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How Technology Can Help in Scaling Your Certification Program

Challenges Faced by Online Certification Providers

To stay aligned with the government’s push by providing a constantly evolving platform is not a cup of cake. Majority of companies are unable to give a seamless customer experience, thus making the process cumbersome. The other common challenges faced by service providers in giving training certifications include:

1. Operational Hassle

Using different service providers for assessment and certification is quite inconvenient. In many cases where certificates are issued manually, managing different systems becomes taxing. At times the centers for conducting training are not even readily available, which leads to unnecessary delay.

2. Cost Implication

Service providers book venues for conducting the training. However, when the expected number of candidates don’t turn up, the center becomes underutilized. The additional cost of managing large-scale certification programs, manual proctors, pen-and-paper and certificate issuance imbalances the company’s budget.

3. Low Credibility

Service providers find it difficult to maintain the integrity of the certificate issued when it comes to scaling the process. Lack of trained proctors leaves the scope of cheating. Instead of cutting cost where necessary, companies use non-proctored online exams or manual proctor which ends up adding to the bill. The certificates are not credible enough owing to so many loopholes.

Best Online Certification Software

How Technology Helps in Scaling Certification Program?

Technological advancement provides the following advantages over traditional methods with growing demand of giving a seamless experience to both user and service provider:

1. Seamless Experience

The assessment capabilities of LMS are limited even though it is extensively used by a majority of service providers. This is why companies look for an external service provider which becomes difficult to manage. However, Mettl’s certification platform gets easily integrated with your existing LMS to provide a seamless experience. The platform becomes a single point of contact to resolve all the issues.

2. White Labeling

Mettl offers a white-labeled platform which easily integrates with your system and adapts to specific user needs. You can customize certificates on the platform while retaining your brand value.

3. Ease of Operations

The platform enables the customer to add logic and workflows in the program. Accordingly, candidates can be marked as they pass the minimum criteria for every section. Since the payment gateway is also integrated with the LMS, the whole process of registration, assessment and certificate issuance is automated. 

4. High-Level Test Integrity

Mettl’s Proctor Plus acts as a cheat-proof shield throughout the certification program. Its advanced image recognition feature raises red flags as soon as it detects any activity which may look like cheating. The AI is also trained to detect if the candidate is using a mobile phone, thus making the certification genuine and credible, while reducing the cost of manual proctoring. Combined with the functionality to randomly arrange questions, Proctor Plus offers credible outcomes.

Advantages of Using Mettl’s Certification Software

Mettl’s Certification Software is designed in such a manner that it caters to wide-scale requirements ranging from low to high stake certifications. It is able to handle a variety of tests for any organizational needs because of the following reasons:


Mettl’s provides an end-to-end certification system that decreases the operational requirement to a bare minimum by automating most of the process. From registration and payment to finally providing a valid certification, Mettl decreases all your hassle in the most cost-effective manner available in the market. So, what are you waiting for?

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Originally published September 25 2018, Updated June 15 2020

Megha Singh

Written by

A writer at heart, Megha has been in the content industry for 4 years. Starting her career from print, her journey spans across IT, legal and consulting industries. She has been associated with Mercer | Mettl as Assistant Manager, Content Marketing for 2 years.

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Get awesome marketing content related to Hiring & L&D in your inbox each week

Stay up-to-date with the latest marketing, sales, and service tips and news