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The Love Triangle – Three skills for start-ups to bank upon

How he first finds the best soil to plough, then gently plants the seeds giving them their own space, nurtures them, fertilizes them and does a close inspection of the growth. What if a thunderstorm occurs or it rains cats and dogs – should he give up or revive them?

1. The Love Triangle – Three skills for start-ups to bank upon


In the ever changing world with the start-up culture at its high, and competitors coming in from every nook and corner, the answer to the question is you. Adapt, Evolve, Skill the skilled even more, better than the best and that’s how you’ll develop into beautiful flower.

Today we’ll enlist the 3 vertices of the love triangle whose centre is start- ups, you bank on them and they’ll help you rise.

2. User Experience

As my fingers swept through the lines of the context, I stared with my eyes wide open, bewildered in excitement to know more of you. You made it seem so easy, we made the Perfect match, the happy couple who had grown from the first date to a fulfilled marriage – The bond between the user and product was just right.

The first date and many more

“First impression, is the Last”, it either catches the user or confuses her. It is like the first date, where you don’t want to overwhelm her with information, just give her enough for her appetite. Then start the journey towards building compatibility with recommended sections and upon reaching the heart it is premium offers.

Gone are the days of a one way interaction- now it has evolved into a rich interactive experience between the user and the product. The user is like the significant other in the relationship who has ever changing expectation, which need to be tested to stay relevant and in the competition.

We all are selfish, we need more, we search more but for that you need to give more. Create technology that can fit human needs, make things simpler- that’s today’s funda. The more you absorb your user the more successful your product is.

Leave your Ex for you UX- why?

Money talks, we all want numbers, we live for digits, but let us take a step back to reach the top, let us build the ladder to climb it first, knowing your users and designing for them has lots of benefits for your revenue & image.

2.1 Reduce Cost of Ownership

Humans are inclined to things that they can easily understand, it makes them feel smart and why shouldn’t it, that’s the feeling we all look forward to. So when an easy to learn product is designed, the support required would be less. Good design will reduce the cost of ownership, where you will need less documentation, a smaller workforce which brings us to….

2.2 Increased Sales

Once a user leaves with a smile, she puts one on your face too when she shares it with her circle of friends and family and that’s how word of smiles make their way to you. Users also review your offering online, providing a good experience helps increase sale and when you are too lucky it makes the customer a loyal one too.

2.3 A Better Decision Maker

If you have a clear idea of who your customers are and serve the service they demand, everyone in business would be able to make better informed decisions. The more the research you do, the better aligned you will be with the customers thinking.

2.4 Good Karma

It is not a measurable benefit, but I personally feel what goes around comes around, for each smile that you put on the person using the screen you get hundreds in return. It all enthuses a positive environment and then the bond is of the unbreakable lovers. A win, win and win.

Good user experience is good for business, 88% of online customers are less likely to return to a site after bad user experience, so beware, enhance the satisfaction and include the next one in the list too.

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3. Business Analytics

Just as a bad relationship warns you for future and a good one makes you want to invest in it more. Similarly an investigation of the past business performances help us gain an insight and drive business planning. But quite unlike our emotional instincts which take over in a romantic affair, data and statistical tools are the love gurus in business analytics [BA].

The question in both remains the same- why is it happening, what next, how shall I survive this but the answers are more calculative in the latter.

The Harvard business review calls the position of a BA “the sexiest job of 21st century”. So let us give some credibility to the title, where the jobs are predicted to increase by 22% in 2020.

3.1 Minimizes Risk

The stout take risk, the smart try to reduce it. Business analytics by offering valuable insights based on performance, consumer behaviour and treads help businesses to make the right decision for a better working.

3.2 Analyse User Responses

Once the product is out in the public, it is imperative to check user experience both online and offline. BA helps start-ups by providing actionable insights required for taking the product to the next level. Recommendations on how to launch, advertising, target market are priceless.

3.3 The Benchmark

When it comes to short or long term goals one of the ingredient is BA. It not only helps in devising a strategy but also provides reference points to know whether one must be adopted or not.

The scope of informed choices which business can make with BA is like that of a new affair where something keeps adding to the list day by day, surprising us all. So let the magic spread to you as well and without forgetting about the above two let us come to the last edge that will complete our triangle.

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4. DevOps

Just how we see lovers, complementing each other, amalgamating their names as a testimony to the bond they share; DevOps is a concoction of development and operations.

These two souls together increase an organisation’s ability to deliver application and services at a high velocity as well as improve products at a faster pace than the traditional methods.

You might wonder if DevOps is a tool or a skill to master. Then let me tell you that DevOps is not a tool it is a culture/methodology.

Is it a match made in heaven?

4.1 Agility

You have created a product and now you need it to reach the market, if executed the right way, DevOps with its fast release capability ensures product punctuality along with safety and security.

4.2 Scalability and Reliability

The lovers without love is like the best application under heavy strain, fortunately DevOps make scalability achievable. Excelled DevOps team expertise in pairing quality applications with dynamic solution based on user volume.

4.3 The Guru

The DevOps engineer understands developers, she speaks their language and bridge the infrastructure-development gap. Often specialists are focused on their products and direct less attention to the bigger operational picture and that’s where the DevOps come to rescue, by automating application delivery and reduce the burden.

66% of the organisations have DevOps strategy or are planning to have one, without further ado you should get into the list too.

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Just as a partners love for the better half, innovation has its own highs and lows, it sometimes makes a dramatic entry and other times keeps it subtle. Don’t be like the lover, be committed to growth, a bond which you share with your organisation and use the 3 threads to enhance your place in the heart of the technological world.

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Originally published March 22 2018, Updated December 17 2020

Divyeshwari Singh

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