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How to hire Python developers: A guide to efficient tech hiring

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How to hire Python developers: A guide to efficient tech hiring


Python is a universal language used in machine learning, data analytics, website development, and app creation. Many developers additionally utilize Python for design because it provides better process control, font engineering, excellent integration, and text processing capabilities. As a result, hiring the right Python developer is critical for a company’s digital presence or service experience.

According to Ben Finkel, a CBT Nuggets trainer, “Python has emerged as the most popular language of choice for studying programming in schools and universities.”

However, Python developers can’t be solely evaluated on their degree or level of education. The candidate’s technical skills, experience, and projects offer insights into the developer’s skills and knowledge. This blog teaches how to find the right Python developer for your team.


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Skills to evaluate in a Python developer

Python helps develop various types of applications. For example, it aids artificial intelligence, gaming, machine learning, and other types of development. Therefore, a skilled developer must utilize the language correctly across compatible platforms.


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Technical skills

A Python developer should know different language versions and varied Python frameworks, modules, and libraries.

  • Skills in object-oriented concepts.
  • Proficiency in Flask, Django, and other frameworks.
  • Knowledge of RESTful APIs.
  • A clear understanding of CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.
  • Knowledge of advanced computer science concepts.
  • Skills in mathematical Python modules and packages.
  • Knowledge of statistics, linear algebra, differential calculus, and probability.

Problem-solving skills

During application development, different challenges arise at diverse stages of the software development lifecycle. The ability to solve these challenges, find a solution, and meet deadlines is the key to hiring a knowledgeable Python developer.

Leadership qualities

A Python developer is expected to coordinate with different business verticals, such as design, SEO, content, etc. The ability to take inputs and delegate activities within the team is imperative. Even an individual contributor should possess leadership skills to handle and resolve incoming requests from different departments.

Critical thinking

Critical thinking helps developers visualize every project from different perspectives. It is easy to develop something that serves a purpose at the moment, but the ability to think about long-term efficiency comes with critical thinking. A Python developer should be able to visualize what the customer requires and what is accepted in the market to develop optimum applications and solutions.


Communication skills are as important as coding for Python developers. Engineers and developers usually work in teams or groups. Therefore, sharing ideas, brainstorming, and offering constructive criticism is necessary.


Roles and responsibilities of a Python developer

Python has several powerful libraries and products that have revolutionized the IT landscape. Therefore, the role of a Python developer in the organization depends on the job profile, industry, vertical, and work experience.

Here are a Python developer’s roles and associated responsibilities based on their job profile:


1. Python web developer

  • Construct reusable code
  • Perform automation, tuning, and usability testing
  • Work on frameworks and libraries
  • Write server-side programming logic in Python


2. Automation testing engineer

  • Design automation frameworks
  • Perform sophisticated system tests
  • Troubleshoot code problems
  • Work with Python framework tools like Behave, Pytest, and PyUnit
  • Write test scripts


3. Data analyst

  • Conduct A/B testing
  • Create and maintain Python libraries, such as Matplotlib, NumPy, Pandas, etc
  • Model data to aid reporting (ad-hoc or pre-defined)
  • Share findings with the group or any interested parties
  • Use the scripting language, compile, and collect data


4. Data scientist

  • Communicate business concerns and suggest remedies
  • Comprehend business demands and identify potential solutions
  • Develop machine learning (ML) predictive models
  • Develop statistical learning models
  • Work with product management and technology teams


5. Machine learning engineer

  • Put machine learning (ML) models into production
  • Transform data science prototypes
  • Research and use the right ML tools and techniques
  • Create the machine learning system
  • Create ML apps
  • Run ML tests
  • Adjust algorithms based on test findings


6. Software engineer

  • Develop and maintain software
  • Evaluate feature modification requests
  • Implement security measures
  • Improve the functionality of the apps
  • Integrate applications with third-party software
  • Provide technical solutions


Tips for hiring the best Python developers

As Python programmers play an important role in tech development, it is best to evaluate different aspects of recruitment for correct hiring. Here are some pointers for selecting the top Python developers:


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Draft a perfect job offer

Organizations must understand the skills, technical knowledge, and degree requirements for a Python developer’s role before creating an offer. Once these requirements are analyzed, you should make a compelling job offer with the required details. For example, the technological stack, flexible and remote working hours, team size, particular requirements, project type, and compensation details.

Verify the applicant's familiarity with core Python and its frameworks

A Python developer needs to know Python’s fundamentals and frameworks. They should be familiar with ideas like data structures, data types, file and exception handling, Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) concepts, generators, and iterators. They should have a good grasp of Python frameworks, like Bottle, Django, Flask, and Pyramids. These promote clean and high-quality design while speeding development.

Evaluate understanding of front-end technologies

To match client-side and server-side technologies, Python developers also work on front-end technologies. Consider employing a developer with a foundational understanding of related front-end technologies. For instance, HTML for text-based application documentation, CSS to make web pages, and JavaScript to improve website functionality. Additionally, a Python developer should know about cutting-edge tools for data science, like AI and ML.

Employ an outsourcing company

Apart from the abovementioned tips, firms should consider collaborating with an outsourcing company if they still face problems hiring Python developers. They can help locate talented professionals who match business requirements.

Find applicants with strong communication abilities

A Python developer must collaborate and communicate with other team members to enable the quick delivery of an application. Poor communication skills create a lag in the entire software development lifecycle.


Common mistakes made while hiring Python developers

Due to outdated hiring processes and biases, it is possible to hire Python developers who are skilled but not fit for the position. Therefore, evaluate how you can eliminate common mistakes when hiring Python developers


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Employing an inexperienced developer


Hiring managers may recruit Python developers with fewer years of experience to reduce expenses. While this doesn’t always turn into a mistake, Python is a field that requires experience, skills, and deep knowledge of advanced concepts.

Therefore, hiring managers should create a budget and then move forward. Understand that hiring the right Python developer with relevant experience reduces long-term costs associated with risks and mistakes the company incurs in wrong hiring.


Failing to verify credentials


Businesses must carefully assess a Python developer’s credentials before hiring them. It helps determine whether the applicant or company is a good fit for their business.

  1. Assess a candidate’s record of accomplishment.
  2. Find out the number of mobile or web apps they have produced.
  3. Understand the time it took them to complete the project.
  4. Check online feedback and reviews of the candidate on LinkedIn, if available.


Mismatch between the requirement and the candidate’s experience


When a company needs senior-level talent with subject matter expertise, avoid hiring entry-level or mid-level talent. The mismatch can lead to delays and cost escalations. Check the talent’s quality and ensure they can handle the role you are hiring them for.


Limiting hiring to only local developers


Finding talent is more challenging than it seems. Even though there are many excellent local developers, finding a local professional matching job role requirements may be challenging. In this situation, looking for experts outside the local market may help.


How Mercer | Mettl helps you hire skilled Python developers

The automated role-based assessment tests from Mercer | Mettl simplify the technical hiring process. Each exam identifies possible candidates, evaluates them based on a range of skill sets, and provides an in-depth analysis of their knowledge.


1. Test of programming abilities


Mercer | Mettl provides multiple tests to assess candidates’ coding abilities for front-end, back-end, full-stack, and database developer roles. The following tests can help you hire the right Python developer:

  • Python Django Programming Test for back end

The Python Django Test from Mercer | Mettl evaluates a candidate’s domain expertise and practical coding abilities. This Python Django Test assesses critical skills at the beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels.

  • Database-Python MySQL Test

This Database-Python MySQL Test evaluates a candidate’s capacity for developing reusable Python code, and their knowledge of MySQL, MySQL database query, and practical programming abilities.

  • Technical hiring in data science

Mercer | Mettl’s scientifically designed Python assessments help make informed selections based on the programmer’s working abilities.


2. Online hackathon


Online hackathons by Mercer | Mettl assist businesses in acquiring a competitive edge and boosting staff morale. They aid in assembling a tech team to meet changing company needs and:

  • Recruiting top programmers
  • Fostering creativity
  • Generating virtual obstacles


3. Technical evaluations


At Mercer | Mettl, technical assessments combine application-based methods with knowledge-based inquiries to gauge a candidate’s knowledge of theories, resources, and frameworks related to a specific technical skill or technology. These exams use:

  • Multiple-choice questions (MCQs) to assess a candidate’s real-world functional knowledge across various skills and subskills.
  • Coding simulators to evaluate a candidate’s practical programming abilities.
  • Caselets to approach issues holistically.
  • Case study simulator to simulate in-person case-based discussions.


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When recruiting Python developers, it is imperative to evaluate hiring mistakes, understand different role requirements, and assess the usefulness of the hiring model.

To ensure efficient hiring, Mercer | Mettl offers a series of technical assessments that allow you to gauge a Python developer’s skills and experience. Utilize this inventory and hire the best talent for your company.



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Originally published November 15 2022, Updated November 15 2022

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