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A step-by-step guide to hiring a Flutter developer

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A step-by-step guide to hiring a Flutter developer


Mobile applications have become a de facto standard for running businesses in the digital world. Every business must have a robust and easy-to-navigate app to attract and build a loyal customer base. Flutter is a popular cross-platform app-building framework that allows developers to write a single codebase for mobile apps on multiple platforms.

A Flutter developer can reduce production costs for the business. The cross-platform framework minimizes user interface (UI) compilations, allowing businesses to provide a great user experience across multiple mobile platforms.


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What is the Flutter framework?

Flutter is an open-source framework launched by Google to enable developers to build platform-agnostic applications quickly and safely. A Flutter app developer can easily build natively compiled and visually appealing mobile apps from scratch using this framework. The same codebase is sufficient to launch apps on multiple mobile platforms.

The Stack Overflow Developer Survey in 2022 shows that Flutter is loved by 68.03% of developers. The advanced software development kits (SDKs), rendered UI, and hot reload are some of the features that make Flutter a top choice for developers.


What are the uses of Flutter?

Flutter apps work very similarly to native apps on Apple and Android devices. These apps don’t need a runtime module or browser. Therefore, many corporate giants, such as Alibaba, Groupon, eBay, etc., use Flutter to create mobile and online apps.

Some uses of Flutter are:

  • Single codebase for mobile and web apps across MWS, Linux, and MacOS devices
  • A rich set of pre-designed widgets
  • Easy apps and web apps creation for iOS, Android, and Windows
  • Compilation of native code using Dart programming language without JavaScript bridge
  • An open-source platform allowing continuous development
  • Easy debugging with DevTools and DartAnalyzer suite
  • Automated testing support
  • Access to a complete range of built-in hardware and software features


What is the principle of Flutter?

The Flutter architecture is an extensible, layered system. It contains independent libraries that depend on the underlying layer. Therefore, every part of the framework can be chosen accordingly by the Flutter developer.

Developers generally use object-oriented programming elements, as Flutter uses widgets extensively. These widgets deliver user services by interacting with the underlying engine and embedded layers that use C and C++ programming languages.

Any widget can be customized with Flutter, and Flutter UI widgets are compatible with modern web and mobile application design specifications.

Since Flutter thrives on its dynamic society of developers, anyone in the developer community can publish and use code modules to create unique cross-platform features.


What are the roles and responsibilities of Flutter app developers?

Efficient and talented developers build scalable and cost-effective applications based on business needs.

Some of the roles and responsibilities of a Flutter developer are:

  • Design, develop, and deploy cross-platform mobile and web apps
  • Create clean, crisp, and readable program code
  • Deliver user-friendly high-quality apps
  • Identify and rectify errors and discrepancies
  • Use manual and automated testing tools to debug applications 
  • Support and maintain Flutter apps
  • Collaborate with other developers and stakeholders during the software development life cycle
  • Investigate and adopt the latest app development technologies


Which are the essential concepts to consider when hiring Flutter developers?

Flutter is a young technology that soared in popularity due to its ease of use. Business owners prefer Flutter app development because they need to build an app and deploy it on multiple mobile platforms, offering a native feel for end users.

Before hiring a professional Flutter developer, recruiters must evaluate candidates on these concepts:

  • Developer experience in using the Flutter framework
  • Interpersonal skills to collaborate with all stakeholders
  • Technical ability in using different app development platforms
  • App development portfolio to assess skills versatility
  • Process methodology in app development
  • Adherence to project milestones and timeline
  • Knowledge of the latest market trends in Flutter development
  • Post-development support offered
  • Upgradation and migration support
  • Security and confidentiality in business application development


Steps to hire Flutter developers

Business app development is a continuous process where a Flutter developer is needed throughout the software development cycle. Even after deployment, a Flutter developer helps upgrade app services or change app features based on user feedback.

Follow the steps to hire candidates with the relevant technical and soft skills.



Decide on a hiring model

Recruiters can use different hiring models to find suitable candidates based on project needs. Before beginning the hiring process, one must know the scope of the project and its budget.

The freelance hiring model is more suitable for short-term projects with a fixed budget. On the other hand, if businesses can extend their budget and the project may continue long-term, a full-time engagement or outsourcing model is ideal.

Create project brief and requirements

Once the needs are identified, HR managers should define a job brief and description to understand the list of skills needed in a Flutter developer. This checklist is helpful for recruiters during the screening and interviewing process.

Source and screen candidates

Recruiters can use online and offline channels to source candidates when hiring Flutter app developers. One can post job requirements on online job boards, participate in networking events, get recommendations from others in the industry, and go through candidate databases to match job requirements with candidate skills.

Organize interviews

Recruiters should choose a relevant interview model, such as telephone, video, or in-person, to finalize a potential hire. Before the interview, the interviewer must have a comprehensive list of questions to assess the candidates’ skills. They must also decide the evaluation criteria to rank candidates based on performance.

Verify candidate details

After the interview, recruiters should verify candidates’ details and check for reviews on various platforms. One can talk to previous clients, look at their interactions on social media platforms, and check reviews about their past work. This will help evaluate candidates to ensure they align with the company culture.

Finalize the contract

Once a candidate is selected, draft formal work contracts and get the candidate to sign them. All details relevant to the project, including candidate expectations, must be mentioned in the agreement. HR managers must ensure that all legal obligations are at this stage.


Top interview questions for hiring a Flutter developer

Preparing interview questions for Flutter developers beforehand will help interviewers better evaluate candidates. Testing the technical and behavioural skills of candidates will ensure that the Flutter developer can understand project requirements and work together as a team.

Some interview questions are:

  • Give some examples of applications you have developed using Flutter
  • Explain the importance of the container class in Flutter
  • What are the differences between stateful and stateless widgets?
  • What is JSON serialization in Flutter?
  • What are the advantages and limitations of Flutter?
  • Which editor do you use for Flutter app development and why?
  • Which one is better, according to you – Flutter or React Native?


Best practices for onboarding and training Flutter developers

  • Thoroughly assess coding skills using advanced and automated assessment tools
  • Check the social media presence of Flutter developers to evaluate their people skills
  • Engage Flutter developers throughout the software development cycle
  • Choose candidates based on their quality instead of their costs
  • Customize onboarding and training process based on project needs
  • Collaborate with developer teams to establish a detailed project requirement analysis
  • Equip Flutter developers with the necessary resources and infrastructure
  • Organize knowledge transfer sessions for successful onboarding


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Streamlining the Flutter developer hiring process with Mercer | Mettl

Mercer | Mettl offers customizable coding assessments to automate candidates’ screening and selection process. Recruiters can use Coding Skills Test to evaluate candidates and score them based on their Flutter development skills. It streamlines the shortlisting process and ensures recruiters choose candidates with relevant technical skills.



What are the benefits of hiring a Flutter developer?

Is there a demand for Flutter developers?

Originally published May 25 2023, Updated May 25 2023

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