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The rise of video interviews: A smarter, faster, efficient way to interview talent

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The rise of video interviews: A smarter, faster, efficient way to interview talent

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Video interviews have, over the years, increasingly gained prominence in recruitment, fundamentally due to the efficiencies that they bring to the hiring process. This is further coupled with the experience they offer to employers and candidates alike. With the rise of remote work, the trend has gained more momentum.

According to the latest statistics by Gartner, 86% of employers believe online video interviews have improved their hiring process.

Video interviews offer flexible scheduling, decrease the need for commuting, and enhance the candidates’ experience. This article takes a closer look at the increasing trend of video interviews and their potential for the future.




Six reasons why video interviews are a preferred medium for hiring

Video interviews are no longer just a means to assess a candidate’s communication skills. These tools have evolved into advanced platforms, allowing hiring managers to assess candidates’ coding skills and behavioral competencies.

Here are six reasons video interviews are preferred by hiring managers:


1. Increased interview success rates 

Video interviews, being location agnostic, allow employers to meet a large number of candidates quickly and gain a better understanding of who they are. While phone calls can achieve the same, video brings people to life and allows candidates to collaborate and comfortably present their ideas. Simultaneous interviews can be conducted with multiple interviewers and candidates.

This helps quickly narrow down the list of best candidates and significantly reduces the amount of time spent on hiring. Instead of meeting multiple candidates face-to-face, recruiters can meet double this number and make a hiring decision in a shorter time.


2. Superior experience

Automated platforms like Mercer | Mettl Interviews bring in a multitude of features to help interviewers and candidates collaborate seamlessly using interactive tools and simulators.

  • Multi-panel interviews: Conduct consecutive interviews with multiple candidates and interviewers at one time, ensuring efficient and quick decision-making.
  • Simple setup: Log in and start the interview without hassle and minimize time to set up, allowing an easy interview experience for candidates and interviewers.
  • Seamless collaboration: Conduct an engaging and collaborative experience with seamless audio, video, and chat capabilities built-in within the tool.
  • Interactive tool: Utilize a range of interactive tools to create flowcharts and diagrams, evaluating candidates’ creative thinking and ability.

3. Enhanced quality of hire

Video interviews have transformed the hiring process by empowering recruiters to assess candidates beyond their resumes. With video interviewing, employers can evaluate personality, culture fit, and soft skills, which are crucial aspects of finding the right candidate.

With a video recording feature, hiring managers can even revisit the interview and review important points made by a candidate. This process increases the percentage of top candidates available, leading to a higher quality of hire.

With the ability to accurately screen candidates, employers can identify the top talent and make informed hiring decisions. The rise of video interviews is a testament to the evolution of recruitment, and it is undoubtedly the future of recruiting.

The Mercer | Mettl Interview tool offers intuitive and advanced reports containing valuable insights related to the interviews, such as time spent, meeting logs, recordings, etc. This data helps hiring managers to comprehensively evaluate the candidates and ensure high-quality hires.

4. Fewer no shows

Interview no-shows are a challenge for employers. With the abundance of opportunities available for job seekers, it’s easy for a candidate to change their mind about a particular job. However, video interviewing can help reduce the risk of no-shows by filtering active job seekers from passive ones. By giving candidates the flexibility to choose a convenient time and date for the interview, it eliminates the chance of missing an allocated slot.

Video interviews give employers a chance to open the channel of communication on a visual basis right from the first day. By doing so, they can identify candidates who are truly passionate about landing a job and those who are not.

Video job interviews can help lower top candidate dropout rates by providing a straightforward and objective interview experience. It eliminates the hassle that candidates may face during traditional interviews. Hence lowering the no-show rates.


5. Simpler execution

Online video interviews have improved the hiring process with design features that simplify the entire interview window for every candidate.

Firstly, scheduling hassles are removed as the self-scheduling component eliminates the challenges experienced by both the candidate and interviewer.

Secondly, hiring managers can immediately offer a second interview to exceptional candidates, simplifying the hiring process. The Mercer | Mettl Interview tool offers a waiting room and lobby feature to offer relevant medium to interviewers, allowing them to evaluate whether they should take a candidate to the next interview.


6. Improved attention to candidates

One of the biggest advantages of video interview assessments is their flexibility. With video interviews, all stakeholders can review the candidate in their own time, making scheduling easier.

Further, video interviews help reduce bias in the decision-making process since multiple stakeholders are involved during the assessment stage. Candidates also find video interviews less challenging than in-person interviews, offering a foundation to showcase their skills and personality traits.

As a result, this reliable platform helps hiring teams evaluate crucial skills before the final interview and enhances the candidate experience.

Video interviews offer a convenient and flexible solution for businesses looking to expand their talent pool beyond geographical boundaries.



Video interviewing offers several benefits that make it a valuable tool for modern recruitment. By using this tool, hiring teams can save time, reduce costs, and eliminate geographical limitations.

To get started, utilize Mercer | Mettl’s Video Interviews tool, which allows hiring managers to interview several candidates, anytime anyplace. The collaborative and immersive experience enables candidates and recruiters to comfortably interact and discuss several aspects of the job role. Further, the comprehensive insights generated after the interview ensure optimum hiring efficiency.



1. Why are video interviews useful?

2. Why is it likely that all interviews will be conducted by video in the future?

Originally published February 9 2024, Updated February 9 2024

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Vaishali has been working as a content creator at Mercer | Mettl since 2022. Her deep understanding and hands-on experience in curating content for education and B2B companies help her find innovative solutions for key business content requirements. She uses her expertise, creative writing style, and industry knowledge to improve brand communications.

About This Topic

An online video interview software allows organizations to conduct interviews remotely in a scalable, structured and effective manner. With the digitization of the recruitment process, an online video interview software provides organizations with a virtual platform to conduct interviews.

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