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How are Advanced Technologies Impacting Campus Technical Hiring Today?


Finding the best talent and deploying them in the right role is a continual concern for companies. It requires flawless assessment methods to attract the right talent pool, besides a strategy that is perfectly aligned with the future workforce’s needs.

Most companies visit campuses seeking the right fit of candidates for different job roles. Visiting campuses and performing a recruitment process is not an easy task. It involves various steps to make the recruitment process interactive and result-oriented. 

However, in technical hiring, it is important to be clear about the specific attributes and skills desired in a candidate and the procedure chosen to undertake it. 

If we go by the traditional methodology of technical hiring, various steps involve pre-placement talk to skill-based examinations and interviews of candidates. You need a team to visit the campus and complete the recruitment process.

But nowadays, new ways of tech hiring have changed the way the process is undertaken. In modern methods of campus hiring, you don’t need to visit campus. The recruitment process can be done remotely with a fair assessment of the candidates. Forward-looking technologies ensure there is no need for human intervention.

The new approach of talent acquisition has given way to new ideas:

  • A shift from outdated methodology to judge the potential of candidates.
  • Adopting an agile and relevant recruitment model
  • Give way to innovation and new reliable ways to find the right candidates.
  • Use analytics for a transparent evaluation.

Comprising all these aspects can be a cumbersome task. Still, the good news is that such technologies are available to enable attracting the right talent and ensure making the right decisions for tech hiring.

However, we also need to understand that there are enough reasons to do away with traditional ways of campus hiring and examine the new ones that are innovative, transparent, speedy, and effortless.

What is Campus Technical Hiring?

Technical hiring involves the selection process of the right candidates for various technical roles in the company. It consists of finding the right campuses with promising candidates to conduct a recruitment process in several steps. Candidates undergo screening and assessment processes to ensure the selected candidates possess the skills needed for the technical role.

Challenges with Traditional Ways of Technical Hiring

A company needs to visit multiple campuses to zero in on future employees. There are many campuses and, usually, a company prioritizes the institutes to visit and carry out the placement process. It is challenging to visit different campuses in different cities. A company often creates a single team or multiple teams to make such visits to different campuses. 

Tech recruitment on campuses mostly starts with a pre-placement presentation and leads to subsequent online or offline examinations and interviews conducted at the campus. The pre-placement talks invariably decide on who would be facing the next rounds. It is a voluntary decision of the candidate to choose to appear in the recruitment process. 

The company may miss out on the right candidate who simply doesn’t choose to go for the tech hiring drive. Such passive candidates may have the desired talent.

The obscure nature of the traditional hiring processes have several drawbacks that lead to numerous shortcomings:

  • It costs significant sums for the companies to send different teams to campuses and complete the recruitment process.
  • At times, the company fails to attract the right talent pool, even in the initial steps of the tech drive.
  • Other possibilities, such as loopholes during the invigilation and candidates using unfair means to pass the test, also exist.
  • Despite a team working on the recruitment process, the traditional methodology has become fly-by-night and companies try to wrap it up as soon as possible. The unwanted situation becomes more grave when the companies end up with the wrong selection.
  • Most companies go for the traditional ways of recruitment and repeat it year-on-year. It gets easier for the candidates to crack such exams if they follow the pattern of questions that have been asked earlier.
  • Lack of hiring assessment tools is another aspect that limits the traditional hiring process. Most companies go for a pen-paper-based skill test of the candidates, which is not a valid method to judge coders’ skills.

Additionally, in the current scenario, COVID19 has posed more challenges upfront because companies are unable to visit campuses for the recruitment process. It is now mandatory to find ways and methods to recruit remotely and ensure the selected candidates have the potential. It is crucial to revamp the recruitment process, making it highly efficient and rightly targeted.

Modern Approach to Campus Technical Hiring

The modern approach of campus technical hiring encompasses new technology and innovations that lead to zeroing in the best pool of talents. These new methods overcome the suboptimal ways of campus hiring that lack in putting the candidates through specific processes designed to gauge their potential. 

For example, when it comes to coding skills, one can not judge a coder’s expertise via a paper-based or an online questionnaire. There should be a functional interface to measure the candidate’s skills because technical hiring should focus on the practical aspect rather than theoretical knowledge. 

And if we look at the usage of different coding languages in all the campuses across India, we realize many students are taking a deep interest in programming and learning different coding languages. It has become a core competency of engineers to be proficient in at least one language if they are pursuing computer science. However, many students from other engineering streams also try to build a career in software programming. 

The graph given here clearly suggests that ‘C’ is still one of the most versatile languages used on campuses. JAVA7 is the most sought after language because of its applicability and relevance in the software domain.

Source: Mercer | Mettl Analytics

Considering such a vast number of students taking an interest in coding, companies must look for mandatory solutions to find the best coders by conducting a recruitment process across relevant campuses all over the country. Advanced technologies are addressing this challenge with promising outcomes.

The tech hiring solutions equipped with advanced technology ensure that the hiring process on various campuses can be done in the least effort. The data analytics leads to the best candidates by analyzing them on multiple fronts of their personality and skills. There are several benefits of new technical hiring processes:

  • Highly interactive and result-oriented remote processes that can be conducted at multiple places simultaneously.
  • Every step of hiring tech talent involves the application of the acquired knowledge of the candidates. 
  • The best talents surface if the candidates are given the right platform to showcase their skills.
  • Modern ways of tech recruitment are beneficial for companies as it saves resources, financial or otherwise. Companies don’t need to send a recruitment team to access the best talents from different campuses. 
  • The tech hiring process can be conducted simultaneously at multiple places without any human intervention. 

Let’s take a detailed look at how the tech hiring process, equipped with new technologies, can solve all the challenges faced by companies while finding the best employees.

Step 1- Finding the Right Campuses

There are many campuses and it is a challenge to decide on which campuses to choose while executing the recruitment processes. Several aspects must be factored in, including the pedagogy, the curriculum and the level of knowledge being imparted to the students. 

A company needs to be certain about the right kind of campuses to put effort into technical hiring. It is also necessary to look at the previous years’ data to get a detailed picture of the campus placements’ overall scenario, in terms of potential candidates.

Step 2- Pre-Placement Engagement Using Digital Tools

Every company does a pre-placement talk to purposefully interact with the candidates and inform them about the job offerings. Pre-placement talk is also helpful in letting the candidates know about the demands of the job role and the procedures ahead. 

The traditional method for the same usually involves a PowerPoint presentation, followed by an interactive session by the company’s representative. But with the advent of new technologies, pre-placement engagements have become more innovative and interesting.

The technical expertise of the candidates can be evaluated from the very beginning by conducting hackathons. Hackathons are problem-solving competitions that involve a practical and workable challenge that must be solved in a specified timeframe. 

Hackathon attracts more candidates because of its interesting nature and competitive quotient. For similar reasons, even those candidates who might not be interested in the recruitment process, want to participate in such competitions. Companies offer compelling reasons for technical candidates to exhibit their skills. The best talents surface only in such challenging environments. 

There’s no question that hackathons are the best platforms for attracting and interacting with potential candidates in the tech hiring process. They expedite the recruitment process with a result-oriented approach.

Step 3- Virtual Candidate Screening

The next step involves finding the relevant candidates among those who participated in the hackathon. Hackathon ensures that genuine candidates are tested for their skills in subsequent rounds. 

In this step, the candidates are given problems to solve that evaluate the candidate’s specific skills. In coding, there must be a platform to be used by the coder to develop something instantaneously. There are mainly two ways in this step that help in screening the candidates. 

Coding Assessments

You can give candidates a set of predefined questions to attempt. These questions can be further customized to assess a particular area of expertise. You can ensure that the candidates are being evaluated for their theoretical knowledge and skills in this step. It involves a range of tests such as psychometric tests, aptitude tests and coding tests, etc.  

Coding Simulators

Coding simulators provide a software interface to the candidates to judge their efficiency in applying knowledge in coding and developing something afresh. Coding simulators are versatile and cover all the important languages. You can also customize them easily to gauge the particular competencies of the coder.

Step 4- Online Interviewing

After undertaking the first two steps, you have a group of filtered out candidates who have been fairly assessed on their technical skills by putting them through various tests and evaluations.

The third step involves interviewing the candidates. The candidate can be interviewed via a video call from anywhere with the help of a software application. You only need to fix a mutually agreeable time with candidates and execute virtual face-to-face interviews with them.

Technology has enabled undertaking the tech hiring process on the campuses without visiting them. These solutions are highly reliable and offer features and methodologies that help companies to complete the recruitment process simultaneously on different campuses.

How Mercer | Mettl Can Help?

The technical hiring solutions from Mercer | Mercer cover every aspect and step of the recruitment and provide data-backed results. These highly advanced solutions ensure that the candidates are judged thoroughly on their:

  • Coding Skills
  • Cognitive Skills
  • Personality and Behavior

The analytics behind them make these solutions highly trustworthy and transparent. Assessing candidates in all these aspects are necessary to ensure that the recruitment process is leading to the right candidates.

Mercer | Mettl Campus Intelligence

Mercer | Mettl provides some powerful insights that help a company decide the best campuses with the most promising candidates. Mercer | Mettl has expertise in campus intelligence, with years of data analysis that provide a campus assessment score. This score improves the quality of recruitment and, consequently, the selected candidates. The campus drive report is an add-on.

The biggest challenges in finding the right campuses are related to communication, finance and logistical issues.

  • It’s not easy for companies to communicate and coordinate with the organizers of technical hiring on campus.
  • Finding the right campus becomes even more complex when one has to incorporate specific requirements, such as regional choice, diversity and demography of the candidates.
  • Companies lack in having reliable data for useful insights related to the recruitment process.
  • Lack of insights from data leads to random decision-making.

As the above image suggests that Mercer | Mettl provides campus competency scores that comprise every analysis for recommending the right campuses for organizing the recruitment process. The above image offers insights on various campuses in the north and south zones. This competency mapping helps prioritize the campuses based on statistical results that suggest the campus that may have the most candidates with the needed potential. These insights have several benefits:

Requirement analysis

Campus recommendation based on data analytics

Competency heat mapping of campuses

The campus drive analytics report provided by Mercer | Mettl is also a valid test score data that correlates well with the on the job performance of the candidates. While conducting the technical hiring process, it is critical to find the right campuses with quality candidates.

Mercer | Mettl Online Hackathons Solution

We provide a complete virtual platform to conduct hackathons. You can control the hackathon from a single portal that shows up all the essential points and information to track progress in real-time. You can schedule multiple events together without any hassle. The whole placement process is done remotely, so it also ensures an uninterrupted collaboration with the organizers, candidates and the campus authority. You also get an update for every status and steps involved in the tech hiring process.

As the given image depicts, hackathons give a high degree of exposure to your company while engaging with the candidates. More number of candidates take an interest in the process and attend the hackathon.

  • Hackathons give excellent visibility to your company among the candidates.
  • It is an innovative way to engage with the candidates and make them participate in the recruitment process
  • Select the right pool of talents remotely on different campuses by conducting hackathons.
  • Track every single update related to the hackathon and stay connected with the organizing body
  • An agile and interactive platform that is easy to use and works in tandem with contemporary coding technologies.
  • A fair assessment of all the candidates through various stages of the competition.

Mercer | Mettl Holistic Assessment Solution

In the next step for candidate screening, Mercer | Mettl also provides the remote proctoring solution for various assessment tests. This AI-powered solution from Mercer | Mettl ensures there’s no need for any kind of invigilation and it evades every possible unacceptable means during the test. The comprehensive results provide a detailed picture of the right and best-fit candidates. These tests include-

Coding Tests

Aptitude Tests

Psychometric Tests

We have a repository of 100,000+ technical questions that help in assessing the depth of knowledge of the candidates. You can customize these questions as per the needs of the job role and ensure to evaluate the theoretical knowledge of the candidates. 

With the help of these technical assessment tests, screening the candidates with the right skills becomes much easier. It involves some simple steps,

  • Understand the competency needs of the job role.
  • Make a list of all the technical skills needed.
  • Select those questions from the repository as the technical needs
  • Design assessment and reports to screen the candidates

Mercer | Mettl’s Coding Simulators

Screening of technical candidates also involves the evaluation of their coding skills. Mercer | Mettl provides coding simulators that are SaaS-based and can be accessed from anywhere. The coding test platform covers all the important languages and you can give the candidates one of the ready-made tests already available in the portal. It is risk-free and makes a highly advanced proctored environment for the fair examination. 

Coding simulators come equipped with detailed reports that provide clear insights on coding compilation attempts, error details, code complexity, actual code of candidates and others. You can also view the candidate’s thought process by playing the recorded video file of the whole coding done by an individual. Mercer | Mettl provides a versatile range of simulators.

Codelysis- Back-End-Simulator

It supports all the prominent technologies and makes sure to cover all the popular back-end technologies. These simulators offer automated and customizable grading. Comprehensive reports provide the entire coding journey of the candidates.

  • Comes with contextual IntelliSense and autocomplete
  • Automated and customizable grading
  • Cover all the back-end technologies
  • Detailed reports of complete code journey and plagiarism detection
  • Support technologies like- C, C18, C++, C++17, C#, Java6, Java7, Java8, Java11, Python2, Python3, JavaScript8, JavaScript19, Node.js, Kotlin, Objective C, PHP, R, Swift2, Swift4, Ruby, VB, ELIXIR, Scala2

DBLysis- Database Simulator

It supports multiple languages and multiple datasets. It evaluates a candidate’s capability to write optimized SQL queries. It supports all the widely used databases.

  • Comes with multiple languages and datasets
  • Assess the candidates for all the relational database technologies
  • Create language-agnostic questions
  • Automated schema virtualization
  • Supports technologies like- MSSQL 2016, ORACLE 11G, MYSQL 5.5, ORACLE 18C, MYSQL 8.0, POSTGRES 11.5, MariaDB 10.3

FES: Front-End Simulator

It provides a coding environment for web designing and all the front-end technologies such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It supports the designing of all the interactive features on the website and comes with testing and debugging features for proper evaluation.

  • Minimalistic interface with editable HTML, JS, and CSS fields.
  • Create test cases to assess candidates on different concepts
  • Highlights JavaScrips errors for better debugging
  • Supports technologies like- HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AngularJS 1.x

R: Data Science Simulator

It is a comprehensive tool to assess the candidates’ data analytics ability and check the statistical prowess. It allows evaluating the candidates on their data analysis for actionable insights.

  • Fully configurable. Candidates can install relevant libraries and packages.
  • Easy ways to create plots and graphs
  • Evaluate candidates on the concepts of correlation and classifications
  • We support simulation of data science with R

Code Project: Back-End+Database Simulator

It is equipped with all the development techniques for console-based applications. It has built-in test cases for different languages.  

  • Highly sophisticated integrated development environment
  • Comes with file explorer and code editor
  • Integrate various SQL databases
  • Static code analysis for a better code structure
  • Support technologies like- C, C++, C#, Java, SQL Server, Oracle DB, MySQL

JavaScript Suite Simulator

It creates an environment for front-end, back-end and database applications by using JavaScript. 

  • A configurable coding simulation environment that supports the installation of relevant libraries and packages.
  • Comes with live terminal, file explorer and code editor
  • Provides Intellisense and autocomplete features
  • Test web-based APIs
  • Supports technologies like- Node.js, Express, MongoDB, Angular, React, Vue.js

Mercer | Mettl’s Video Interview Software

For the final interviews, Mercer | Mettl provides video interviewing solutions for scheduling interviews and defining a grading framework for the interview panel. You can easily interview different candidates located in different campuses in different cities.

The Mercer | Mettl video interview tool is extremely useful in conducting structured interviews by focusing on the candidate’s core competencies. The Mercer | Mettl video interview software provides all the facilities in the single portal and the recruiter can access candidates’ complete data, from multiple interviews and screening modes.

There are mainly four steps involved in executing the video interview with the right outcomes-

  • Finding the key competencies for the particular job role.
  • Pick questions from the library of predefined questions related to the job.
  • Give a score to the candidates based on their performance
  • Make decisions with the help of data and analytic

The video interview can be performed in two ways: 

Pre-recorded Interviews- In this way of a video interview, the applicant has to answer a set of predefined questions in front of a web-camera. The applicant can record this video at any time and send it to the interview panel for a review. You can pose competency-based questions. Video interviews enable reaching out to a large number of candidates simultaneously. 

Virtual Video Interview-  It is a highly sophisticated and easy-to-use interface. The applicant can be given a hand on a project or a coding challenge that they have to perform instantly. The video interviewing portal offers accurate results in evaluating individuals’ skills through live coding simulations and workflow history.

New Era of Technical Hiring

The methods of tech hiring are gradually changing with available technologies. More companies are coming forward to hire tech talents remotely. It saves significant resources for a company. These well-designed technologies are highly reliable in evaluating the candidates for their technical and cognitive skills, along with their behavioral and personality traits. 

Mercer | Mettl has always provided solutions that incorporate advanced and forward-looking technologies. New technologies offer pathways to change; it is for us to leverage them to our advantage.

Originally published July 2 2020, Updated June 17 2021

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