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A detailed guide to hiring a technically competent Swift developer

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A detailed guide to hiring a technically competent Swift developer


Swift developers are in high demand due to the popularity of Apple products and services. Because of the software’s versatility and nuanced functionality, it is crucial to hire a highly qualified and knowledgeable Swift developer who can fulfill the unique wants and criteria of an organization. Hiring the right Swift developers can help rapidly achieve corporate goals. And this guide serves as a valuable resource for recruiters and employers to get started with the same.


What is Swift?

Swift is an all-purpose, functional and object-oriented programming language. It makes use of cutting-edge software design principles for developing applications for iOS, macOS and watchOS. Swift was released in 2014 as an Objective-C replacement with contemporary programming ideas and a particular focus on security.

It has become increasingly popular, with each version being viewed as a raw language to be used in production to one of the most extensively utilized technologies.

The Swift community expanded when the software was open source in 2015. Swift ranked 12th on the Tiobe index, which ranks the programming languages most worth adopting. Swift is a well-liked choice for start-ups and small apps. Essential applications including Airbnb, Pinterest and Uber use this language. Thus, hiring a Swift Developer will be helpful for every business.


Candidate persona of a Swift developer

Before you initiate the process to hire Swift developer, you must clearly know what you are looking for in the potential recruit. A candidate persona helps streamline hiring and saves valuable time by preventing chaos and confusion. Here are a few aspects to consider when crafting your candidate persona.


Vital Swift developer qualifications


The requirements for a candidate while aiming to hire a Swift developer in India are as follows:

  • A degree in computer science or a closely linked discipline.
  • Exhibited best practices for front-end UI and UX implementation.
  • Expertise with code versioning technologies like Git, Mercurial, or SVN.
  • Extensive familiarity with OOP concepts, Design Patterns, Algorithms, Multithreading, and data structures to connect to back-end services.
  • Knowledge of the core iOS APIs, frameworks, features, UI styles, and paradigms.
  • Knowledge of Apple's design tenets and interface standards.
  • Practical knowledge of JSON/XML and RESTful web services.
  • Prior experience developing Swift or iOS apps.
  • Prior iOS Objective-C experience.
  • Working familiarity with a variety of third-party SDKs and integrations.


Swift developer job description and responsibilities


After being hired, a Swift developer is required to fulfill the following responsibilities:

  • Assist front-end developers in ensuring a pixel-perfect user interface.
  • Carry out particular, modest tasks with complete management support.
  • Conduct software, hardware, and network audit to find and fix issues, track system usage, and guarantee system security.
  • Create and maintain Swift programs and codes.
  • Create and maintain the website's back end, including databases, APIs, and data storage.
  • Create user interfaces through designing software interfaces, navigation, and information arrangement.
  • Keep an eye on the company’s applications’ responsiveness, performance and quality.
  • Make suggestions for and practice new technologies to improve and simplify program functionality.
  • Perform code reviews and provide feedback.
  • Support testing, debugging, and upkeep of current systems.


Hiring Swift developers from the right places

Aiming to hire a Swift programmer is a targeted, practical procedure. Here are a few platforms where one can find the appropriate Swift developers for an enterprise.

1. Dice

Dice is a fantastic resource for finding Swift developers because it features millions of tech profiles and job listings. In addition, employers can use it to find and evaluate talent with its TalentSearch feature.

2. Django Stars

Django Stars offers experience in UI/UX Design, mobile app development, and web development. It has worked with several organizations worldwide for digital transformation, software development, and app building.

3. Hired

Hired is a terrific platform for specialized onboard developers and helps recruiters save a lot of time when recruiting tech talent, in addition to greatly simplifying the hiring process.

4. LinkedIn

Recruiters, businesses, job seekers, and professionals from all over the world use LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a wonderful job board for recruiters and job seekers, thanks to its chat system, search filters, and recommendations capabilities.

5. Toptal

The business provides the best Swift developers available. This is a good option for hiring Swift experts to create dependable iOS apps.

6. X-Team

Employers of all sizes can turn to X-Team for assistance locating the best developers worldwide. It provides highly motivated programmers, coders, and iOS app developers.

How to build a stellar tech workforce in five simple steps


How to hire Swift developers: A five-step process

The following step-by-step process illustrates how to hire a Swift app developer.




Step 1: Build a candidate persona


As stated in the earlier section of this blog, a candidate persona ensures that you have the utmost clarity in your tech recruitment approach. Furthermore, a well-drafted candidate persona will optimize your talent outreach, maximize application completion rate and save costs.


Step 2: Prepare a budget


The suggested budget to hire a dedicated Swift developer must be workable for a proficient candidate. It should include fair compensation that matches the candidate’s experience and expertise with the software. Also, it is vital to consider expenses related to assessments and interview stages.


Step 3: Use a variety of channels to expand your talent outreach


The following channels need to be considered while looking for a Swift developer:

Job boards:

Posting jobs on employment websites are the best way to find seasoned Swift developers. These portals are used by tech professionals seeking full- or part-time work and regular job seekers to find openings.

Portals for freelancers:

Hiring independent contractors might be a sensible and cost-effective choice for short-term employment. One can contact developers by using websites like Upwork and Fiverr.

Social media handles:

Posting about a job vacancy on networks like Instagram, Facebook, Stack Overflow and Twitter will result in a flood of applicants.


Step 4: Assess the candidates


A Swift developer needs to be familiar with programming languages like Java, Python and Swift. Therefore, before hiring a Swift developer, it is critical to test their fluency in these languages.

Additional skills to evaluate in a potential Swift programmer include the following.


JSON expertise

A Swift coder must be familiar with the Apple app network, necessitating knowledge of JavaScript Object Notation or JSON. The data is posted to and received from the web server using JSON. Additionally, one needs to be aware of URL Session, an API used by Apple for obtaining and publishing online material.


Spatial intelligence

Apps for Apple iOS must be run on various Apple devices with various screen sizes. Consequently, a candidate needs to be proficient in spatial reasoning. Understanding how the user interacts with the app is also helpful.


Understanding of design

iOS apps are simple to use and intuitive. A Swift developer must follow the design standards for a successful app release. These requirements outline how data must be stored, displayed to the user, and handled by the apps utilizing Model-View-Controller.


Awareness of the Core Data framework

Apple created the Core Data framework to manage the object graphs. A Swift developer must therefore be familiar with Core Data. Furthermore, it would ensure a smooth user experience via the intricate object graphs in the apps.


Object-oriented programming

Learning the principles of object-oriented programming, such as classes, class initialization, and inheritances, is the first step in becoming a productive Swift developer. Additionally, a candidate needs to know how these ideas relate to Swift.

Here are a few efficient techniques for evaluating candidates’ technical expertise:

  • Cognitive test evaluation
  • Coding and programming knowledge
  • Conducting technical tests
  • Online hackathons
  • Trying out technical hiring


Step 5: Interview the candidates


Following the actions taken above, it is time to begin interviewing the individuals to determine their qualifications. First, they should be questioned regarding their knowledge of Swift, Apple development, and object-oriented programming. Then they should be given a little piece of code to test their suitability for the project.

Sample programming tests can help determine a person’s proficiency with frameworks, libraries, and code. The candidate should complete a test project to better understand their skills and position.


How can Mercer | Mettl help

An organization can hire a dedicated Swift developer using Mercer | Mettl’s comprehensive suite for hiring programmers and developers. Here are a few tools you can explore.


1. Mercer | Mettl JSON coding test


The Mercer| Mettl JSON Coding Test evaluates applicants’ capacity to create scalable network apps because familiarity with JSON is mandatory for a Swift developer. The test gauges the candidates’ JSON data decoding skills. For iOS developers, understanding Swift JSON parsing is crucial since they must become familiar with this data type.


2. Campus employment solutions


Mercer | Mettl offers customizable campus hiring solutions for making data-driven hiring selections from top universities. It has vast experience organizing more than 20,000 campus drives over ten years. Mercer| Mettl’s extensive database of questions allows you to reduce campus drive durations. Furthermore, the team provides advanced analytics to compare individual and campus-level performance in Swift skills.


3. Technical evaluations


Technical examinations that measure candidates’ critical thinking abilities are valuable assets to your tech recruitment plans.

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Follow the tips mentioned in the article above and find the right developer who will make one’s next hiring experience a pleasant one!



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