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Product Update: Recent Enhancements on Xathon

Hello everyone,

We are happy to share recent key product updates to Xathon.




Support for Deadline Based Assessment

We now support adding a deadline based assessment from Mettl in Xathon. This was an important ask to deliver as deadline based assessments have become more and more relevant in a hackathon environment. The submission date & time becomes the same as the round end date and time.

Ability to add/remove team members during Ideathons

Learning from real world scenarios, we have provided a major flexibility in Ideathons w.r.t. team creation and management. Just as ideas keep evolving so does the team mix. Keeping this in mind, we have provided an option to freeze/unfreeze teams as needed. If enabled, this will allow participants to join existing teams even after a round has started. We believe this change will reinforce platform maturity in collaborative environments like ideathons.

New Filter For Ideathons: Filter by Approved Ideas

In addition to ‘Most Recent’, ‘Most Liked’ & ‘Most Commented’ we have introduced a new filter-‘Ideas Approved’ that will allow all participants to view approved ideas.




Ability to download Campaign/UTM Information

We now have the ability to download event level UTM information that gets passed onto Xathon. This will reduce overheads to tech and ops team to manually export this data from the database, process it into a consumable format and share with the customer.




Kapil Malik

AVP, Products @ Mercer Mettl

Hackathon Platform Update : Improving Judging Experience

Hello everyone,

We are happy to share recent key product updates to Xathon. These updates have been mainly focused on use cases for hackathon judges and hackathon administrators on allocation and management of judges. Please see below:





  • Judge’s submission feedback now available to admins

An admin can now see (in UI) and download (in excel) judge’s feedback for a submission. They can see not only the latest feedback (n) but a previous one (n-1) as well, in case of multiple feedbacks given at different points in time.


  • Ability to restrict showing submission feedback to participants

An admin will now have the ability to restrict displaying the feedback to the participants and limiting the same to him/herself. This will help in scenarios where our customers may want to mediate the communication on evaluation of submissions.



  • Judges can now request resubmission from participants

If needed, a judge can now request a resubmission from participants. This will allow the participant to re-upload a submission for the duration of the round. This will be possible only in case of non-team events.






  • Manual allocation of Judges for Assessment as a Challenge

An admin can now allocate judges manually as well for assessment as a challenge in the manual evaluation round. This can be done using the existing Judge mapping sheet.



Other Key Improvement 

No ‘Team creation’ needed for participants in case of an individual event

Based on feedback from our key customers, we can altered the event registration flow for individual events. Participants will not be asked to create any team for such events. This should improve the UX in the event registration step.





Hope you are as excited as we are to try out these recent enhancements. Please feel free to reach out in case of any further information.


Best regards,

Kapil Malik

AVP, Products @ Mercer | Mettl



Hackathon event creation experience: Upgraded!

Hello everyone!


Happy to share that we have done a massive upgrade to the hackathon event creation experience with the intent to make this key flow self-serviced. This is aligned to our vision for Xathon as a self-reliant platform for creating, managing and monitoring hackathons and ideathons. We know that our customers want complete control, and that is exactly what our remodeled event creation flow gives. Ease of use and practicality are at the center of this update along with other incremental usability enhancements and a new look and feel.


Key enhancements:

  • We have introduced a real time preview mode for our customers to visualize the event landing page as they progress, before actually making the event live.

  • We have introduced banner and logo templates for streamlining creative assets for an event.


  • We have restructured all the pages into more appropriate categories for ease of use. For example—clubbing relevant configurations under sections such as- event details, team details, SEO etc.

  • Implemented Mettl Design System 2.0 to make Xathon more cohesive and connected with other Mettl Products



We believe that these changes will open new markets especially in the international geos and conversations where customers want to create events on their own.



Kapil Malik

AVP, Products @ Mercer | Mettl

Stay up to date with the latest features and skills on Mercer I Mettl

Stay up to date with the latest features and skills on Mercer I Mettl