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Decoding The Best Talent Assessment Tools in 2020!

Talent Assessment | 12 Min Read

Decoding The Best Talent Assessment Tools in 2020!

What is a Talent Assessment Tool?

Recruitment assessment tools help employers identify candidates with high mental aptitude, good behavioral traits and innovative thinking abilities. The candidate mapping tools aid small and large organizations in finding right-fit candidates whose skills and talents match the job description.

Some other benefits are listed below:

  • Candidate mapping tools enable hiring experts to find quality and skilled workforce. A talented pool of candidates helps companies in expanding the business and enhance profit margins.
  • Helps design training modules for high-quality workforce development.
  • Assist in identifying applicants’ skills, abilities, and knowledge that are suitable for a different job role within the organization.

As per the Aberdeen Group Study, 2015, “talent assessment tools, when used effectively, can have a major impact on key performance indicators (KPI), such as cost-to-and time-per, hiring manager’s satisfaction, employee retention, performance, and engagement.”

The study also reveals that companies employing talent assessment tools are 36% more likely to be satisfied with their new hires.

Features of The Candidate Assessment Tool

A talented and skilled workforce is a prerequisite for any organization. Therefore, companies invest enormous resources, financial and otherwise, in onboarding the best workforce. 

Organizations want to hire the top talent. Therefore, talent acquisition experts are revamping their hiring strategies on a large scale to recruit skilled and qualified candidates. 

There is a high demand for adopting talent assessment tools among businesses of various sizes as they help recruiters analyze employees’ skills, aptitude, knowledge, hidden talent and training needs. The candidate mapping tools assist hiring experts in employing talented individuals.

Some of the underlying features of talent assessments tools are listed below:

  • They help recruiters obtain accurate, evidence-based information from applicants. Talent acquisition experts gain an overview of the candidate’s personality traits, interests, motivation levels, skills, abilities and knowledge. 
  • They make the hiring process easier, more productive, helping the companies focus on candidates with the requisite skills and temperaments. 
  • They eliminate candidate bias that may hamper the hiring process and enhance the candidate experience. 
  • They measure the depth and breadth of a candidate’s knowledge with Mercer | Mettl’s online assessment system.
  • An organization can acquire a workforce that is proactive, job-focused, quick, with rational thinking ability, good behavioral traits and multi-tasking skills.
  • They aid smaller organizations with a vast scope for work. The tools help recruiters conduct assessments in a quick, easy and organized manner.

What is candidate screening?

Candidate screening is a process of reviewing job applications after candidate sourcing. It involves skimming through resumes and cover letters to identify the closest applicant-job description matches. The recruiters prioritize resumes with the relevant qualifications, experience, skill sets and projected candidate-organization fit.

How To Conduct a Talent Assessment?

Talent assessments can be conducted in both online and offline environments. It depends on the recruiters to choose the mode of assessment for the applicant. It also depends on the specific job role and type.

For example, if a talent acquisition expert seeks to hire coders in the IT domain, they can select the best talent, using the online coding simulator. It’s an assessment tool where the coder writes code in a real-time coding environment. The applicant is evaluated on parameters, such as problem-solving skills, performance on the desired task and coding proficiency in general programming languages. Once the candidate completes coding, they are auto-graded in real-time based on code quality, efficiency, correctness and scalability.

Similarly, if a recruiter seeks to employ a sales representative, they will ask the applicant to perform the activity in real-time to evaluate on-the-job skills. The interview can also be conducted in a group discussion to evaluate the candidate’s communication and convincing skills. This is ideally an offline mode of behavioral assessment.

Top 14 Talent Assessment Tools To Watch Out For in 2020

Companies are competing to choose the best talent assessment tool. Candidate mapping software helps recruiters understand the candidate’s critical thinking abilities, behavior and problem-solving skills for a specific job role.

Let us evaluate the top 14 talent assessment tools that help recruiters in hiring the best candidates:


Mercer | Mettl

Mettl was founded in 2010 and is one of the best online assessment platforms, offering all major tools, including recruitment, talent assessment, examination and proctoring and learning and development. Talent acquisition experts planning to hire candidates across all job roles can rely on Mercer | Mettl’s extensive assessment battery.

Client size: 4000+ clients across 90+ countries

Assessments: 12 million+ annual assessments

Offerings: It has six popular online assessment tools that measure a candidate’s skills, abilities and knowledge.

It has six popular online assessment tools that measure a candidate’s skills, abilities and knowledge.

Psychometric tests:

They measure the four critical aspects of human personality and assess whether the applicant is a good match for a specific job requirement. The four key aspects of human personality are positive personality traits, dark personality traits, motivations, values, preferences and cognitive abilities.

Cognitive tests:

They assess the applicant’s critical thinking ability, verbal reasoning, numerical ability, problem-solving skills, etc. to execute a particular task, depending on the job function and type.

Behavioral tests:

These tests measure the candidate's human behavior and course of action in a given organizational situation. The recruiter measures an individual’s behavioral competencies, such as skills, knowledge and personal traits.

Spoken English tests:

They evaluate the candidate’s spoken skills, such as pronunciation, fluency, grammar, and listening comprehension for job roles, such as BPO, sales and marketing, etc.

Coding test:

A coding assessment evaluates the candidate’s ability to write code. Mercer | Mettl offers customized coding assessments for applicants to choose ready-made tests from a comprehensive test library. The coder can take the assessment in a risk-free, secure and proctored coding environment.

AI-powered proctoring:

It also offers online proctoring with AI-powered tools to conduct secure virtual exams. The AI and human-based proctoring monitors candidates’ behavior and actions for suspicious activities. The remote proctoring technology eliminates impersonation risks, using multi-factor authentication. Also, a safe exam browser prevents candidates from accessing the internet.

Technical tests:

They analyze the applicant’s knowledge in specific domains, such as IT, accounts, sales, HR, marketing and operations, etc.

Clientele: Uber, Cisco, IIMB, Adobe, American Express, Microsoft, Accenture, Airtel, Novartis, Maruti Suzuki, Britannia, Amazon.com, Inc., Amdocs, BCS, CSG, OLX, Toshiba, Wipro, Fujitsu, Frontier Software, Autodesk, Inc. and Backbase, among others.



It is a skill assessment platform that uses AI-powered technology to recruit candidates for software-specific roles such as qualified developers and engineers. The assessment tool is suitable only for first-round technical interviews.

Skills repository: Rich test library of 700+ skills


  • AdFace Skill Assessments evaluate candidates’ aptitude, technical and coding skills, using an AI chatbot, Ada with an in-built code editor.
  • AdFace PairPro is another feature that assesses problem-solving, coding, and communication skills of developers, with real-time pair programming interviews.
  • There is an extensive test library for programming languages, aptitude tests, framework-specific tests, database tests and other such popular tests.

Clientele: Amazon.com, Inc., Paypal, Government of Singapore, Nielsen, Optimum solutions, etc.


Aspiringminds (Aspiring Minds)

It offers various assessments, such as cognitive ability, personality test, English proficiency, coding tests, job simulation test, sales ability test, customer service, and job skills tests. Recruiters can make smart hiring decisions and pool in skilled and qualified candidates with a host of these online assessment tools.

Client size: 3,000+ clients globally

Clientele: Amazon.com, Inc., Cognizant, Wipro, NTT Data, EXL, Genpact

Assessments: 5.5 million coding assessments



It’s a technical recruitment platform that helps talent acquisition experts conduct coding challenges and online technical interviews.

Some of its best-selling features are listed below:

  • The company’s technical recruiting platform automates sourcing, screening and interviewing. Codility makes it easy for recruiters to hire tech teams as they have access to reliable candidate insights and predictable scoring.
  • Tech recruiters can quickly identify qualified candidates and save time with accurate code screening and effective online tech interviews.
  • You can reduce the interview time-per-hire.
  • Revolutionize your recruitment with Codecheck as it helps recruiters measure candidates’ skills, knowledge and abilities, enabling the deployment of the workforce at scale.
  • Codelive is another feature that assists talent acquisition experts in conducting face-to-face remote interviews in a more flexible, efficient and agile manner.

Client size: 1000+ clients across 62 countries

Clientele: Amazon.com, Inc., Cognizant, Wipro, NTT Data, EXL, Genpact



Founded in 2009, it is a technology hiring platform that assesses developer skills for over 2,000+ companies globally and helps companies use coding assessments in over 35 programming languages. Let’s take a look at some of its offerings:

HackerRank Codescreen: Helps find quality talent faster, with online coding tests and assessments. This feature enables you to create role-specific customized assessments, invite candidates to take the assessment, automatically review, score, and rank them. You can identify and advance top performers based on the assessment’s results.  

HackerRank CodePair: Assesses candidates’ advanced technical skills remotely. It evaluates a candidate’s problem-solving, system design and communication skills, with real-time pair programming.

Clientele: BlackRock, Goldman Sachs, Lloyds Bank, Moody’s Analytics, Morgan Stanley, Paypal, WePay, Expedia, LinkedIn, Amazon.com, Inc., etc. 

Client Size: 2,000+ customers and 11+ million developers on the platform



It is a comprehensive and robust platform that offers a portfolio of assessments for a holistic overview of a candidate’s potential.


  • Cognitive Aptitude: It measures a candidate’s cognitive intelligence, such as problem-solving, attention to detail, learning ability, mechanical reasoning, concentration and focus.
  • Personality: It measures a candidate’s work style and behavioral tendencies such as general personality, integrity, and honesty, sales or customer service fit.
  • Emotional Intelligence: Recruiters identify candidates who have empathy and understanding to succeed in the workplace.
  • Skills: Candidates who have basic competencies, such as general job readiness, basic computer skills, typing and data entry, verbal, math and comprehension, acquired through past experiences.


Interview Mocha

It is a comprehensive assessment platform that offers over 1,000 skill tests for coding, enterprise resource planning, finance, languages, manufacturing, retail, among others.


  • Popular skills tests provided are Big Data Pig Online Test, Java, Coding, Bank Teller Aptitude Test, and Salesforce CRM Test.
  • You can view a battery of skills tests and curate your own assessments, depending on the job role and competency requirements. Interview Mocha can also assemble a customized test for candidates.
  • It also offers assessment integration and candidate ranking tools.

Clientele: Capgemini, Coupa, The United Nations, Fujitsu Limited, Gartner, Inc.



It’s the Swiss-army knife of online skills assessments. The online assessment tool offers customized assessments for specific job-roles such as HR, sales, administration, IT, and accounting.


  • e-Skill has some popular assessments to measure candidates’ potential, such as basic Office skills, Data entry test, Clerical Skills test, Mechanical Aptitude test, Basic Math skills and Remote working skills test, etc.
  • It offers various assessments such as pre-employment, behavioral, employee training, skill testing, voice and video Interviewing, video response, etc.
  • Pre-employment assessments help in building strong candidate pools and aid recruiters in making smart hiring decisions. You can choose customized and valid assessments to measure the candidate’s skills, knowledge and mental abilities.
  • Behavioral assessments help you understand a candidate’s psychological and behavioral traits in performing a specific job role.   
  • Employee Development identifies the underlying employee training needs and skill gaps to ensure the requisite training can be provided to the employees. 
  • Skill Test is an assessment that measures the candidate’s basic subject knowledge, office skills, data entry, verbal and problem-solving skills.  
  • Voice and video Interview is a process where candidates express themselves on video and answer questions during the interview. It helps recruiters to evaluate a candidate’s verbal and thinking ability and verify their identity. 

Clientele: FedEx corporation, Randstad India, LG, The Coca-Cola Company, PepsiCo, Orvis and several others.


Cappafinity (Koro)


  • The online assessment tool offers validated assessments that measure a candidate’s strengths, skills, preferences, cognitive abilities, personality, values, and experience. It consists of Koru7 Impact Skills that are sought by employers in their best-fit hires. These are grit, rigor, impact, teamwork, curiosity, ownership and polish.
  • A candidate takes a simple 20-minute pre-interview assessment and receives immediate feedback on their top Koru7 Impact Skills. The consistent and unbiased analysis empowers hiring experts to screen and select candidates faster.



It is a platform that enables recruiters to customize programming tests for any coding language or technology and helps create customized assessments.


  • The online assessment platform has a list of tests for candidates, such as general tests, including numerical, verbal reasoning, abstract reasoning, English comprehension, project management. It also evaluates the candidate’s code and answers, helping hiring experts make better decisions.



Hiring experts can rely on Thrivemap if they plan to recruit a large volume of people for the same type of role.


  • The online assessment tool offers personalized work simulation pre-hire assessments for high volume hiring. Job simulation enables candidates to work in a simulated organizational work environment and helps recruiters choose the right hire.
  • It offers off-the-shelf assessments for evaluating a candidate's basic level of competence. They are Technical Skills Test, Situational Judgment Test, Cognitive Ability Test, Behavioral/Personality Test.


  • It offers a simulation-based, pre-employment test that evaluates candidates’ cognitive abilities, writing abilities, knowledge and skills, personality factors, emotional intelligence, behavioral history and job knowledge.
  • It offers notable skills assessments, such as Mechanical Aptitude, Spoken English, Digital Literacy, Office Simulations - Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Simulated chat-based customer service. Besides, the tests are animated instead of text-based and simulate real job situations. For example: responding to a disgruntled customer.

Clientele: Alto-Shaam, Inc., Deriv, Beyond, McDonald’s, Exl Service, PWC, PCI, Seibels, etc.



It is an online skills assessment software that helps recruiters measure an applicant’s people’s skills, knowledge and personality traits.


  • Situational Judgment: You can evaluate a candidate’s reaction to specific situations encountered in the workplace.
  • Skill tests: A vast range of skill assessments from job simulations to Microsoft office, from literacy and numeracy, to assess candidate’s critical thinking skills.
  • Psychometric assessment measures an individual’s personality subject to several situations.

Clientele: Capita Plc, BBFC, ASTER Group LLC, Edge Hill University, Secom Co, Ltd., etc. 


The English Quiz

It is an English online assessment platform that offers ready-made or fully-customized tests for recruitment, in-house audits and pre and post-training. The platform evaluates candidates’ oral and written English competency. You can also use English assessments for candidate recruitment, training assessments, mobility/internal audits, call centers, admission and IT recruiting.

Clientele: Octo Cons, Kering, PWC, Festo, Atos, Aire, Wavestone

Types of Talent Assessments

Assessments can be categorized into three parts:


Assessments can be categorized into three parts

Knowledge-based Assessments

It’s a type of assessment where a talent acquisition expert assesses the candidate’s knowledge for a specific job role and functions through various assessment tools. They are listed below:

What is Psychometric Assessment?

Psychometric assessment is a standard and scientific method that analyzes the candidate’s personality traits and mental abilities. The assessment tool gauges an individual’s ability to perform the task effectively and efficiently. The tool is also helpful in recruitment and training processes to significantly enhance the selection and engagement experiences. 

Psychometric testing tools help companies to build successful teams by hiring the right cultural fit, identifying candidates’ key developmental areas, and making them better leaders.

What are the key Psychometric Assessment Tools?

Psychometric assessment is derived from personality and behavior. Personality tests determine the traits exhibited consistently, despite changing circumstances. It is directly proportional to behavior as it results from an individual’s personality traits. Personality is what we are, while the behavior is all about actions.

Some of the core personality traits are introversion/extraversion, openness, conscientiousness, agreeableness, neuroticism and openness to experiences.

Five factors involved in the psychometric testing tool are shown below:

Five factors involved in the psychometric testing tool

You can deep-dive into different types of psychometric assessments here. They offer valuable insights to talent acquisition experts.

The Science behind Psychometric Assessments

Advanced metrics make us consider psychometric research-based tests to optimize different aspects of an employee’s life cycle – recruitment, performance evaluation, learning and development and leadership planning. However, there are two layers to all employees, and they are listed below:

Science behind Psychometric Assessments

SOURCE: Culture in Business Process Management; Schmiedel, Brocke, Recker

To better understand the science behind it, psychometric assessment measures the four key aspects of Human Personality.

They are listed below:

  • Positive personality traits help recruiters identify and assess the candidate’s key personality traits that can influence trainability, culture fitment and job performance.
  • Dark personality traits help employers understand the key negative traits that may impact the safety of employees, customers and the broader work culture.
  • Motivation, value and preferences assist recruiters in understanding what drives and motivates the applicants at work.
  • Cognitive ability is the fourth aspect of personality that measures the applicant’s ability to think logically and analyze any given situation to derive logical conclusions.


The Success Story of CP Plus

CP Plus is a leading tech-security solutions provider that offers a comprehensive range of advanced security and surveillance solutions. It is committed to delivering reliable, scalable and integrated solutions to its customers. Despite its formidable presence in the electronic surveillance products segment, the company was facing several challenges in growing and expanding the business. The company was hard-pressed to find a dynamic sales team to further its mandate.

Some of its challenges were:

  • The non-availability of a secure and effective platform to find the right candidates.
  • No specific tools and resources to assess candidates’ skills.
  • Limited tools to target focused hiring in a reasonable time-frame.
  • Inadequate means to hire candidates in bulk while ensuring their quality.
  • Outdated assessments that were not aligned with industry benchmarks.


How Mercer | Mettl Addressed the Problem

The following were some solutions to overcome the challenges faced by CP Plus in hiring the best workforce:

Mettl Personality Inventory, an innovative and evidence-based assessment, was useful in assessing the candidates’ critical personality traits deemed desirable for sales roles. The tool helped measure and predict behavioral competencies, assisting recruiters in shortlisting the right cultural fit.

Mettl’s Personality Profiler helped CP Plus to reduce the employee attrition rate. The tool allowed its talent acquisition experts to measure the candidates’ strengths and growth opportunities based on their personality traits, preferences, and predispositions. It helped CP Plus make fair and transparent hiring decisions.

Mettl’s Sales Profiler was adopted by CP Plus to use a competency-based framework to build an effective sales team. The tool helped the recruiters identify critical behavioral and cognitive competencies that were specific to the organizational requirements.


  • A remarkable difference was observed after using Mercer | Mettl’s suite of scientifically-validated assessments. The attrition rate dropped by up to 50%. 
  •  CP Plus was able to quickly build new teams and improve team efficiency, thereby improving its overall organizational productivity. 
  • The quality of hires for the sales department and customer-facing roles improved significantly.

What is Behavioral Assessment?

A behavioral assessment helps recruiters understand the candidate’s behavior in a simulated work environment. The applicants must demonstrate behavior competencies in one or more activities relevant to their job role and resemble an actual organizational situation. The applicants are presented with realistic work scenarios with possible actions. They have to select either the best option or rank the possible actions based on their effectiveness.

These assessments play a vital role in the workplace, and the ongoing pandemic has forced talent acquisition experts to emphasize talent assessment tools. 

Behavioral assessments are one of the key candidate mapping tools to find the right fit for the job role. These tests enable hiring experts to recognize the ‘how’ and ‘why’ behind the behavior and help shortlist the right match for the specific job position. Recruiters can make informed decisions about the organization’s future leaders.

There are different types of behavior evaluation tools that are often used together to assess the role-fitment.

They are listed below:

  • Online Behavioral Evaluation Tools, such as Situational Judgment test, Caselets, Case Study Simulator, Inbox Exercises, etc.
  • Offline Behavioral Evaluation Tools, such as Group Activities, Behavioral Event, Role-Plays, Case Presentations, etc.

The explanation for each behavioral tool is exhibited in the table below:


Source: https://blog.mettl.com/guide/behavioral-assessment-test/

These tools are engaging ways to choose the right people for the right jobs and are often customized to emulate the organizational setting and the role’s challenges.

The Success Story Of A Pharmaceutical Firm

A Pharmaceutical behemoth that discovers, develops, and markets various healthcare therapies to customers was hiring extensively. Given the large volumes of candidate evaluation, the company struggled to find a competency framework with the right mix of aptitude and behavioral assessments.  

Mercer | Mettl’s team carried out an in-depth exercise to understand the key competencies required across different roles and levels. The team analyzed comprehensively to curate the right assessments and benchmarked them to identify relevant candidates. The reports were customized to address the key business needs and identify relevant candidates. Besides, Mercer | Mettl conducted the entire recruitment cycle on the organization’s career portal, ensuring a seamless experience for candidates and the company.


  • The pharma giant immensely improved its talent acquisition process. 
  • Candidate filtration was doubled, with the right mix of aptitude and behavioral assessments.  
  • 100+ assessments were created and benchmarked across 30+ business units.

What are Cognitive Assessments?

Hiring experts struggle to find the best talent due to improper recruitment strategies and limited talent assessment tools. Hence, Mercer | Mettl has devised diverse talent assessment tools to find the best fit. One of them is cognitive assessments that measure the candidate’s thinking abilities, such as perception, reasoning, memory, verbal skills and problem-solving skills. These assessments are designed to challenge the applicant’s potential to solve problems when learning new job skills or tackling workplace issues. 

Measuring Cognitive Intelligence

It is a combination of verbal, numerical and spatial abilities, consisting of visualizing, use of memory, word fluency, verbal relations, perceptual speed, induction and deduction. It is further divided into ‘Crystallized’ and ‘Fluid Intelligence.’

You can measure cognitive intelligence by identifying the candidate’s abilities or skills in the form the intelligence manifests itself. These skills and abilities are known as ‘competency.’

Crystallized Intelligence

It refers to the candidate’s ability to use prior experience and knowledge to make informed decisions. For example: solving a math problem with formula or applying grammatical rules to form correct sentences. You can evaluate the candidate’s crystallized intelligence through a series of tests, such as abstract reasoning, spatial and visual reasoning.

Fluid Intelligence

It is the ability to solve unfamiliar problems through logical reasoning. You can gauge the candidate’s ability to think and act dynamically with precision. It is independent of previous experiences, practices or education. You can identify a candidate’s fluid intelligence through various tests, such as language and comprehension, logical and critical reasoning, problem-solving, decision-making and judgment.

What are Technical Assessments?

The test evaluates the applicant’s functional and subject knowledge for a specific job role. The questions in technical tests are based on the skill requirement of a specific job role. The competencies in technical assessment vary with the job function, job role and industry. This test enables recruiters to filter technical talent from a vast candidate pool, using a combination of application-based questions, such as MCQs and simulators, to measure job-relevant skills.

The Process To Identify Technical Competencies In Applicants:

  • Understand the applicants’ technical competencies based on the job role, industry and organization-specific context.
  • After analyzing the applicant’s underlying technical competency, you can create assessment blueprints listing skills and subskills essential to cover each technical competency.
  • Create Competency-wise content from Mercer | Mettl’s repository.
  • With SMEs’ assistance, you can design assignments and reports from a combination of question types and as per the customization need.

What are Coding Assessments?

Coding assessments measure applicants’ know-how and evaluate them on languages and technologies, such as Java, Python, C++, Oracle, SQL, etc. The recruiters shortlist candidates who score well in the coding assessments. A hiring manager filters quality technical talent from a vast candidate pool. They use a combination of knowledge and application-based techniques, such as MCQs and simulators, to measure job-relevant skills.

Besides, coding assessments measure the candidate’s ability to fulfill the essential criteria and job requirements. A meaningful talent evaluation from the beginning ensures the ensuing steps enable successful hiring. Hence, coding assessments are best suited before the interview round and should be administered as part of technical screening.


The Success Story of Indus Valley Partners (IVP)

The Success Story of Indus Valley Partners (IVP)

Indus Valley Partners, a leading technology solution and consulting service provider in the global asset management industry, sought talented coders. However, it didn’t have the assessment tools to undertake an efficient, easy and accurate evaluation process.

The company also faced numerous other challenges, including:

  • Inefficient, traditional methods
  • Lack of in-depth and actionable reports
  • Inadequate staffing and time constraints
  • A large-scale and time-consuming screening process
  • Evaluation of candidates’ coding skills on various parameters
  • Simplifying the entire technical hiring process

Indus Valley Partners employed Mercer | Mettl’s online assessment platform, using coding assessments to test candidates’ coding abilities, down to the code efficiency level. They were evaluated on concepts such as recursion, AI Stacks, and more, to onboard the best developers. 

Recruiters were able to automate and scale up the screening process via technical assessments. The candidate’s coding potential was assessed accurately, using Mercer | Mettl’s coding simulator. 

Mercer | Mettl’s content team developed custom content to test extremely niche technical skills across those job roles and difficulty levels. They used Mercer | Mettl’s repository of questions on data structures, algorithms, DBMS, operating systems, analytical and verbal reasoning to test candidates.


Their first campus recruitment drive was successfully concluded, with the hiring of up to twenty developers and ten QA engineers. Thousands of work hours were saved by employing automated reports, ready-to-use question banks and remote proctoring.

The organizational efficiency shot up by up to 50% while conducting technical hiring. An extensive library of coding simulators also enabled better screening and faster hiring of talent.

What is a Spoken English Assessment?

Good communication skills are significant for success in the globally-interlinked economy. Hiring experts seek candidates who can effectively communicate in English and maximize business collaborations. This test measures a candidate’s pronunciation, fluency, grammar and listening comprehension. The spoken English assessment also measures the applicant’s cultural fitment and domain knowledge.

This pre-employment test has become the most important criteria in the hiring process. It is the best filtration tool to assess applicants applying for customer-facing roles, and industries such as sales, BPO, hospitality, media house and branding, etc.

Application-based Assessment

Talent acquisition experts can also assess candidates through application/situation-based tests. Recruiters predict the applicant’s on-the-job mental ability, behavior pattern, course of action, and decision-making in performing real-time tasks.

Job Simulations

A job simulator is a pre-employment test where candidates perform the tasks in real-time. A recruiter assesses candidates on organizational situations performed on the job. For example, a sales representative can be asked to deal with customers and resolve their issues over a chat. A hypothetical scenario can test their analytical and logical thinking skills. Such a talent mapping assessment is similar to a work sample. However, the former involves more on-the-spot work.Recruiters conduct a job simulation during the interview or via online hiring assessment tools. A job simulation exercise measures the candidate’s way of thinking and handling a complex situation with limited resources.

Some of the popular job simulators are listed below:

Coding Simulator

It is a coding assessment that analyzes the candidate’s hands-on experience and the ability to solve a problem in their desired programming language. Talent acquisition experts assess the coders on code quality, efficiency, correctness and scalability, etc. An online programming test can be conducted on a coding test platform to evaluate the candidate’s test cases of your choice and code’s effectiveness.

Online Behavioral Tools

  • Situational Judgment Tests: To analyze, rank, rate, or select the most effective response in role-specific scenarios.
  • Inbox Exercises: To choose the best possible responses to the issues presented in the mails.
  • Caselet Sets: To solve the problems highlighted in a business scenario.
  • Case Study Simulators: To find relevant information, diagnose issues, and recommend actions.

Offline Behavioral Tools

  • Group Discussion: To assess a candidate’s ability to influence, communicate and work in a team.
  • Behavioral Interviews: A detailed description of a candidate’s understanding of a given business situation is observed.
  • Role-Plays: The ability to enact a specific role within a business constraint.
  • Case Presentation: An assessment of a candidate’s ability to communicate with a group of people.

Feedback Assessment

The third type of assessment used by talent acquisition experts is a 360-degree assessment where an employee’s performance is reviewed by superiors, managers, subordinates, customers and colleagues. It is a feedback mechanism that helps employees enhance their overall performance, skills and behavior. The feedback report is then shared with the respective team members through one-one meetings with the supervisors. 

A 360-degree evaluation is conducted to enhance employee personal development goals, and a report is created by the supervisor that is kept anonymous to prevent personal differences between the feedback seeker and provider.

How Mercer | Mettl Is Unique

Mercer | Mettl’s online platform helps recruiters and companies to make great people decisions with a comprehensive suite of tools for talent assessment and recruiting solutions. Evaluating a large number of candidates across various domains is not easy for hiring experts. A thorough, well-researched and analytics-led approach is pivotal, and that’s where Mercer | Mettl’s approach is useful.

Some of the popular talent assessment tools offered by Mercer | Mettl is listed below in the figure:

Originally published October 12 2020, Updated October 12 2020

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