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Attempt any N question

September 6, 2022 | Learning & Development, Education

Now we have “Attempt any N question” feature at section level, wherein the test-taker has a flexibility to answer only N number of questions from a larger set of questions in a section. This brings us one step closer to replicate the offline world scenario of attempting only a certain number of questions from a pool of questions.

This setting can be enabled at section level:



In the test-taker window, we will show the below info to the test-taker before the test starts:

In the test window, we show this information in section instructions:

In test window, if test-taker tries to attempt more than N number of questions:

We show this info on the question attempt summary screen shown just before finishing a test:

Reporting changes:  

 In Reports, the setting done for N Questions to be attempted i.e. the change in overall marks due to optional questions would be displayed at:

  1.  Overall Summary level
  2.  Section header in Section-wise details
  3.  Section header in Question-wise details

Rest of the information (ex-difficulty index, bookmark, sectional graphs/tables) would be the same i.e the question to be attempted setting will not be applicable for the Total Marks and the Questions Count.

Attempt any N Question info  at  Overall Summary level


Attempt any N Question info  at header in Question wise details and Section wise details:


Stay tuned for more amazing updates coming your way.

Stay up to date with the latest features and skills on Mercer I Mettl

Stay up to date with the latest features and skills on Mercer I Mettl