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The Importance of Using Communication Assessment Tools in Campus Hiring

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The Importance of Using Communication Assessment Tools in Campus Hiring


Campus Hiring Is Undergoing A Digitized Turn


Recruiting fresh talent for your business is a high-yielding exercise triggered by a long-term vision. Fresh minds are your company’s future. Therefore, you must undertake their hiring process well. Organizations conduct campus drives every recruitment season, catering to their growing talent requirement by hiring candidates from educational institutions. These fresh candidates bring the much-needed ambition and drive, offering organizations new ideas to maintain a competitive edge, equally laying a strong future roadmap.

Amid extended and sporadic lockdowns and remote working scenarios, enterprises continue to invest in scientific and data-backed approaches to hire the best candidates from the available talent pool. When conducting a remote or even an on-site campus recruiting drive, the filtration process assumes centerstage, given the vast candidate pool that appears for the process.

Evaluating fresh college graduates on their resumes is a trifle challenging, as they do not possess any work experience. Therefore, it increases the probability of missing out on a high-potential candidate.

Pre-employment tools help evaluate the candidates’ abilities, personality traits and communication skills. Among them, communication skills and aptitude play a significant role in the screening stage for shortlisting fresh talent. Using technology and pre-employment assessment tools, you can easily evaluate their language proficiencies, aptitudes and behavioral traits from the comfort of your remote locations. These online assessments are critical in filtering candidates at an early stage in the recruitment process. Backed by a scientific and systemic algorithm, online assessment tools ensure that candidates with the appropriate skill sets and competencies get selected for the final interview rounds. Scientific screening tools help businesses identify the most befitting aspirants by using customized assessments with incredibly accurate results.


The Criticality of the Communication Skills Assessment In Campus Hiring


Organizations seeking to undertake campus recruitment drives to onboard new talent employ the online communication assessment as the primary step to filter suitable candidates. Impressive communication skills are the primary success tools of established leaders and equally an integral part of their success journey. Unambiguous and effective communication skills are vital for building a robust workforce that will add value to your organization.

The essential purpose of conducting the online communication assessment test is to identify candidates for job roles that involve front-end and back-end interactions with clients and customers. The English communication skills test is important for most roles in the current context. However, it is most critical for sales job roles, customer support roles, tele callers, content executives and managers in marketing roles, etc.

The online communication skills assessment test is the fundamental pre-employment assessment that most campus recruiters employ to match suitable talent with the right job. It enables you to measure a candidate’s communication skills level to help you better ascertain whether it is adequate for the job role you intend to hire. These scientific evaluations ensure that you are sub-structuring your hiring process with the best available candidates. One of the key highlights of the online communication assessment tool is that it follows an automated grading process that certifies that all the test scores are objective and free from human biases and errors.


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Challenges In the Assessment of Communication Skills

Given the lengthy processes, recruiters tend to either skip or conduct communication assessments leniently to speed up things. They employ convenient traditional methods to expedite the hiring process, which is dotted with challenges.

Assessing communication skills via phone calls

This long-standing communication skills assessment method is not the ideal way. Prone to many loopholes, communication skills assessment via phone usually results in biased judgments and human errors. Given the magnitude of candidates, it is time-consuming, mentally exhausting and cost-prohibitive.

Assessing communication skills during interviews

This incompetent interview-based process usually leads to a judgment-based result. In the absence of a primary screening assessment and structured guidelines to gauge the correctness of a candidate’s answers, identifying a good fit becomes extremely difficult and wastes an interviewer’s time.

Not assessing communication skills at all

This specific approach leads to fitment challenges, performance gaps and attrition, among other problems. Communication skills assessment is the fundamental step to screening candidates. It helps determines their future job role and cultural fitment in the company. Effective communications skills are the clear sign of a high-performance employee and, therefore, should be scouted for at the onset of a hiring process.


The Right Way: Conducting Communication Skills Assessment Backed By Scientific Models

Employees are now expected to understand the business needs and also interact with both internal and external stakeholders in a manner that represents their organizations’ essence. Possessing effective communication skills is not merely defined by an excellent command of the English language but the ability to listen with clarity, comprehend a message, followed by a strategic action – which completes the package. These skills are integral to the successful journey of aspiring leaders.

Online communication assessments evaluate several layers of interpersonal communication skills in an individual, from verbal and non-verbal communication skills, listening ability to understanding the key communication concepts.

Here are a few reasons why online communication assessments should be your first step in conducting campus recruitment:

  • Backed by a scientific concept, this pre-employment evaluation accurately predicts the most suitable candidate for the intended job role.
  • These creative and innovative tools allow you to manage the online campus recruitment process remotely, in limited time, with comparatively fewer resources.
  • One can easily reduce the cost of the overall recruitment drive by conducting the online communication assessment test.
  • The tools analyze a candidate’s performance based on your pre-defined criteria and generate automated reports with detailed results.
  • These automated reports precisely identify trainable and non-trainable areas of the candidate, besides measuring his/her cultural fitment and domain knowledge.

How Do You Assess Communication Skills?


The four areas of communication assessment:

Writing skills

Writing skills involve assessing a candidate's ability to use grammar, spellings and punctuations correctly while writing content using a writing simulator.

Reading skills

Reading skills entails assessing a candidate’s ability to read and comprehend sentences correctly and provide an appropriate answer.

Listening skills

Listening skills involve assessing a candidate’s ability to listen attentively, receive and effectively understand what others say in a communication process using a listening simulator.

Speaking skills

Speaking skills comprise assessing a candidate's ability to speak fluently and enunciate words correctly to find his/her critical trainable and non-trainable errors.

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Modern Tools And Technologies For An Effective Communication Skills Assessment

Mercer | Mettl’s AI (Artificial Intelligence) powered English proficiency test has a comprehensive approach that enables you to holistically evaluate a candidate’s speaking, listening, writing and reading abilities. This online communication assessment tool is guided by a scientific approach and significantly aids in streamlining the campus hiring process and eases recruitment efforts.

The solution identifies a candidate’s trainable and non-trainable areas and outlines his/her strengths, abilities and development areas. It helps you hire the most suitable candidates for your organization and allows you to create a strategic future training program.

Mercer | Mettl’s SpeechX communication assessment tool helps employers evaluate a large number of applicants on grammar, comprehension, vocabulary and fluency using a scientific method. This pre-employment communication skills assessment tool enables hiring managers and recruiters to evaluate candidates’ speaking and listening skills accurately, systematically and objectively. An AI-based tool based on Carnegie Speech technology uses state-of-the-art speech recognition and artificial intelligence technology licensed from Carnegie Mellon University. It is often referred to as the most accurate system on the market.

SpeechX communication test evaluates four key language components: spoken English, written English, active listening and fluency, to thoroughly assess an individual’s business communication skills. Our communication assessment test can help you assess candidates’ competency applying for roles, including but not limited to customer support executives, sales executives/ associates, tele caller executives, etc.

It is vital for professionals engaged in the fields mentioned above to possess adequate communication skills to understand and accumulate information, prepare business reports/emails/proposals and interact with multiple stakeholders.

You can create a complete English language assessment using our reading and writing simulators, followed by optimizing your recruiting funnel with Mercer | Mettl’s customizable online communication skills tests. Mercer | Mettl’s communication skills tests help employers measure a candidate’s English communication skills quantifiably. Mercer | Mettl also provides detailed test reports enabling recruiters to access them with analytical and logical analysis. You can shortlist candidates based on several criteria, regardless of time and place.



Why Recruiters Use the Online Communication Assessment?


Recruiters and organizations use this test for hiring candidates for job roles that involve front-end and back-end interactions with clients and customers. The English communication skills test is most appropriate for sales job roles, customer support roles, tele callers, content executives and managers in marketing roles, etc. The test is suited for candidates with 0-5 years of experience.




How to Conduct A Secure Online Communication Assessment Test?

Online assessments are extensively used in the filtering process of a campus hiring drive to shortlist students for further rounds of interviews. Businesses conducting nationwide online campus drives are also challenged by cheating and identity thefts in their online screening assessments, threatening the test’s credibility, resulting in poor quality hires. Such a cascading effect eventually defeats the singular purpose of the overall campus hiring strategy.

Online screening assessment methods have undergone innovation, thanks to technology, and provide an effective solution with remote proctoring services. Remote proctoring is the merger of human and AI-based remote invigilation services that allow recruiters to conduct online assessments from any location. The service prevents candidates from indulging in any unfair means during the test. Organizations can screen candidates securely remotely, from the comfort of their homes or offices, without having to dedicate considerable resources to travel from one institution to another. Likewise, it also enables students to take their test from their preferred locations’ safety and comfort. Remote proctoring technology has enabled seamless execution and coordination by doing away with the requirement of large-scale interview venues.

While online communication assessments precisely evaluate aspirants on both interpersonal and professional skills, remote proctoring allows them to take their exam easily from their choice of location, resulting in a substantial increase in the hiring rate. Mercer | Mettl also offers superior identity theft and cheating prevention through webcam recording, plagiarism checks and window proctoring services. We recommend adding a layer of Mercer | Mettl’s AI proctoring service to your online assessment tests for accurate and plagiarism-free results.


The Right Package for An Effective Screening in Campus Hiring

Creating the right package for an effective hiring process that results in an impeccable onboarding rate requires technology, creativity and innovation to go hand in hand. While conducting online screening assessments, recruiters can combine these tests with online aptitude exams to get more filtered results. When combined with aptitude tests and an added layer of remote proctoring, the online communication assessment offers effective results in identifying suitable candidates. This new-age recruitment method is the only viable and scalable model that provides the best results for your organization’s future.




Communication assessments done correctly can result in a significant impact on an organization’s onboarding rate. Customized assessment tools can help organizations recruit the most befitting entry-level talent. Online communication assessment tests are a game-changer and a break away from the conventional methods, delivering exceptionally accurate results. This is a holistically designed method that places the organization’s needs at the forefront of innovation and advanced technology, leading to an amazing future workforce.

Due to numerous enterprises competing to onboard the best talent, logistical challenges concerning booking venues and getting a convenient time slot without a clash with another recruitment drive becomes an added roadblock. Virtual campus hiring allows organizations to only go to campus to take the final round of interviews of the candidates identified using the online communication assessment tool. This saves the recruiters’ travel time, travel expense and the time needed to sift through every application’s standing. These easily customizable assessment tools help you map the students’ overall performance and competencies prevalent in the industry.

For any further assistance, we at Mercer | Mettl are here to help you out! Just list your needs, and we will create effective assessments for you. We have our set of assessments bifurcated by skills and industry. However, if you are looking for something more, we will customize it for you!

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Evaluate communications skills of candidates with the SpeechX:

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