-based hiring processes.



What skills are needed for a cloud engineer?

How can an organization hire a cloud engineer?

Originally published November 26 2023, Updated November 26 2023

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