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Introducing The New Test-taking Experience

August 2, 2021

Announcing the launch of Mercer-Mettl’s all-new test-taking experience which comes with a fresh and modern interface that’s simpler, faster and supports massive scale.

A few screens to show you how the New Candidate Experience looks like –

1. Landing Page –


2. Registration Page –


3. Custom Message Page (optional) –


4. Section Selection Page –


5. Section Instructions –


6. Test Taking Window –


7. Test Summary on ‘Finish Button’ click –


8. Test Completion and Feedback Page –


Here’s a quick summary of the enhancements in the new test-taking experience:
  1. Fully revamped test-taking journey with a fresh new interface to provide a massively better experience.  
  2. Latest technology stack to power a smoother and faster experience at high scale. 
  3. No requirement of downloading Chrome browser plugin. Lesser friction for test-takers. 
  4. All new calculators which are easier to use, provide history display and can be dragged anywhere over the interface for more convenience.
  5. Revamped case-study simulator with a built-in walkthrough for quicker onboarding.
  6. Immersive and distraction-free test-taking experience with the new Fullscreen Mode.
  7. New, mobile-first interface to provide a native-app like experience on mobile devices (coming soon).
  8. Microsoft Edge is now supported. Internet Explorer is no longer supported.
  9. Improved server logs to identify issues and provide a faster turn-around time in debugging and resolving issues. 
  10. Instant test resume available for the cases in which the candidate closed the test window and then tried to resume the test as compared to the 7-8 mins wait time earlier.   
  11. For the other cases when window was not closed by the candidate, they can now resume their test in 2-3 mins as compared to the 7-8 mins wait time earlier.   
  12. Candidate had to wait for 15 secs before the test started as some processing used to happen before the ‘Start Test’ button appeared, now test will start instantly.  
  13. A dedicated landing page has now been created to give a summary of the test (test name, number of questions, test duration etc.). This page also shows some generic instructions for all candidates in an easy-to-understand way. 
  14. All tests will now be conducted in a single window making it easier for candidates to follow the test instructions instead of getting notified in 2 different windows of various actions.  


Here’s a list of a bunch of features supported on the new test-taking experience:
  1. Waiting Room for test-takers.
  2. Watermark for cheating prevention.
  3. Uni-directional sections.
  4. File Upload confirmation.
  5. Internet Speed Indicator.
  6. Section time over notification.
  7. Display Maximum Marks for a question to test takers.
  8. Attempt any ‘N’ questions from a bunch of questions.
  9. Additional Compensatory time to special few test takers.

The new interface is being gradually rolled out to all customers. For any questions or feedback, please connect with the support team or write to your account manager.

Stay up to date with the latest features and skills on Mercer I Mettl

Stay up to date with the latest features and skills on Mercer I Mettl