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Recruitment | 1 Min Read

Recruitment Playbook: Recruitment Tools and Techniques

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Role of HR Tech

What has technology to do with the recruitment process? Almost everything. Go back fifteen years, and HR managers and recruiters were accepting paper resumes sent to them through registered post or speed post. Those were the days when companies would place a job advertisement in the classified section of the newspapers or hang a help wanted a sign on the door and call each candidate to schedule an interview. Candidates would show up in their pinstripe suits and stand in long queues outside the office building, waiting for their turns.

Come back to the present, can you even remotely relate to your past? If yes, then this blog post series is not for you.

If you have understood the rhetoric and you have shifted to Emailing, Job boards, Google Search, Mobile Apps, Skype, Application Tracking System, et al., this is for you.

Recruitment Process Flow

A typical hiring process can take up to 3 months to complete, right from the date the vacancy was identified to the date offer was accepted. Ideally, a recruitment process can have several steps ranging from creating job descriptions, to advertising the jobs, to interview screening and shortlisting the best candidate, and finally rolling out the offer letter. These steps can easily increase or decrease depending on the type of organization or the job profile. While a web developer may have to sit for an additional technical round before he faces the functional round, a sales profile candidate might just have one long functional round. For each step, there are resourceful tools that can be used and the best practices involved. We have tried to put them all together to present a blog post series that will highlight top recruitment tech tools, online resources, and recruitment best practices applicable for each step of recruitment.

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Note: This is an introduction article for the ‘Recruitment Playbook’- a blog post series on recruitment technology, trends, tips, tricks, and best practices; the first post follows this article. This series is apt for the modern-day HR, recruiter, recruitment leader or manager, who seeks to improve his/her recruitment practices with the help of ubiquitous technology.

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Originally published April 2 2018, Updated December 6 2023

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About This Topic

Talent assessment is the practice of assessing talent before making critical organizational decisions, such as hiring, development, promotions, etc. Talent assessments evaluate a candidate’s skills, knowledge, personality, behavior, and work style to future-proof an organization’s business interests.

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Get awesome marketing content related to Hiring & L&D in your inbox each week

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