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18 Actionable Recruitment Tests for Talent Assessment in 2021

Talent Assessment | 12 Min Read

18 Actionable Talent Assessment Tools for Perfect Hiring


If that’s not bad enough, you will incur additional costs in finding a replacement.

Why does this happen? Why do employers often hire the opposite of what they seek in a candidate?

  • Is it because they were expected to fill a position quickly?
  • Is it because they did not adequately research the candidates’ skills and validate the accomplishments written on their resumes?
  • Or because their tools to assess a candidate’s performance, qualifications and traits needed for the job weren’t well-rounded and insightful?

Perhaps, this is why organizations are cautious in deciding who to hire but do such deliberations lead to fruitful hiring decisions? Absolutely not! When scouting for and recruiting a star candidate, one must make a data-backed judgment, not based on cognitive biases that influence the hiring decision. The latter will only provide a unidimensional view, leading to wrong hiring, snowballing into organization-wide challenges and inefficiencies.

So how does one evaluate and identify potential candidates? How does one negate the element of surprises that comes with bad hires? The answer is simple: talent assessment tools.


What is a talent assessment tool?

Talent assessment tools help employers identify candidates with high mental aptitude, good behavioral traits and innovative thinking abilities. This candidate mapping tool aids small and large organizations in finding right-fit candidates whose skills and talents match the job description.

Resumes don’t reveal the entire story, why a holistic hiring assessment tool is handy in enhancing the hiring procedure and making recruitment inexpensive, fair, prompt and result-driven.

Subsequently, “these assessments can be used for a wide variety of roles from the C-suite, and the entry-level to across the organization. One can create assessments for almost any profile or role,” says Michael Trust, anHR consultant.

But predicting a candidate’s abilities and compatibility swiftly isn’t the only advantage that a recruitment test proffers. There is much more to this process than what meets the eye.

Recruitment tests are essential for helping recruiters and employers get a snapshot of what the prospective employee is like. This helps maximize the chances of correct skills matching with the role and whether the person has the appropriate internal attitudes and working style suited for working with the team.

Michelle Duval
CEO of Fingerprint for Success


The importance of talent/candidate assessment tools

Talent acquisition initiatives primarily enable carrying out the pre-employment screening efficiently and effectively. Besides, these initiatives are centered on finding candidates with adequate skills who align perfectly with company culture for a mutually beneficial proposition.

Candidate assessment tools are beneficial in streamlining the evaluation process of job seekers, significantly reducing the time needed to hire. These tools are a great way to assess candidates’ skills, culture fit, technical and cognitive skills. In addition, there are several other reasons to leverage candidate screening tools in your hiring efforts. We have listed some of them below:


Screen out the misfits and narrow down the talent pool:

HR professionals and hiring managers can better understand who is deemed fit for the job in question by assessing their skills. When they conduct any hiring process considering specific skills, they get a holistic overview of the candidates’ competencies – not just their resumes. So, these hiring assessment tools can help determine which candidates have the necessary skills for a role and bring them to the fore during interviews, helping recruiters save significant time in the process.


Make confident, informed hiring decisions:

An objective, standardized talent assessment tool will ensure that recruiters make the right hiring decisions.


Identify job performance and culture fit:

Talent assessment tools are instrumental in defining if someone has the required skills, but there is more to it. These tools can also help the hiring managers predict the likelihood of their candidates’ cultural fitment, which is significant considering if they are a good cultural fit, they will presumably be more successful in their roles and more likely to continue with the company longer.


Helps understand candidates’ behaviors:

Talent assessment tools are equally beneficial in analyzing the underlying behavioral traits. How do they undertake a task? What propels them to perform to their best? Understanding such critical information will always come in handy while making onboarding decisions.


Build high-performing teams:

Data-driven recruitment assessment tools can provide deep insights into a candidate’s skills, abilities and characteristics, enabling an objective screening, translating into a more productive and competent workforce. In addition, a torrent of data can offer rich insights into whether a candidate will fit in the organizational framework.


Advantages of talent assessment tools

No matter the purpose of your new talent assessment tool, the results are rewarding. These tools offer some notable advantages when implemented correctly. Here are some that are difficult to ignore.


Advantages of hosting tests for recruitment


Let’s explore them in detail:

A. Saves resources

The right recruitment assessment tool reduces the time-to-hire by cutting short arduous processes and minimizing the strain on a company’s revenue and productivity, which results from leaving critical roles vacant for extended durations. Efficient evaluation at scale enables a company to drastically reduce the time and costs associated with hiring, to hire the best at the earliest, also reducing its turnover.

B. Improves the quality of hire

A bid to hire the best talent has made it more challenging for HR professionals to find the right fit. Despite spending considerably more time than they’d like to on shortlisting the right candidate, they make hiring mistakes. Well, not anymore. Hiring tests are a reasonably effective recruitment assessment tool that offers an accurate overview of the applicants’ performance and potential. This enables a swifter shortlisting of suitable candidates, improving the quality of hire.

C. Instantaneous results

A globally competitive marketplace mandates a near-instant result in organizational endeavors, which holds equally for workplace hiring. ‘Instant’ is what makes the most sense, why we often blame bad results on slow decisions. However, employing talent assessment tools results in quite the opposite. The ability to holistically and instantaneously assess candidates’ skills and expertise upon completion, with evidence-backed data, ensures employers can dive into their decisions head-first.

D. Insightful, accurate and unbiased

When candidates are assessed by hiring managers with limited development knowledge, they invariably, albeit unknowingly, select candidates based on favorable interactions, shared interests, assumptions or peer approval. This prevents organizations from identifying and hiring the best candidate for the job. However, hiring assessment tools offer validated metrics, helping shortlist and evaluate candidates fairly, without worrying about repercussions or subconscious prejudice. Accurate and in-depth insights objectively determine candidates’ profiles and compatibility with their roles, teams and organizational culture.

E. Talent development

When companies utilize candidate assessment tools, they are exposed to every macro and micro strength and vulnerability of a candidate, including a glimpse of their untapped potential. It tells them where a viable candidate falls in terms of the experience level and the training they’ll need to succeed. If hiring such candidates, companies can hone certain qualities to meet, if not exceed, business demands. They can design training modules for high-quality workforce development, initiate functional cross-disciplinary training, re-skill, upskill or mentor to enhance existing capabilities.

F. Improves company reputation

Talent assessment tests in recruitment are fairer and swifter, often attracting positive responses from candidates and peers, leading to more significant connections. They strengthen the organization. Concurrently, a better understanding of the internally available talent also helps a company maintain its competitive advantage in fulfilling its talent needs. This helps the organization shuffle key roles internally when needed while retaining its reputation, expanding the business, and enhancing productivity and profit margins.


How to conduct a talent assessment

Talent assessments can be conducted in both online and offline environments, depending on the recruiter’s recruitment assessment method best suited for the specific job role, type and convenience.

For example, if a talent acquisition expert seeks to hire coders in the IT domain, he/she can select the best talent using the online coding simulator. It’s a recruitment assessment tool used by coders to write codes in real-time within a coding environment. First, the applicant is evaluated on parameters, such as problem-solving skills, performance on the desired task and coding proficiency in general programming languages. Then, once the candidates complete coding, they are auto-graded in real-time based on the code quality, efficiency, correctness and scalability.

Similarly, if a recruiter seeks to employ a sales representative, they will ask the applicant to perform the activity in real-time to evaluate on-the-job skills. An interview can also be conducted as a group discussion to assess the candidate’s communication and convincing skills. This is ideally an offline mode of behavioral assessment.


Top 18 recruitment assessment tools to watch out for in 2021

Now that you’ve explored the nuances of talent assessments, you must select the right assessment tool for your organization.

But which is the best assessment tool? The market is replete with numerous recruitment assessment providers. And companies are competing to choose the best talent assessment tool. Hence, you should find the best match for the job and the organization.

We’ve evaluated the top 18 talent and recruitment assessment tool providers that help recruiters hire the best candidates. Let us check them out:

  • Mercer | Mettl
  • Adface
  • Aspiring Minds
  • Codility
  • HackerRank
  • Criteria
  • InterviewMocha
  • eskill
  • Cappafinity (Koro)
  • Testdome
  • Thrivemap
  • HR Avatar
  • Skillsarena
  • The English Quiz
  • Harver
  • Hogan Assessments
  • HireMojo
  • Hirevue

Let’s explore them in detail:


Mercer | Mettl


Mettl was founded in 2010 and is one of the world’s largest online assessment platforms, offering all major assessment tools for Hiring and L&D.

It is a skill assessment platform that uses AI-powered technology to evaluate candidates’ cognitive abilities, skills, personality traits, emotional intelligence and behavioral traits.



The company’s hiring platform automates candidate screening and interviewing and makes it easy for recruiters to hire talent as they have access to reliable candidate insights and predictable scoring.

  • Client size: 4000+ clients across 90+ countries
  • Assessments: 12 million+ annual assessments
  • Clientele: Uber, Cisco, IIMB, Adobe, American Express, Microsoft, Accenture, Airtel, Novartis, Maruti Suzuki, Britannia, Amazon.com, Inc., Amdocs, BCS, CSG, OLX, Toshiba, Wipro, Fujitsu, Frontier Software, Autodesk, Inc. and Backbase, among others. 
  • Offerings: It has six popular online assessment tools that measure a candidate’s skills, abilities and knowledge.

1. Psychometric tests:

They measure the four critical aspects of human personality and assess whether the applicant is a good match for a specific job requirement. The four key elements of human personality are positive personality traits, dark personality traits, motivations, values, preferences and cognitive abilities.

2. Cognitive tests:

They assess an applicant’s critical thinking ability, verbal reasoning, numerical ability, problem-solving skills, etc., to execute a particular task, depending on the job function and type.

3. Behavioral tests:

These tests measure a candidate's human behavior and the course of action in a given organizational situation. A recruiter measures an individual’s behavioral competencies, such as skills, knowledge and personality traits.

4. Technical tests:

They analyze an applicant’s knowledge in specific domains, such as IT, accounts, sales, HR, marketing and operations, etc.

5. Coding test:

A coding assessment evaluates the candidate’s ability to write a code. Mercer | Mettl offers customized coding assessments for applicants to choose ready-made tests from a comprehensive test library. A coder can take the assessment in a risk-free, secure and proctored coding environment.

6. Spoken English tests:

They evaluate a candidate’s verbal skills, such as pronunciation, fluency, grammar and listening comprehension for job roles, such as BPO, sales and marketing, etc.

7. AI-powered proctoring:

Mercer | Mettl also offers online proctoring with AI-powered tools to conduct secure virtual assessments. The AI and human-based proctoring monitors candidates’ behavior and actions for suspicious activities.


It is a skill assessment platform that is used to recruit candidates for software-specific roles, such as qualified developers and engineers. This recruitment assessment tool is suitable only for the first round of technical interviews.

  • Skills repository: A rich test library of 700+ skills
  • Clientele: Amazon.com, Inc., Paypal, Government of Singapore, Nielsen, Optimum Solutions, etc.
  • Offerings:
    • AdFace Skill Assessments evaluate candidates’ aptitude, technical and coding skills, using an AI chatbot, Ada, with an in-built code editor.    
    • AdFace PairPro is another feature that assesses developers’ problem-solving, coding, and communication skills with real-time pair programming interviews. 
    • There is an extensive test library for programming languages, aptitude tests, framework-specific tests, database tests and other popular tests.


Aspiringminds (Aspiring Minds)

It offers various assessments, such as cognitive ability, personality tests, coding tests, sales ability tests, customer service and job skills tests. Recruiters can make smart hiring decisions and pool in skilled and qualified candidates with a host of selection assessment methods.

  • Client size: 3,000+ clients globally
  • Clientele: Amazon.com, Inc., Cognizant, Wipro, NTT Data, EXL, Genpact
  • Assessments: 5.5 million coding assessments



It is a technical recruitment platform that helps talent acquisition experts conduct online technical interviews.

  • Client size: 1000+ clients across 62 countries
  • Clientele: Amazon.com, Inc., Cognizant, Wipro, NTT Data, EXL, Genpact
  • Offerings:
    • Tech recruiters can quickly identify qualified candidates and save time with accurate code screening and effective online tech interviews.
    • You can reduce the interview time for hiring candidates.



Founded in 2009, it is a technology hiring platform that assesses developer skills for over 2,000+ companies globally and helps companies use coding assessments in over 35 programming languages. Let’s look at some of its offerings:

  • Client Size: 2,000+ customers and 11+ million developers on the platform
  • Clientele: BlackRock, Goldman Sachs, Lloyds Bank, Moody’s Analytics, Morgan Stanley, Paypal, WePay, Expedia, LinkedIn, Amazon.com, Inc., etc. 
  • Offerings:
    • HackerRank Codescreen: It helps find quality talent faster, with online coding tests and assessments. This feature enables you to create customized role-specific evaluations, invite candidates to take the assessment, automatically review, score and rank them. You can identify and advance top performers based on the assessment’s results.  
    • HackerRank CodePair: It assesses candidates’ advanced technical skills remotely. It evaluates a candidate’s problem-solving, system design and communication skills with real-time pair programming.



It is a comprehensive and robust platform that offers a portfolio of assessments for a holistic overview of a candidate’s potential.

  • Client Size: 4,000 clients in over 60 countries worldwide
  • Clientele: US Department of Agriculture, MedUSA, Domino’s Pizza.
  • Offerings:
    • Cognitive Aptitude: It measures a candidate’s cognitive intelligence, such as problem-solving, attention to detail, learning ability, mechanical reasoning, concentration and focus.   
    • Personality: It measures a candidate’s work style and behavioral tendencies, such as general personality, integrity and honesty, sales or customer service fit.
    • Emotional Intelligence: Recruiters identify candidates with empathy and understanding to succeed in the workplace. 
    • Skills: It measures candidates’ basic competencies, such as general job readiness, necessary computer skills, typing and data entry, verbal, math and comprehension, acquired through past experiences.


Interview Mocha

It is a comprehensive assessment platform that offers over 1,000 skill tests for coding, enterprise resource planning, finance, languages, manufacturing and retail, among others.

  • Clientele: Capgemini, Coupa, The United Nations, Fujitsu Limited, Gartner, Inc.
  • Offerings: 
    • You can view a battery of skills tests and curate your assessments, depending on job roles and competency requirements. Interview Mocha can also assemble a customized test for candidates.
    • It also offers assessment integration and candidate ranking tools.



It’s the Swiss-army knife of online skills assessments. This recruitment analysis tool offers customized assessments for specific job roles such as HR, sales, administration, IT and accounting.

  • Clientele: FedEx Corporation, Randstad India, LG, The Coca-Cola Company, PepsiCo, Orvis and several others. 
  • Offerings:
    • e-Skill has some popular assessments to measure candidates’ potential, such as basic office skills, data entry test, clerical skills test, mechanical aptitude test, basic math skills and remote working skills test, etc. 
    • It offers various assessments such as pre-employment, behavioral, employee training, skill testing, voice and video interviewing, video response, etc.


Cappfinity (Koro)

Founded in 2005, Cappfinity is a global leader in strengths-based assessment, providing recruitment and development solutions to forward-thinking companies. 

  • Client Size: Over 150 organizations 
  • Clientele: EY, Barclays, Standard Chartered, Aviva
  • Offerings:
    • The online assessment tool offers validated assessments that measure a candidate’s strengths, skills, preferences, cognitive abilities, personality, values and experience. It consists of Koru7 Impact Skills that are sought by employers in their best-fit hires. These are grit, rigor, impact, teamwork, curiosity, ownership and polish. 
    • A candidate takes a simple 20-minute pre-interview assessment and receives immediate feedback on their top Koru7 Impact Skills. The consistent and unbiased analysis empowers hiring experts to screen and select candidates faster.



It is a platform that enables recruiters to customize programming tests for any coding language or technology and helps create customized assessments.

  • Clientele: eBay, Indeed, PayPal, Turkish Airlines
  • Offerings:

The online assessment platform has a list of tests for candidates, such as general tests, including numerical, verbal reasoning, abstract reasoning, English comprehension, project management. It also evaluates candidates’ codes and answers, helping hiring experts make better decisions.



Hiring experts can rely on Thrivemap to recruit a large volume of people for the same type of role.

  • Clientele: Safelite Autoglass, Dolby, Hermes
  • Offerings:
    • The online assessment tool offers personalized work simulation pre-hire assessments for high volume hiring. Job simulation enables candidates to work in a simulated organizational work environment and helps recruiters choose the right hire.
    • It offers off-the-shelf assessments for evaluating a candidate’s basic level of competence. They are Technical Skills Test, Situational Judgment Test, Cognitive Ability Test, Behavioral/Personality Test.


HR Avatar

HR Avatar helps employers hire the best possible employees. They administer online pre-employment selection tests, automated reference checks, and video interviews to job candidates and provide detailed reports to recruiters and hiring managers.

  • Clientele: Alto-Shaam, Inc., Deriv, Beyond, McDonald’s, Exl Service, PWC, PCI, Seibels, etc. 
  • Offerings:
    • It offers notable skills assessments, such as mechanical aptitude, Spoken English, digital literacy, etc.



It is an online skills assessment software that helps recruiters measure an applicant’s skills, knowledge and personality traits.

  • Clientele: Capita Plc, BBFC, ASTER Group LLC, Edge Hill University, Secom Co, Ltd., etc.  
  • Offerings
    • Situational Judgment: You can evaluate a candidate’s reaction to specific situations encountered at the workplace. 
    • Skill tests: A vast range of skill assessments from job simulations, Microsoft Office, literacy to numeracy assess a candidate’s critical thinking skills. 
    • Psychometric assessment measures an individual’s personality, subject to several situations.


The English Quiz

It is an English online assessment platform that
offers ready-made or fully customized tests for recruitment, in-house audits and pre-and post-training. The platform evaluates candidates’ oral and written English competency.You can also use English assessments for candidate recruitment, training assessments, mobility/internal audits, call centers, admission and IT recruiting.

  • Clientele: Octo Cons, Kering, PWC, Festo, Atos, Aire, Wavestone 
  • Offerings:
    • This online test for recruitment offers pre-employment English tests that reduce the time dedicated to pre-employment English proficiency testing for recruitment.
    • It provides a selection of ready-made or fully customizable online English assessments for recruitment, in-house audits and pre/post-training.



Harver is a New York-based startup that provides volume recruitment solutions, enabling companies to hire digitally at scale.

  • Client Size: 100+
  • Clientele: Netflix, Zappos.com, UIPath, KPMG
  • Offerings 
    • Harver provides an all-in-one candidate selection suite designed to drastically reduce time-to-hire. 
    • It handles large numbers of applicants and optimizes high-volume hiring processes.
    • The brand’s candidate selection software is designed to build a diverse and inclusive workforce. It also enables clients the ability to collect data after the interview to negate future unconscious bias.


Hogan Assessments

Founded in 1987, Hogan is grounded in more than three decades of validated research that offers personality assessment and leadership development.

  • Client Size: 56 countries 
  • Clientele: Fortune 500
  • Offerings 
    • Hogan provides an efficient set of tools to predict a candidate’s performance and hand-pick the ideal candidate from a curated list. 
    • It also provides tools for improving both leaders’ and their employees’ performance to chart a clear path toward organizational success.



HireMojo is a subscription-based hiring automation platform. The system helps you fill jobs across your company faster, more conveniently and at reduced costs.

  • Clientele: Stanford University, American Homes, PMI
  • Offerings 
    • It helps create job descriptions using HireMojo’s job description library that leads to great hires.
    • It automatically pre-screens and ranks all applicants through a patented online interview process that allows HR professionals to cut through all the unqualified resumes.



Hirevue is a video interviewing and assessment software provider that helps global enterprises to streamline hiring processes in the modern talent marketplace. It has simplified the way companies discover and hire talent and is available in over 30 languages.

  • Client Size: More than 700 enterprise customers worldwide
  • Clientele: Vodafone, Tiffany & Co., Qantas
  • Offerings 
    • It provides on-demand and live video interviewing services that power a more convenient and scalable process for recruiters, hiring managers and candidates.
    • It also offers interview assessments that dramatically increase recruitment efficiency by eliminating outdated phone screens and evaluating candidates’ on-job-relevant skills.

All this information can be overwhelming. Hence, a word of caution- be extremely particular when shortlisting a hiring assessment company or a recruitment test provider. A holistic recruitment test provider will finetune its solutions by matching them to your hiring process’s requirements. Hence, the absence of any feature that doesn’t lead you to your end-game will steer you away from proper evaluation and ideal hiring. Consequently, it also means employing an irrelevant recruitment and assessment service provider.

Are you still confused? Don’t worry. We have you covered with some information that’ll help you swiftly shortlist your ideal hiring test service provider.


Features of candidate assessment tools

A talented and skilled workforce is a prerequisite for any organization. Therefore, companies invest enormous resources, financial and otherwise, in onboarding the best workforce. Organizations want to hire top talent. Therefore, talent acquisition experts are revamping their hiring strategies on a large scale to recruit skilled and qualified candidates.

There is a high demand for talent assessment tools among businesses of various sizes as they help recruiters analyze employees’ skills, aptitude, knowledge, hidden talents and training needs. In addition, these tools assist hiring experts in employing talented individuals.


To me, a good recruitment assessment tool should help us understand the person as a dynamic and complex human. It also should recognize that a person's ability to succeed in a role should look beyond just skills or experience. The X factor that somebody brings to work is in their human skills (what others might call soft skills), and you want a tool that measures for the X factor.

Michelle Duval
CEO, Fingerprint for Success



Here are some of the underlying features of talent assessments tools that’ll help you choose the right hiring assessment company:

  • The right hiring assessment helps recruiters to obtain accurate, evidence-based information from applicants. Talent acquisition experts gain an overview of the candidate’s personality traits, interests, motivation levels, skills, abilities and knowledge.
  • Employment Assessment Tests make the hiring process easier, more productive, helping the companies to focus on candidates with the requisite skills and temperaments.
  • Predictive hiring assessment eliminates candidate bias that may hamper the hiring process, enhancing the candidate experience.
  • Hiring assessment tools measure the expanse of a candidate’s knowledge: such as Mercer | Mettl’s hiring assessment questions and hiring assessment test samples.
  • An organization can acquire a workforce that is proactive, job-focused, quick, with rational thinking ability, good behavioral traits and multi-tasking skills, thanks to online assessment tests for jobs.
  • A hiring test online also aids smaller organizations with a vast scope for work. The tools help recruiters conduct assessments in a quick, easy and organized manner.
  • Additionally, recruitment assessment tools also help narrow down the candidates whose values and objectives are in sync with the company's culture.

Now that we’ve shortlisted our service providers based on hiring requirements, it is time to move to the next part, which involves understanding the types of talent assessment tools.


What are the different types of recruitment assessments tools?

Mark Webster, Co-founder of Authority Hacker,ensures all applicants go through a cognitive and personality testing service across all roles during the recruitment process. He says, “These tests are about checking for a strong level of engagement and understanding of the job.


Types of Recruitment Assessment Tests include:


Types of Recruitment Assessment Tests include

A. What is psychometric assessment?

Psychometric assessment is a standard and scientific method that analyzes a candidate’s personality traits and mental abilities. This recruitment assessment tool gauges an individual’s ability to perform the task effectively and efficiently.

Psychometric assessment is derived from personality and behavior. ‘Personality’ is what we are, while ‘behavior’ is all about actions. Hence, psychometric tests measure the 4 key aspects of human personality. They are listed below:

  • Positive personality traits help recruiters identify and assess a candidate’s key personality traits that can influence trainability, culture fitment and job performance.
  • Dark personality traits help employers understand the critical negative characteristics that may impact the safety of employees, customers and the broader work culture.
  • Cognitive ability is the fourth aspect of personality that measures the applicant’s ability to think logically and analyze any given situation to derive logical conclusions.


Five factors involved in the psychometric testing tool are shown below:


Mercer | Mettl's personality profiler

This recruitment test type pinpoints the exact traits needed for the job while significantly enhancing the selection and engagement experiences. You can deep-dive into different types of psychometric assessments here. They offer valuable insights to talent acquisition experts.

Success Story

How Mercer | Mettl helped CP Plus reduce its attrition rate by 50% using psychometric assessments

CP Plus is a leading
tech-security solutions provider that offers a comprehensive range of advanced security and surveillance solutions. Despite its formidable presence in the electronic surveillance products segment, the company was facing several challenges in growing and expanding its business. It was hard-pressed to find a dynamic sales team to further its mandate.

Some of its challenges were:

  • The non-availability of a secure and effective platform to find the right candidates.
  • No specific tools and resources to assess candidates’ skills.
  • Limited tools to target focused hiring in a reasonable time frame.
  • Inadequate means to hire candidates in bulk while ensuring their quality.
  • Outdated assessments that were not aligned with industry benchmarks.


Click Here To Read The Entire Case Study


How Mercer | Mettl Addressed the Problem

  • Mettl Personality Inventory helped assess the candidates’ critical personality traits deemed desirable for sales roles. The tool helped measure and predict behavioral competencies, assisting recruiters in shortlisting the right cultural fit. 
  • Mettl’s Personality Profiler helped CP Plus to reduce the employee attrition rate. It helped CP Plus to make fair and transparent hiring decisions.
  • Mettl’s Sales Profiler helped the recruiters identify critical behavioral and cognitive competencies specific to the organizational requirements. 


  • A remarkable difference was observed after using Mercer | Mettl’s suite of scientifically validated assessments. The attrition rate dropped by up to 50%.
  • CP Plus quickly built new teams and improved team efficiency, improving its overall organizational productivity.
  • The quality of hires for the sales department and customer-facing roles improved significantly.

B. What is behavioral assessment?

A behavioral assessment helps recruiters understand a candidate’s behavior in a simulated work environment. The applicants must demonstrate behavior competencies in one or more activities relevant to their job role and resemble an actual organizational situation.

Applicants are presented with realistic work scenarios with possible actions to gauge candidate behavior. Then, they have to select either the best option or rank the possible actions based on their effectiveness.

Behavioral assessments are essential candidate mapping tools to find the right fit for the job role. A behavioral tool brings clarity to how people behave at work. Hence, they combine innovation and scientific rigor to assess role fitment. As a result, recruiters can make informed decisions about the organization’s future leaders.

There are different types of behavior evaluation tools that are often used together to assess the role-fitment. The explanation for each behavioral tool is exhibited in the table below:


Recruitment hiring tools

Source: https://blog.mettl.com/guide/behavioral-assessment-test/

These tools are engaging ways to choose the right people for the right jobs and are often customized to emulate the organizational setting and the role’s challenges.

Success Story

How Mercer | Mettl helped a pharmaceutical firm improve its talent acquisition process using behavioral assessment tools

A pharmaceutical behemoth that discovers, develops, and markets various healthcare therapies to customers was hiring extensively. However, given the large volumes of candidate evaluations, the company struggled to find a competency framework with the right mix of aptitude and behavioral assessments.  

Mercer | Mettl’s team carried out an in-depth exercise to understand the key competencies required across different roles and levels. The team analyzed comprehensively to curate the right assessments and benchmarked them to identify relevant candidates. The reports were customized to address the key business needs and identify suitable candidates. Besides, Mercer | Mettl conducted the entire recruitment cycle on the organization’s career portal, ensuring a seamless experience for candidates and the company. 


  • The pharma giant immensely improved its talent acquisition process.
  • Candidate filtration was doubled, with the right mix of aptitude and behavioral assessments.
  • 100+ assessments were created and benchmarked across 30+ business units.


Click Here to read the detailed case study on behavioral assessments.

C. What are cognitive assessments?

Cognitive assessments measure a candidate’s thinking abilities, such as perception, reasoning, memory, verbal skills and problem-solving skills. These assessments are designed to challenge the applicant’s ability to pay attention, visualize, recognize, organize and their potential to solve problems when learning new job skills or tackling workplace issues.


Measuring cognitive intelligence


Cognitive tests assess critical thinking and reasoning logic related to on-the-job performance. The test measures two intelligent types- crystallized intelligence and fluid intelligence through a series of complex questions.


Cognitve assessment tools

D. What are technical assessments?

Technical assessments evaluate an applicant’s functional and subject knowledge for a specific job role. The questions in technical tests are based on the skill requirement of a specific job role. The competencies in technical assessment vary with the job function, job role and industry. This test enables recruiters to filter stellar technical talent from a vast candidate pool, using a combination of application-based questions, such as MCQs and simulators.

The process to identify technical competencies in applicants:

  • Understand the applicants’ technical competencies based on the job role, industry and organization-specific context.
  • After analyzing their underlying technical competencies, you can create assessment blueprints, listing skills and subskills essential to cover each technical competency.
  • Create competency-wise content from Mercer | Mettl’s repository.
  • With SMEs’ assistance, you can design assignments and reports from a combination of question types as per the requirement.

E. What are coding assessments?

Coding assessments measure applicants’ know-how and evaluate them on languages and technologies, such as Java, Python, C++, Oracle, SQL, etc. A hiring manager filters quality technical talent from a vast candidate pool by using a combination of knowledge and application-based techniques, such as MCQs and simulators.

Besides, coding assessments measure the candidate’s ability to fulfill the essential criteria and job requirements. A meaningful talent evaluation from the beginning ensures the ensuing steps enable successful hiring. Hence, coding assessments are best suited before the interview round and should be administered as part of technical screening.

Before hiring new team members, Peter Schoeman, Founder/CEO of The Dog Adventure,  considers applying a selection assessment method. For instance, he takes a writing test to gauge heavy work in communications or encourages an IT superstar to complete an independent project for the company. He states, “these skills assessments save you a lot of difficulties on the line by demonstrating, beyond any doubt, that your stellar candidate has the skills and talent necessary to succeed.”

Success Story

How Mercer | Mettl scaled Indus Valley Partners’ (IVP) organizational efficiency by 50% during technical hiring

Indus Valley Partners, a leading technology solution and consulting service provider in the global asset management industry, sought talented coders. However, it didn’t have the assessment tools to undertake an efficient, easy and accurate evaluation process.

The company also faced numerous other challenges, including:

  • Inefficient, traditional methods
  • Lack of in-depth and actionable reports
  • Inadequate staffing and time constraints
  • A large-scale and time-consuming screening process
  • Evaluation of candidates’ coding skills on various parameters
  • Simplifying the entire technical hiring process

Indus Valley Partners employed Mercer | Mettl’s online assessment platform, using coding assessments to test candidates’ coding abilities, down to the code efficiency level. They were evaluated on concepts such as recursion, AI Stacks, etc., to onboard the best developers.

Recruiters were able to automate and scale up the screening process via technical assessments. The candidates’ coding potential was assessed accurately using Mercer | Mettl’s coding simulator.


  • Its first campus recruitment drive was successfully concluded, with the hiring of up to twenty developers and ten QA engineers. Thousands of work hours were saved. 
  • The organizational efficiency shot up by up to 50% while conducting technical hiring. An extensive library of coding simulators also enabled better screening and faster hiring of talent.

F. What is a spoken english assessment?

A spoken English assessment measures a candidate’s pronunciation, fluency, grammar and listening comprehension. It also assesses the applicant’s cultural fitment and domain knowledge.

Good communication skills are significant for success in the globally interlinked economy. Therefore, hiring experts seek candidates who can effectively communicate in English and maximize business collaborations. Hence, this recruitment testing method is the best filtration tool to assess applicants applying for customer-facing roles and industries such as sales, BPO, hospitality, media house and branding, etc.

Talent acquisition experts can also assess candidates through application/situation-based tests. Such assessments enable recruiters to predict the applicant’s on-the-job mental ability, behavior pattern, course of action, and decision-making in performing real-time tasks.

Here’s how one can assess an applicant’s competency:


Job simulations

A job simulator is a pre-employment test where candidates perform the tasks in real-time. A recruiter assesses candidates on organizational situations performed on the job. For example, a sales representative can be asked to deal with customers and resolve their issues over a chat. A
hypothetical scenario can test their analytical and logical thinking skills. Such a talent mapping assessment is similar to a work sample. However, the former involves more on-the-spot work.

For example: Using coding simulators to assess the proficiency of technical candidates. 

Coding assessment analyzes a technical candidate’s hands-on experience and the ability to solve a problem in their desired programming language. Talent acquisition experts assess the coders on code quality, efficiency, correctness and scalability, etc. An online programming test can be conducted on a coding test platform to evaluate the candidate’s test cases of your choice and the code’s effectiveness.


Online and offline job simulators

Feedback Assessment

The third type of
online assessment test used by talent acquisition experts is- 360-degree assessment. Here, HR seeks feedback from multiple stakeholders such as the employee’s superiors, peers, direct reports, and even clients to understand their perception regarding the employee’s readiness to take on a specific role.

It is also a feedback mechanism that helps employees gain an improved perspective on performance, skill levels and behavior as perceived by others.

A 360-degree evaluation is an additional metric used to determine the right fit, and those multiple perspectives are factored in when making the final decision.


How Mercer | Mettl is unique

Mercer | Mettl’s online platform helps recruiters and companies to make significant people decisions with a comprehensive suite of tools for talent assessment and recruiting solutions. Evaluating a large number of candidates across various domains is not easy for hiring experts. A thorough, well-researched and analytics-led approach is pivotal, and that’s where Mercer | Mettl’s talent assessment methods are extremely useful.



Some of the popular talent assessment tools offered by Mercer | Mettl are listed below in the figure:


talent assessment tools offered by Mercer | Mettl


Mercer|Mettl's psychometric offerings


Domain Functional Assessment



Here are some frequently asked questions on recruitment tests online, recruitment test meaning, recruitment assessment test examples to help you understand recruitment tests better.

Why are talent assessment tools used for workforce development?

What is a candidate test?

What is candidate screening?

That’s the long and short of it. This is our complete guidebook on talent assessment tools.

We believe that this handy piece offered you clarity and assuaged your concerns, preparing you to confidently embrace the value of hiring tools.

Now let’s turn it over to you.

What did you think about this guide? What made you take to talent testing tools?

Is there something you’d like us to include? Let us know by leaving a comment below, and we will surely add them.

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