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MPM-Forced Choice: The next-gen personality assessment

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MPM-Forced Choice: A tool to measure personality in just 16 minutes!

Technical assessments play a vital role in the hiring regime of businesses, primarily serving to evaluate the job-specific skills of candidates. Yet they offer just one piece of the puzzle. Understanding a candidate’s motivations, preferences, behaviors and reactions to challenging situations is essential for making informed talent decisions. This is where personality tests come in.


Today, businesses understand the importance of assessing not only technical aptitude but also the personality and behaviors that define a professional. Personality assessments measure various aspects of a candidate’s behavior, including their values, temperament, motivations, interpersonal skills, introversion, and extraversion. These insights serve as valuable determiners in identifying candidates who have the potential to utilize their strengths to succeed on the job.


Introducing MPM-FC

Mercer | Mettl’s Personality Map-Forced Choice (MPM-FC) is a comprehensive and detailed assessment that helps unravel a candidate’s personality and behavior. It delves into various facets of an individual’s character, helping employers gain valuable insights into how a candidate may perform in different workplace scenarios.

MPM-FC is a structurally designed short assessment that minimizes the possibility of candidates deliberately selecting answers that may present them in a socially desirable light. In traditional personality assessments, candidates sometimes tend to answer in a way they believe aligns with what employers are looking for rather than providing genuine responses. MPM-FC mitigates this issue by presenting candidates with forced choice questions, where they must choose between specific traits or behaviors, making it challenging to manipulate their answers.

By reducing the impact of social desirability bias, MPM-FC delivers more accurate and reliable insights into a candidate’s true personality and behavioral tendencies. This empowers organizations to make well-informed hiring decisions, align candidates with roles that match their authentic traits, and foster a more productive and harmonious work environment.


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MPM-FC: A gateway to understanding candidates on a new level

MPM-FC is a partially ipsative, multidimensional forced-choice assessment measuring 28 personality traits. It contains 51 quartets (each quartet with four items) and takes approximately 16 minutes to complete.

Like Mercer | Mettl’s Personality Map, MPM-FC has robust psychometric properties for unprecedented insights and data-driven hiring decisions.


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Uncovering the power of personality testing in hiring with MPM-FC

MPM-FC isn’t a generic personality assessment. It is a combination of two worlds: Likert and Ipsative formats.

In an Ipsative format, candidates pick statements that are most like them and least like them from a given set. This approach uncovers the strongest personality traits of candidates, all while reducing the chances of response biases.

In the Likert format, candidates rate one statement at a time. This helps compare scores of different candidates, highlighting their strengths.

The hybrid structure has the advantages of both Likert and Ipsative formats. Therefore, this partially Ipsative format pinpoints the strongest personality traits that can be identified while comparing the scores of one candidate with others.


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Where can you apply this tool?

Tailored hiring:

You can utilize MPM-FC to select candidates for various job roles by assessing their personality traits. Different roles often require distinct personality characteristics. For example, a sales role may benefit from individuals with high extroversion, while a research position may prioritize traits like conscientiousness. MPM-FC helps you align candidates with roles that match their inherent traits, increasing the likelihood of a successful fit.

Leadership search:

In leadership recruitment, MPM-FC can help identify candidates suitable for different levels of management, such as individual contributor roles, middle management, or higher-level executive positions.

Culture connection:

Assessing candidates' personalities with MPM-FC can provide valuable insights into their cultural fit within an organization. Organizations often have unique cultures and values that influence their work environment and dynamics. By understanding a candidate's personality traits and values, you can gauge their compatibility with your organization's culture.



Why use MPM-FC assessment?

MPM-FC is a powerful and compact assessment that accurately evaluates the personality traits of candidates. It is crafted with precision, which becomes a shield against socially desirable responses that can cloud your talent decisions.

There are several advantages of MPM-FC in talent management and recruitment:


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Reduced social desirability bias:

MPM-FC uses a forced choice question format that reduces the chances of candidates selecting answers they think are socially desirable. This reduces responses that employers want and minimizes response distortion, providing an accurate picture of a candidate’s personality traits.

Valuable personality insights:

The assessment offers a detailed understanding of a candidate’s personality and behavior. It evaluates 28 personality traits across four factors, offering a complete view that can be customized as per different job roles.

Cultural fit and customization:

MPM-FC is a highly customizable tool that aligns with different organizational job roles. This allows businesses to evaluate candidates on the specific traits needed for success in a job position, leading to an optimum job-role fit and increased chances of on-the-job success.

Leadership and development:

The assessment is valuable for both recruitment and leadership development. It helps identify leadership potential, aiding organizations with succession planning.

Informed decision-making:

MPM-FC provides insightful reports and data that help organizations make informed hiring decisions. This lowers turnover and improves employee satisfaction. Further, the assessment offers data that can be utilized to create an informed talent strategy. This data helps identify patterns in the personality of successful employees, allowing organizations to refine their talent management.

Objective and consistent evaluation:

MPM-FC creates an objective and consistent evaluation mechanism for candidates and employees. This helps standardize talent processes, ensuring equity and fairness in hiring.



In conclusion, Mercer | Mettl’s Personality Map-Forced Choice assessment is a reliable tool for assessing personality traits in employees and candidates. Its unique format, valuable insights, and customization make it an asset for organizations willing to make informed talent decisions, enhance hiring accuracy, and ensure high organizational performance.

Originally published September 27 2023, Updated March 5 2024

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