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How To Hire A Good C++ Developer?

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C++ is an object-oriented, general-purpose programming language that is here since 1985 (33 years ago.)

Although it’s stable release came out on 1 December 2017, but it has been popular from its inception and is found useful in many contexts including servers like SQL, e-commerce, web search, performance applications such as space probes, and other desktop applications. As of 2017, it remains the third most popular programming language and is used to develop a diverse variety of applications.

Moreover, the TIOBE index that looks at the popularity of various programming languages also ranked C++ as the third most popular language.

And, the PYPL (Popularity of Programming Language) index ranked C++ at #6.

So, with the ever-rising popularity of this language, it comes as no surprise that its applications will be increasing along with the employment rates.

What Makes a Good C++ Developer?

Whether you are a business leader or have an evolving startup, finding efficient developers and programming staff comes as an endeavor on its own. The fact that most of the work is behind the screen makes it even more complicated.

So, here is what actually makes a good C++ developer.

C++ is a high-level object-oriented programming language and requires an excellent knowledge of ‘object’ and the manipulation around them. The developer should be equipped with the C++ standard library template and should also know about the usage of pointers. Along with this, knowledge of classes, operating systems, programming environments, databases, compilers, and more comes as an added advantage.

However, when it comes to hiring C++ developers, how do you make a choice for the best? You might have tested the skills, knowledge, and more, but here are the steps that you need to follow-

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How to Hire a C++ Developer?

Whether you are a techie or a non-tech individual, these tips are sure to come to your rescue-

Step 1

Gauge the Technical Competencies of a Candidate

To gauge the technical competencies, there are various technical assessments created by Mettl. These technical assessments go beyond the basic MCQs and let you measure the right skills for the job role.

These tests come with a sold framework, which lets you check the skill set of an individual and also help you evaluate the job performance for the future.

You can click here and use the technical assessments for the hiring process.

Step 2

Check the Skills Required for a C++ Developer

Here are the skills that you can consider while hiring a C++ developer-

  •   Knowledge of C++ library, algorithms, and containers.
  •   The implementation of quality and performance metrics.
  •   Understanding of memory management, dynamic polymorphism, and other C++ templates.
  • Knowledge of C++ latest standards, real-time environments, low-level primitives, and library functions.

Moreover, he should also be proficient in building the various C++ applications that include desktop, mobile, and embedded systems.

Before you hire, make sure that they can develop the applications, identify the bugs, maintain the code quality, and coordinate with the rest of the teams that are working on different layers of the projects.

Step 3

Use Online C++ Test

Would you like to know that every candidate who came to undergo the process has all the technical skills or not? Who does not?

However, talking to everyone or taking the screen tests take up all the time. So, the best approach to check the candidate’s is turning to an online C++ test.

The online tests work as an effective pre-hiring mechanism, and let you judge the developers on the basis of both conceptual knowledge and real-world applications. Mettl’s C++ test has multiple choice questions and hands-on coding problem that tests the developers on the basis of their C++ development and problem-solving skills.

Mettl benchmarks this test for specific job roles and allows the hiring manager to make an ideal choice from the entire talent pool. The key roles for which this test is useful for are-

  • Junior C++ developer
  • C++ developer
  • C++ application developer
  • Software developer 1 (C++)

Step 4

Ask Technical Questions During Interview

The personal (face to face) interview gives you a number of details about the candidate. However, with the same approach, the candidate also comes to know about the organization.

But make sure that you are not stuck to the questions like- “Where are you from”; “What are your expectations,” and more. Hiring technical programmers and developers is important for any organization.

It is important that you ask the questions related to language, skills so that you get a better idea of how they can contribute to the organization.

Questions That You Should Ask a C++ Lead

  • How is shallow copy different from the deep copy?
  • What is the use of the void main command in C++?
  • Which one is better Setjmp and Longjump or Throwing and Catching?
  • What type of problems have you solved with the Namespace feature?
  • Do you prefer using a template or a base class, and why?
  • What are the common problems that you faced and how did to get around them?

Step 5

Determine the Salary Package

Every organization has a specified budget for various roles and positions. However, before you hire or allocate the salary package, it is important to be aware of the marketing budgets and scales.

As of 17 December 2018, the average pay for a C++ developer is Rs. 442, 638 per year. (Source: PayScale)

According to Indeed (as of 14 December 2018) and salary estimated from 729 employees in the past 36 months is Rs. 3, 33, 523.

However, these salaries are not the exact estimates of the packages for a C++ developer. They vary according to the skills of an individual, type of services, and companies.

Summing Up

There is no denying that C++ will continue to have high demand and will keep rising due to its reliability, performance, and applications. So, if you are planning to hire a C++ developer, posting a generic C++ developer will bring you numerous applications from both experts and naïve in the language.

However, to choose from the pool, it’s time not to use the traditional pen and paper assessment and turn to Online Tests. The online test allows hiring managers to access the skills that are required to get the job done. Moreover, they also identify the ones who have the necessary knowledge, technical skills to deliver the results by writing the C++ codes.

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Originally published January 3 2019, Updated December 7 2023

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Hiring a coder requires HRs to go beyond conventional hiring practices and assess the candidate on both knowledge and hands-on skills. A holistic suite of assessments and simulators, used in conjunction, can simplify the technical hiring process and better evaluate programmers and developers.

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