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How to hire AngularJS developers: Tools, process and assessment platforms

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How to hire AngularJS developers: Tools, process and assessment platforms


An AngularJS developer or programmer is a highly-skilled JS (JavaScript) expert who utilizes AngularJS to build dynamic web applications. AngularJS is a dynamic JavaScript open-source front-end development framework, widely used for creating web apps. It serves as an ideal tool to augment various server technologies. Therefore, companies hire AngularJS developers to develop mobile and web applications with responsive user interfaces for a customer-centric approach.

AngularJS developers specialize in building single-page applications with the AngularJS framework. In other words, these professionals build everything a user sees on an interactive webpage.

This blog serves as a quick guide elaborating on the process and ideal approach toward hiring dedicated Angular developers. You will learn about the demand for these professionals, the necessary skills you should assess in potential candidates and various platforms/tools which can help you recruit the top AngularJS developers.


The demand for AngularJS developers

In LinkedIn’s third annual report regarding emerging jobs in the US, the top 15 jobs (like Full Stack Engineer) required AngularJS skills and experience.

Application developers even witnessed a 31% rise in their demand (in the past five years) as compared to software developers.

Its web app development pipeline includes reputable companies like Forbes, Microsoft, Gmail, UpWork, and PayPal. Companies hire dedicated AngularJS developers to build responsive mobile and desktop web apps.

Therefore, finding the right developer might be time-consuming, but it is worth the effort.


The process: How to hire AngularJS developers for your project

Finding suitable Angular JS talent with desirable hard and soft skills is not easy. Therefore, we have illustrated the following steps to help you hire dedicated Angular developers who meet your project requirements.


Infographic 1




Checklist: Prepare a job description and state role specifications


The first step to hiring AngularJS developers includes preparing an appropriate job description. It helps you present skill requirements in a streamlined way so candidates from the relevant work field can apply.

A typical Angular developer job description incorporates the following.

  • Designing and developing user interfaces by implementing best AngularJS practices.
  • Developing Angularjs-based complex designs and technological structures.
  • Using modern front-end technology to create interactive and responsive UI/UX designs for the latest applications
  • Design application codes and unit tests through Rest Web Services, AngularJS, Java Technologies, etc.
  • Fluently writing clean codes in CSS, HTML, and JavaScript (and its frameworks).
  • Consulting and collaborateing with the design team for accurate product analyses.
  • Testing product performance.
  • Ensuring the enhanced performance of applications and deploying support.

Post outlining the job description, you can create a skill/qualification requirement list. As the project details will cover all the critical aspects, you will also get a better idea of what expertise your ideal angular programmer needs.

Following are a few of the essential qualifications and skill sets that you should assess.

  • A Bachelor’s/Master’s degree in computer science, computer engineering, or any other equivalent specialization.
  • Proficiency in JavaScript (JS), CSS and HTML, MV-VM/MVC, and writing web-browser compatible codes.
  • Experience in using JS tools like Gulp, Grunt, etc. and applications of front-end and back-end development.
  • Ability to implement Node Package Manager (NPM) tool for client-side web applications or packages.

(Front-end and backend development proficiency involves expertise in Typescript, Nodejs, RxJS, and Angular CLI).

  • Previous work experience as an AngularJS developer (desirable and preferred but optional for freshers).
  • Soft skills: Problem-solving, critical thinking, project management/managerial skills, coordination and communication skills, leadership skills, etc.


Stage 2


Tools: How to hire dedicated AngularJS developers


You can use screening and management tools to filter your search for the ideal candidate. These tools simplify the tedious task of surfing through a vast pool of applicants, helping you easily shortlist the best Angular developers.

Screening tools

These tools are proficient in snipping the irrelevant searches via online assessments.

Sourcing tools

You can source AngularJS developers from various channels (beyond LinkedIn). Employers will also benefit from creating a relevant search schedule for tracking candidates.

Management Tools

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) are valuable to search programs that can easily keep a record of all the candidates by organizing the data for long-term usage.

Stage 3


Example interview questions: Decide what to ask when hiring Angular developers


The interview questions to hire Angular developers should be based on the experience level and role specifications. The following examples will help you structure the interview well. You can then use a combination of simulations and interview platforms to refine the final stage of hiring Angular JS programmers.

Questions to ask junior (or entry-level) AngularJS developers

  • Write/Show/Give an example of an HTML document with header information and page content.
  • Explain fundamental parts of an Angular application.
  • Explain the CSS Model with code snippets with proper comments to show what they mean.
  • How can you change the style of HTML elements in JS?
  • Write/Show/Give an example of a basic Typescript class containing a constructor and a method.
  • Can you give examples of some of the basic syntaxes of Decorator in Angular?
  • Explain Single Page applications and how they work in AngularJS.
  • List the differences between constructor and ngOnInit.
  • How can one interact between Parent and Child components in Angular?
  • How do you optimize an Angular 6 application for better performance?

Example questions to hire mid-level AngularJS experts

  • What are Core and Shared Modules? When do you apply them?
  • What kind of debugging tools should you use for fixing bug issues in an app?
  • Explain AOT Compilation and HTTP receptors.
  • Explain the Angular Lifecycle Hooks sequence.
  • What is the difference between unit and end-to-end testing? Which one is more applicable than the other?
  • Write/Show/Give an example of a ngFor usage for displaying all items of an array in a list.
  • Explain ‘Transpiling’ in Angular with an example.
  • How do you implement lazy loading modules, and why do you need them?
  • How is AngularJS like Angular 2?
  • Mention some of the advantages of using Angular for developing web applications.

Senior-level interview questions

  • What is [(ngModel)], and how is it used for importing Angular models in reactive form?
  • List some of the change detection strategies and how you use them.
  • Explain the features introduced in various versions of Angular(2, 4, 5, and 6).
  • Can you update the view if your data model is updated outside ‘Zone’?
  • How can you implement important Angular practices to ensure safety?
  • Mention the differences between one-way and two-way data binding in Angular.
  • List some of the filters used in Angular.
  • Distinguish between Observables and Promises.
  • Describe a difficulty you encountered during a project/task (like an error or bug in an application) and how you approached it.
  • What do you mean by Directives in Angular?


Top companies that hire Angular developers

Instead of hiring from online sites, business professionals may also source AngularJS developers from tech hiring platforms. Here are a few examples that will help you hire AngularJS developers.





Founded in 2013, the company offers dynamic apps for clients worldwide. With an average hourly rate of USD 25, it provides the following services: Single-Page applications, Real-time application development, AngularJS consulting, and Web and Mobile applications.

Techuz has the most experienced AngularJS developers who provide Expertise, Quality, and Intellectual Capital.


Clarion Technologies

Founded in 2000, the company is ideal for all Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) looking to hire AngularJS developers. It is so because Clarion offers the best services (like web app development, UI/UX design and development, Angular Plugin development and Version Migration, etc.) at affordable prices.

With hourly rates ranging from USD 25 to 49, Clarion Technologies is also involved in complex projects of web applications for various sectors (like healthcare, planning, game, IT (Information Technology), etc.).


Mind Inventory

Founded in 2011, Mind Inventory is a prominent AngularJS firm that offers innumerable services, including web design and development, eCommerce, and CMS (Content Management System) development, and native and hybrid mobile app development.

With an average hourly rate of USD 25, it offers one of the best interactive dashboards and custom widgets.


Common mistakes to avoid when hiring an angular developer

While looking for an ideal AngularJS developer, an employer must avoid the possibility of a ‘bad hire.’ Here are some of the common mistakes to avoid while hiring Angular programmers.

  • Solely focusing on technical or hard skills by disregarding soft skills and other certifications.
    Doing so will undermine valuable skills like approach toward work, punctuality, accountability, coordination, etc.
  • Poor planning about the number of candidates you require to fill open positions.
    Hiring/shortlisting more or less than the required number may lead to logistical/budget hassles.
  • Overlooking experience factors for mid-level and senior-level positions.
    Senior-level hiring should be based not only on years of work but also on the quality of expertise (Like, what kind of tools they used? How did they aid their previous firms? How versatile are they?)


Which is the best platform to hire dedicated AngularJS developers?

The best platform to hire a developer depends employers’ convenience. You may choose screening tools, outsourcing, or management trackers to filter resumes. However, Mercer | Mettl can be considered a viable option for hiring developers because its online assessment suite can efficiently screen talent for versatile project requirements.

While hiring experts of high knowledge, you need to broaden your area of search beyond LinkedIn and other social media platforms. That is when you should consider the online hiring platforms listed below.

(Tip: Every entry-level AngularJS developer should apply on these platforms where the skill assessments are more important than the resume.)


Mercer | Mettl


Mercer | Mettl has a coding test series of 18 MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions) + 2 codes to be finished within a stipulated time of 60 minutes. The test has been designed based on difficulty level for relevant jobs (like AngularJS developer, software developer, Front-end developer, etc. The test is in the English language.

Mercer | Mettl’s tools for hiring AngularJS developers also include:




HackerEarth can objectively assess the developers for employers with its 3-step evaluation process:


Employers can upload job descriptions for AngularJS developers and create a coding test for assessments and interviews.


HR (Human Resource) managers can assess candidates based on programming tests that comprise 13000+ questions with 12 distinct types and over 80 skill sets in the library.


Organizations can find the top developer from the leaderboard scores.

HackerEarth also provides detailed reports of candidates’ performance with robust invigilation to avoid impersonation.




DevSkiller is a robust programming and online interview platform for tech screening. To shorten the interview process by 60%, DevSkiller conducts its recruitment process for eligible candidates via:

  • Deploying programming tests (like libraries, frameworks, databases, etc.) that mirror real-life problems on the first day of work as an AngularJS developer (pre-made tests available in the library).
  • Aptitude testing, personality testing, and automatic grading system.
  • Comparing candidates and filtering the list accordingly for easy management.




DevTeam.Space handles its massive community of veteran developers via agile methodology. Its AI-powered space determines the best developer matches for the employers from its skilled group of AngularJS developers.

In this invite-only virtual community, all the developers are skilled in several programming languages (CSS, HTML, MVC, Typescript, Ajax, etc.) and are screened through restrictions:

  • Requirement restrictions placed via project description/job description
  • Requirements restrictions placed via skill/qualification




Toptal is a dedicated Angular job board known for the best employer-employee matching services. It has several developers in its vast pool and gets them shortlisted through tests, interviews, and reviews.



According to HackerRank’s 2020 research, AngularJS ranked as one of the best JavaScript frameworks for developing single-page applications. It is considered only second to ReactJS that developers plan on learning next (27.6%) even though it is harder to master. Hence, the popularity of Angular skills and their importance is quite evident.

That is why as employers, it is essential to pay attention to detail before onboarding Angular talent. As per a Forbes article published in 2016, the average cost of a bad hire is 30% of the employer’s first-year earnings. Thus, given the importance of AngularJS developers, it is reasonable to go to a stable and trusted assessment platform for better hiring decisions.

Originally published March 27 2018, Updated December 6 2023

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