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Proctoring features enhancement for I/O

October 11, 2021 | Hiring, Learning & Development

We are happy to announce that the following of our proctoring and anti-cheating features are now available with I/O.


Browsing Tolerence
With browsing tolerence enabled you can prevent candidates from navigating away from their test window. You can set a limit to the no. of times a test taker can navigate away from their test window before their test gets automatically submitted.


Advanced Visual Proctoring

Proctort test using our AI-based automated proctoring technology that uses candidates’ webcams, and microphone feeds for auto invigilation. Live proctoring through expert human proctors for high-stakes exams can also be done. Candidates’ screen can also be captured and made available for future references.


Record and Review proctoring

Record and review proctoring is best suited for low-stakes tests. Proctors review the recorded video feed of students, ascertaining the flags generated by the AI bot.

The flags are combined into a report called the ‘Credibility Index,’ with details such as timestamps, duration, etc. Reviewers can see the video to note the instances where AI has specifically flagged suspected behavior.

Stay up to date with the latest features and skills on Mercer I Mettl

Stay up to date with the latest features and skills on Mercer I Mettl