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Automated Forget Inactive Test Taker Process

Auto-forgetting Inactive test taker data from a Mercer Mettl is a powerful feature that allows administrators to automatically delete user data from the platform after a certain period.

Significance of Data Management

As the number of test takers on Mercer Mettl’s platform continues to grow, effective management of their data is becoming increasingly vital. One significant challenge in this process is dealing with inactive test takers, whose data is still being processed even though they are no longer using the platform. This compromises their privacy, making it imperative to address this issue to ensure that test taker data is handled with urgency.

What is Auto-Forget feature?

The Auto-forget feature in Mercer Mettl is designed to periodically remove inactive test takers, their reports, proctoring data, and related data from the platform. By automating the forget process, this feature ensures that test taker data is only stored for a limited period and is automatically removed once they are inactive. Moreover, it helps administrators manage inactive test taker data more efficiently.

What is the inactivity criteria?

The inactivity of a test taker in Mercer Mettl is defined by the passing of specific criteria for a period of time. The definition of inactivity serves as the criteria for the Auto-forget feature to determine which test takers and their data will be removed from the platform. Implementing this feature ensures that test taker data is not stored for longer than necessary, which is crucial to maintaining the privacy and security of user data.

  1. No attempts on any tests.
  2. Not resuming an unfinished test.
  3. Not having a test report regraded.

How does the automation work?

Using a script, the platform identifies inactive users and flag their data for auto-forget. After a cooling-off period, the system removes the data of inactive test takers from the platform for future processing. Once the cooling-off period has passed, administrators receive an email with a list of eligible users for data deletion. This list helps administrators stay on top of data management while empowering them with complete transparency.

How will the risks be managed?

The Auto-forget feature has the potential to greatly impact the user experience of test takers, which is why it is essential to ensure that all stakeholders understand the implications of the feature. The system will send regular emails to various stakeholders, including Account Executive from Mercer Mettl and Account Owner + Team Admin from the client, to promote transparency and build trust. This ensures that everyone involved in data management is aware of the implications of the new feature, promoting the security and privacy of user data while ensuring the smooth operation of the testing platform.

Stay up to date with the latest features and skills on Mercer I Mettl

Stay up to date with the latest features and skills on Mercer I Mettl