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Electrical engineer recruitment: How to adopt a powerful talent sourcing strategy

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Electrical engineer recruitment: How to adopt a powerful talent sourcing strategy


Hiring for electrical engineering or electrical engineer recruitment is a domain-specific people’s process. It focuses on generating a pool of qualified candidates who can conceptualize, develop, and maintain electrical systems for businesses in various industries. Therefore, human resources experts (HR) must understand the nuances of the job before initiating an effective talent strategy for sourcing, acquiring, and onboarding electrical engineers.

This blog is a handbook to ensure a swift electrical engineer recruitment process. It will talk about the measures to hire the best electrical engineering talent with the help of platforms such as Mercer|Mettl. Read on to know how.


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Types of electrical engineers

Following are a few of the most prevalent types of electrical engineers:

  • Computer engineers: These engineers handle software and work on processors, motherboards, and integrated circuits.
  • Control engineers: A control engineer designs new control systems and enhances the existing ones for various electronic items.
  • Instrumentation engineers: Instrumentation engineers install control systems and carry out their upkeep.
  • Microelectronic specialists: These engineers work on tiny electrical components such as transistors, insulators, and capacitors in semiconductor devices.
  • Power engineers: These engineers are in charge of electrical power generation and distribution.
  • Telecommunications engineers: They work on several communication devices, including telephones, radios, and televisions.


Why should your company employ an electrical engineer?

Electrical engineers create and understand electrical signals and currents using specialized equipment and techniques. Their primary duty is to solve problems in the electrical engineering field. Furthermore, they are experts in designing, developing, testing, and maintaining electrical systems.

Electrical engineering is an established domain with several specializations and sectors. Hence, electrical engineers work across industries like manufacturing, computer science, and telecommunications.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics enlists the following electrical engineering responsibilities :

  • Developing cutting-edge electrical power-related technologies for new product development or product improvement.
  • Manufacturing, constructing, installing, and testing standardized electrical equipment.
  • Ensuring that electrical projects are completed quickly and affordably.


Top reasons to hire an electrical engineer


The need for efficient electrical engineer recruitment is consistently rising as industry 4.0 technologies (artificial intelligence (AI), microelectronics, nanotechnology, robotics, and renewable energy) become more prevalent . Crucial electrical engineering positions demand a strong background in mathematics and the capability for advanced analytics. Thus, employing electrical engineers benefits companies in the following ways:

Increased efficiency in design plans

Electrical engineers are the best people to design grids for optimum power distribution. Usually, they are also in charge of routine task assembly and problem-solving. Their expertise ensures improved emergency preparedness.

Professional handling of electrical equipment

An electrical engineer can manage electric power while protecting equipment from harm. The latter is essential to preventing accidents, thereby improving workforce safety standards.

Rapid solutions to downtime issues

An electrical engineer can detect minute changes in electrical systems. As a result, they can reduce downtime and improve system efficiency.

Efficient management of goods manufacturing

An electrical engineer is the best person to manage the manufacturing capabilities of an organization. They oversee automated operations while designing and upgrading machinery. Moreover, their training and background empower them to optimize processes and identify areas of improvement.


How to find the best talent in electrical engineering?

An able electrical engineer is not easy to find. The following areas must be looked into to hire the best electrical engineering talents:


Electrical engineer recruitment challenges


Numerous open positions in the rapidly evolving engineering industry are among the biggest challenges in electrical engineer recruitment. In addition, there is a skills deficit in the industry. The following points elaborate on these challenges:


infographic 2

1. Lack of qualified talent

There is a severe lack of qualified applicants in electrical engineering. There are many reasons behind this too:

  • High level of competition among qualified candidates
  • Absence of applications for career roles
  • Lack of understanding of engineering and technical roles
  • Insufficient awareness of what they can accomplish in this field
  • Rigid hiring procedures that do not incorporate new-age candidate testing measures, such as personality tests

2.  Obtaining the ideal talent for the position

Finding the right talent for a position can be difficult for many firms. Recruitment is becoming more complex as more applicants find themselves drawn to industries other than their core specializations. Finding people that meet all the criteria of an enterprise is becoming challenging as things get more technical.

To create an agile workforce, proper people must be present in the right place at the right time. It would be better to encourage people to acquire and advance their technical knowledge so they may progress in their careers and stay on top of emerging trends.

3. Portraying the employer brand

Successful branding helps to attract and engage prospects more effectively. According to Glassdoor, companies that invest in branding are three times more likely to find top talent. Since everyone wants to work for an organization with a strong reputation, MRINETWORK explains that 69% of job seekers are likely to reject an offer from a firm with poor branding.

Promoting a company’s culture on social media is an intricate process that ensures a favorable experience for applicants. If a brand does not reflect its ideology, it could be missing out on several excellent prospective employees.


Most effective measures for electrical engineer recruitment


To achieve the following corporate goals, it is the responsibility of an electrical engineer to resolve technical problems and improve the standard of electrical technology solutions:

  • Examining and keeping an eye on activities and installations to make sure they adhere to safety and equipment standards
  • Increasing the productivity of engineering operations by using computer-assisted engineering software like AutoCAD, and
  • Executing product development, testing, and quality assurance of projects


Where to find the best talents in electrical engineering?


Electrical engineering is one of the largest branches of engineering, and the recruitment of electrical candidates must be done in particular locations since electrical engineers are valued for their expertise. You can locate the ideal electrical engineer for your company in the following places:


Engineering colleges

The best job seekers can be found at nearby engineering schools.


Publicity to draw potential candidates

A great technique to draw candidates for an available position is to post advertisements around the neighborhood.


Online resources

Online job postings for electrical engineers might aid in recruiting and locating qualified electrical engineering candidates.


Establishing a network

Creating efficient communication channels throughout the technical community ensures the identification and selection of a competent electrical engineer.


Methods to attract electrical engineers


Following the identification of the ideal candidate pool from the areas described above, the procedures below must be utilized for further shortlisting:


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1. Offering internship programs

An internship program helps provide resources to a company and reduces the use of company resources during the hiring process. This recruiting method allows businesses to bring in a new batch of talented electrical engineers.


2. Screening the candidates

After gathering a sizable number of applications, a thorough review of each résumé is a prerequisite. Finding the best applicant will be aided by the ideal candidate persona.


3. Interviewing the candidates

The candidate’s technical proficiency and personality might be assessed during the interview. It is important to look for applicants who radiate professionalism and have excellent communication abilities.

A candidate’s basic background check must be carried out after the interview. Examining a person’s license and certifications is an excellent technique to make sure that they are educated and competent as an electrical engineer. Before receiving their license, engineers must fulfill a number of prerequisites.


4. Bringing the candidate on board

A formal employment offer letter is delivered by email together with the job information, such as pay, benefits, and the joining date, following the candidate’s interview and necessary background checks.


How can Mercer | Mettl help?

With the help of the Mercer | Mettl platform, recruiters can choose the most qualified electrical engineers for specific jobs by using technical hiring tools and comprehensive talent assessments of several kinds. These advanced, scientifically designed tools evaluate the aptitude of a candidate for crucial engineering elements.

The flexibility, adaptability, and domain-specificity of these tests allow hiring managers a wide range of alternatives for expediting the hiring process.

1. Technical evaluations

Technical evaluations are exhaustive, insightful, and efficient assessments for screening candidates. These exams contain steps to assess applicants on their subject matter expertise and application-based knowledge. As a result, organizations can determine how well the candidate understands the ideas, resources, and frameworks of a specific technology.

Further, Technical Assessments by Mercer | Mettl include a combination of multiple choice questions, coding simulators, caselets, and case study simulators to determine the candidate’s overall understanding of the subject.

2. Technical hiring

Mercer | Mettl screens technical candidates using application-based methods and knowledge-based questions that gauge their skills and expertise. It is one of the most effective filtration processes between receiving an application and selecting a candidate during electrical engineer recruitment.

Mercer | Mettl offers a database with more than 10,000 technical interview questions.

  • Customized answers that support organizational objectives.
  • Scalable answers to aid organizational expansion.
  • A collection of multiple-choice questions covering important work roles.
  • Constant help provided by a committed customer service team.
  • A remote proctoring technology powered by AI for practical exams.

3. Campus hiring

Mercer | Mettl offers an end-to-end virtual campus recruitment solution that helps connect, assess, select, and engage candidates from multiple campuses across the country.

Campus hiring is a mass recruitment process requiring copious amounts of money, time, and effort. Recruiters analyze the educational qualifications of candidates; conduct a series of aptitude tests; assess them for domain knowledge; hold group discussions and technical interviews. The final interview with the hiring managers decides the placement outcome.

The Mercer | Mettl platform simplifies all of these recruitment steps. For more information on electrical engineer recruitment, the following links can prove to be useful:



The need for electrical engineers is ever-increasing as more firms rely on technical services and require their knowledge. Innovation using electronic devices and electrical systems is one of the main driving forces behind this expansion.

However, hiring takes time, especially when it concerns a position like electrical engineering that requires a broad range of expertise.

With the development of technology and the ongoing introduction of more complex tools, Mercer | Mettl platform shortens the electrical engineer recruitment process and increases overall efficiency.

Visit our blog to learn more about how to recruit an electrical engineer. Hiring is hassle-free again!



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Originally published November 3 2022, Updated November 7 2022

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