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Employee Monitoring Software: Remote Workforce Monitoring in Times of COVID!

What is Employee Monitoring Software?

Employee monitoring software is a unique way to observe your employees remotely. It can monitor activities and make a comprehensive report accordingly.

These reports enable managers to ensure optimal output from their agents:

  • It can be customized as per your business requirements toward the intended results. The employee monitoring software ensures that the working environment is confidential and secure.
  • You can also monitor whether the agents are abiding by their shift timings and doing their best to assuage consumers’ concerns.
  • You can revisit the recorded video file and analyze areas needing improvement for enhanced customer experience.
  • Remote workforce monitoring software is easy-to-use and needs no operational training. You can view the detailed reports anytime.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been an unprecedented development, impacting lives and businesses in equal measure. Routine life has suffered, and business operations have had to transform from their regular work model into a Work From Home (WFH) ecosystem.

The need for a swift change caught most organizations off-guard. Organizations also found their IT systems stretched and sought measures to maintain business continuity by enabling their employees to work from their homes. Most minor and major companies have demonstrated resilience and taken a cooperative stance toward their employees, offering ample support to adapt to the abrupt change.

The BPO industry is one such sector that deals with a massive workforce and has continued to provide customer and technical services to different verticals of their operations by enabling their workforce to operate remotely.

The BPO industry is responsible for providing critical customer and technical support to emergency services such as health and finance and discretionary services such as travel, retail, hospitality, etc. However, the COVID-19 pandemic, much like any other sector and service, impacted and disrupted customer support services. Companies are opting for various virtual software solutions to sustain this new shift in the workplace.

Organizations must find reliable and resilient solutions – software solutions that can make the WFH scenario effortless and result-driven. However, it is equally critical to virtually monitor employees’ performance to maintain their performance levels.

Employee monitoring software or work-from-home monitoring software can be an appropriate solution to address the supervision challenges in remote work. Let’s take a more detailed look into the benefits of such remote workforce monitoring software and the challenges it addresses.

What is Remote Employee Monitoring in the BPO Industry?

BPO industry facilitates a large-scale interaction between consumers and agents daily to resolve customer issues. The mechanism requires continual supervision to ensure a steady performance from the agents. Agents are the first representatives of any corporation and are critical to a company’s image and consumer outreach, which mandates their interaction with the customers is accurate and solution-centric. 

The present-day disruption has further enhanced the need for companies to ensure their business continuity and offer a seamless customer experience despite working remotely to maintain a competitive advantage. Any company successfully delivering on customer experience is invariably better positioned than its competitors.

Conversely, an unpleasant consumer experience can severely dent a company’s growth prospects, leading to customer attrition.

Why Do You Need A Remote Employee Monitoring Software?

Simultaneously monitoring thousands of employees is one of the foremost challenges facing the BPO industry. Additionally, it is a challenge to gauge whether remote employees are working diligently. The employee monitoring software allows the managers to oversee agents’ activities remotely, ensuring optimal output. It is also essential to provide employees with regular insights on their performance to improve their output.

Remote monitoring of employees enables companies to achieve the objectives mentioned-above by providing detailed insights on individual performance. Monitoring helps improve an agent’s performance on different aspects such as communication, negotiation and coordination. Managers can conveniently evaluate an agent’s performance for a particular date or time in the past.

Data security is another critical factor that is addressed by using employee monitoring software. Ensuring continual supervision, you can safeguard your invaluable data, negating any possibility of a security breach and its potential misuse. Stricter legal compliance and ethical, moral responsibility mandate securing the consumers’ data. A BPO company has thousands of agents with data access, further accentuating the need for remote monitoring employees.

In the BPO industry, customer service levels decide customer satisfaction levels. Remote workforce monitoring empowers companies to ensure a good customer experience. In the absence of direct supervision, working remotely, such supervision may be missing and impact consumer satisfaction levels. Hence, the significance of having a remote employee monitoring software cannot be stressed enough.

There can be different scenarios that go against good customer experience.

different scenarios that go against good customer experience

The gap between customer experience and customer service widens if these scenarios are not appropriately addressed. Employee monitoring software is a tool that helps companies reduce this gap by enabling observing the performance remotely, also instilling enhanced accountability among employees toward their work and responsibilities. Such remote workforce monitoring can even enable you to keep track of your ROI as it directly relates to the agent’s performance.

However, there are other metrics too that decide the agents’ overall productivity.

These metrics can be affected if not appropriately monitored. Some of these agent performance metrics are as follows:

Average Handling Time

It is the average time taken by an agent on a call while resolving an issue.

First Call Resolution

Out of all the incoming calls, how many are resolved by the agents in the first attempt.

Agent Idle Time

The total time when the agent is not occupied over a call and remains idle.

Call Abandon Rate

Out of all the incoming calls, how many customers leave because of the unavailability of the agents.

Call Conversion Rate

The total number of calls ending up on a positive note, compared to all the incoming calls.

Customer Satisfaction Level

It’s the rating that customers provide about their service experience.

Maintaining Productivity and Confidentiality While Remotely Monitoring the Workforce

Employee monitoring software is a tailor-made solution that offers customizable features to address the BPO industry’s contemporary business needs.

It helps maintain a working environment that makes every remote employee accountable for their work:

  • As detailed above, it also enables safeguarding the data against any possible breach, which can have long-term implications, legal and otherwise.
  • It has a feature wherein agents must click on an icon, declaring adherence to data confidentiality before they commence every session.
  • It runs an automated check and provides an additional security layer to organizations on matters of data security.

What Is the Best Computer Monitoring Software?

Mercer | Mettl’s employee monitoring software is a state-of-the-art Software as a Service (SaaS), employing a forward-looking Artificial Intelligence (AI) proctoring technology. AI-based remote employee monitoring uses a proctoring bot that oversees the agents’ activities. It works in the background and doesn’t interrupt the work process. The employee monitoring software is easy-to-use, and operate, and doesn’t require human intervention and monitoring. It is one of the best employee monitoring software in India and globally. 

How do you monitor employees working from home? Or how does one monitor employees who work remotely? 

It can record all the activities of a person sitting in front of the computer screen simply using the computer’s web camera. So, you can revisit the recorded video file anytime to ascertain employee behavior at a particular date and time. Proctoring is a resilient system technology and is compatible with any system with a basic configuration. 

Additionally, you can also view a comprehensive red flag report. It also provides a Credibility Index. The red flag report points out activities that need supervisors’ attention. These red-flag reports compile all such instances. And the Credibility Index depicts how productively and sincerely an employee is working. An AI proctoring model is an extremely efficient way of monitoring your employees’ process remotely.

Mercer | Mettl’s Artificial Intelligence technology equips the employee monitoring software to provide business-centric results, encompassing data security, collaboration, coordination and accountability. It is also in tandem with an article in the Harvard Business Review that stresses remote monitoring employees while respecting their privacy.

Below are the answers to organizations’ typical concerns about using remote employee monitoring software as the work-from-home monitoring tool.

What software do companies use to monitor their employees?

Many vendors provide sophisticated employee monitoring software. But, Mercer | Mettl has one of the best employee monitoring software globally that leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) proctoring technology.

Originally published May 6 2020, Updated December 21 2020

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Vipul Srivastav is a seasoned marketing professional with expertise in branding and communication. He writes on numerous web platforms to share his views and experiences on various topics. In his free time, he does photography, reads fiction, listens to U2, and stays curious about the outer space.

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