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Looking for the best online assessment platform? Mercer | Mettl has the answer!

Talent Assessment | 10 Min Read

Looking for the best online assessment platform? Mercer | Mettl has the answer!

What are online assessment platforms?

Online assessment platforms are digital tools used to evaluate the skills and traits of test-takers through online assessments. These digital platforms support various kinds of assessment platforms, such as personality assessments, behavioral assessments, cognitive assessments, technical assessments, coding assessments and communication skills assessments for a holistic skill evaluation. Widely used across varied industries, online assessment tools offer the essential setup to conduct numerous online assessments, monitor candidates and generate detailed performance reports.


Watch the video below to know everything about the leading online assessment platform.


How different sectors are making the most of assessment platforms


Online assessment platforms help significantly in identifying and retaining the best talent available in the industry. Assessment software packages can efficiently perform candidate evaluation across domains and industries, irrespective of time and place. Besides, such advanced platforms can provide customized assessments for a highly diversified clientele, such as the corporate sector, educational institutions and government bodies, etc.

1. Corporate sector

The shift from human to automated processes is continual. Hence most organizations have started leveraging online assessment platforms to expedite their evaluation processes and secure the best talent by investing the least effort and time. The ease of assessing entry-level and experienced professionals highlights assessment platforms’ practicality. Moreover, these platforms help companies make data-driven recruitment and development decisions to hire the best talent and identify the workforce’s essential needs, respectively. Undoubtedly, these tools allow organizations greater leeway in assessing candidates for cognitive, behavioral and communication skills.

These assessment platforms expedite recruitment processes, enabling companies to assess high volumes of candidates, optimize their operations, lower costs and improve the hiring quality. Additionally, these platforms can help facilitate upskilling programs for developing the workforce for emerging opportunities. Using software’s data-driven assessments, employers can recruit and retain high-potential candidates with the utmost ease, eventually translating into enhanced productivity and better job performance.

2. Educational Institutions

Educational institutions are seeking reliable and foolproof technology service providers to ramp up online examinations after the COVID-19-induced disruption. That is where online assessment platforms come in handy in automating academic examinations completely while maintaining their sanctity. Even when normalcy is restored, academia can continue leveraging the power of robust online assessment tools to manage end-to-end examination drives. With the advent of online assessment systems, examination processes have become more streamlined – be it semesters or entrance exams.

3. Government sector

The public sector is also not left untouched by the merits of online assessment tools. These computer-based assessment tools help recruit top talent for various state and central government departments. Additionally, governments widely use these platforms to measure public skills for their skilling and educational programs.


Thirteen features to look for when selecting an online assessment tool

Numerous industries are investing significantly in online assessment platforms nowadays to hire and develop talent using data. It offers efficiency by reducing the costs incurred on using physical centers and human resources. Additionally, it guarantees authenticity through automation and accuracy. Therefore, employing only the best online assessment platform is critical. But, how do you identify one?

Here are a few features to factor in when selecting the best online assessment platform:

Range of assessments:

What makes an online assessment platform stand out is its ability to screen candidates holistically and accurately using a complete set of assessments to test core traits (such as personality traits) as well as acquired skills (such as coding skills). An assessment suite is a cluster of varied assessments to evaluate applicants’ skills, personality and ability, respectively. Assessment alignment varies from role to role, based on the needs of the assessor. With the provision of the right assessment suite, talent evaluation becomes easy, cost-saving and high-yielding.

New-age tools integration:

A well-integrated online assessment tool eliminates hassles and allows assessors to conduct the entire assessment on a single platform. Multi-question formats, simulator-based assessments for programming roles, case study simulations for business roles and other such integrated features ensure quality assessments.


The platform should effortlessly conduct and manage large-scale online assessments without geographical restraints and technical glitches. Scalability plays a significant role for organizations or institutions seeking to evaluate a large number of candidates digitally. The assessment software should run smoothly when thousands of applicants log in and attempt the online exam. In such cases, the platform should run smoothly and securely without any technical glitches.

A seamless candidate experience:

What makes a platform remarkable is its ability to deliver a perfect candidate experience. It should aid the test-taker performance and not hinder it. Minor disturbances can create significant anxiety among test-takers, and a proficient assessment platform ensures no such occurrences. Aside from an easy user interface, the platform should be sleek, quick and intelligent.

Easy customization:

An online assessment tool with inadequate customization will never strike a chord with evaluators and candidates. What is needed is a versatile and customizable assessment platform that suits everyone’s needs. Such a platform allows test-makers to either pick a custom-built test from its library or helps them create their test by following straightforward processes. Additionally, it should provide options to add novel items like the brand logo, brand messaging, etc.

Integrated assessment question library:

Ascertaining the justifiability of assessments without including competency-based questions would be a futile exercise. Evaluators need to include various question types during an assessment. A well-rounded online assessment tool with pre-built questions allows users to conduct recruitment assessments quickly, with multiple question types.

Insightful reporting:

An in-depth analysis of an individual’s performance is possible only with comprehensive analytical reports. What makes an online assessment platform worth considering is its ability to tailor-make the offerings as per the client’s needs. Custom reports help provide critical insights into candidates’ performance than standard template reports. Additionally, reports should be easy to understand and comprehensible.

Data security:

Reliable online assessment platforms assure safety by providing stringent data security services. Much is at stake while monitoring applicant activity during an online assessment, including everything from candidate data and question sets to scores. If the assessment data is well encrypted, the chances of misusing it are minimal. Data encryption and secure hosting prevent unauthorized access to data. Undoubtedly, employers can be assured of the sanctity of the results in such a safe environment.

Integrated proctoring:

Reliability and security are two crucial features of any credible online assessment system. Conducting an assessment in a highly cheating-proof environment is vital for evaluators. It will become much more convenient for them to detect all forms of malpractices using AI-backed, anti-cheating solutions that include real-time monitoring, secure browsing and authenticity checks. One can avert malpractices with essential features such as facial recognition, multiple device detection, device detection, distraction detection, etc. A secure online assessment platform ensures that any candidate who indulges in cheating is flagged during or after the assessment.

24*7 Support:

A proficient online assessment solution ensures global multi-channel support with a quick turnaround time. The online technical teams of platform developers must be available 24/7 to resolve any technical glitches and answer test-takers' queries. Prompt service can reduce their anxiety.

Device compatibility:

The ubiquity of mobile devices has created many opportunities for applicants to take their online tests on the go. As a result, an ideal online assessment system should be able to conduct computer-based exams seamlessly on any device, including desktops, tablets and mobiles. It simplifies the entire procedure and offers a more enriching candidate experience.

Multiple browser support:

This is an important feature to factor in when selecting an online assessment platform. Test-takers use multiple web browsers, and all of them have different standards. Therefore, the assessment platform should be able to support various web browsers identically.

Integrated with LMS and HRMS:

An important feature to consider in an online assessment platform is its integration with LMS and HRMS platforms. These platforms are widely used to manage and automate employee hiring, HR processes and exams. HRMS and LMS integration will ensure that the online assessment platform is your one-stop shop for any recruitment and L&D needs. A well-integrated platform will eliminate the need for additional platform support.


Top 5 assessment platform providers

  • Mercer | Mettl
  • iMocha
  • ESkill India
  • MeritTrac
  • ExamOnline

Here is a quick rundown of some handy features in each of these tools


Mercer | Mettl


Founded in 2010, Mercer | Mettl is a leading online assessment solutions company. The company provides a sophisticated slew of online assessment tools for corporates and academic institutes. Mercer| Mettl’s online assessment platform is a holistic talent assessment platform that helps you conduct customized online assessments on its powerful cloud-based platform, secured with best-in-class AI-based proctoring. It is an all-in-one integrated solution to conduct skills assessments, online examinations, campus and lateral hiring, training and development initiatives, certifications and more.

Client size: 6,000+ clients across 90+ countries

Salient features:

  • A self-manageable online assessment system
  • A battery of assessments to measure domain, behavioral and cognitive abilities
  • A scalable and robust software to seamlessly manage large-scale assessments
  • An extensive test question library that caters to the clients’ diverse needs
  • An easy-to-use user interface that provides the best candidate experience
  • AI-powered online proctoring solutions to keep cheaters at bay
  • Highest level of data security available in a well-encrypted cloud infrastructure
  • Diversity of question types, instrumental in measuring the depth and breadth of a candidate’s knowledge
  • In-depth analytical reports that can be tailored as per varied business requirements
  • Intuitive white labeling feature to customize testing interfaces that reflect a brand’s identity
  • Secure API support to construct a custom workflow
  • Round-the-clock assistance




iMocha (erstwhile known as Interview Mocha) is a Delaware, US-based, online assessment solution provider that helps organizations test candidates’ skills as per the job requirement. Founded in 2012, the company caters to the entire skills assessment ecosystem, enabling organizations to screen candidates in the best possible manner. iMocha’s platform, product, and custom services have found favor with various organizations across industries.

Client size: 1,500+ clients

Key features:

  • A variety of question types
  • Video interview-based questions
  • Customizable tests
  • Easy configuration of test settings
  • Easy invitation options for campus and bulk-hiring
  • White-labeling feature




eSkill is a Massachusetts-based talent assessment company, which was founded in 2003. The company offers employment-related skills testing solutions to its clients worldwide. To provide customizable online pre-employment assessment tests, eSkill Corporation launched its online assessment system in 2003. eSkill solutions enable organizations to deliver well-structured pre-employment and skills gap assessments.

Client size: 3,000+ clients

Key offerings:

  • Pre-employment skills assessment, behavioral assessments, employees’ skills gap assessments, etc.
  • Easy integration with leading ATS and ERP systems
  • Online test management system for third-party assessments
  • Libraries of job-based tests




Founded in 2000, MeritTrac is an India-based testing and assessment provider. The company provides assessment solutions to corporate entities, government organizations and educational institutions. MeritTrac’s online assessment platform enables recruiters to hire the right talent through its comprehensive suite of assessments. Using this online assessment tool, recruiters can filter out candidates, improve the hiring process and make informed decisions.

Client size: 400+

Key offerings:

  • A hybrid assessment platform (can be used on cloud, on-premise and even on smart devices)
  • Linux and Windows support
  • Plug-and-play functionality
  • Easy to integrate with any existing system
  • Instant report generation
  • Performance benchmarking




Established in 2009, ExamOnline is an active player in the assessments and examination industry. The company provides a fully integrated platform to deliver end-to-end assessment services to clientele globally.

With over a decade of experience in online examinations, the company aims to provide economical, efficient and secure examination and assessment services to its clients. It offers a comprehensive online examination tool designed to conduct online examinations, recruitment examinations, entrance tests, skill assessments, certifications, lateral and campus hiring, etc.

Client size: NA

Key offerings:

  • An end-to-end cloud-based examination platform to create, schedule and report online exams
  • A highly scalable software system
  • Anti-cheating technology support
  • Readily available exam configuring tools
  • E-mail and SMS-based exam-day notifications
  • A consolidated exam reporting system

Let’s look at Mercer | Mettl’s assessment platform in some more detail. We have recently launched some exciting features, which take its offerings to the next level!


Mercer | Mettl’s all-in-one assessment software

Mercer | Mettl’s online assessment platform is just the solution you are looking for. Its stellar online assessment tool allows you to conduct virtual assessments, online exams, hire and develop talent. The platform is built for accurate skills evaluation and supports various assessments to screen candidates online.

Its online assessment platform is the industry’s most versatile and proven talent assessment platform to measure skills, personality and can be customized to the organization’s needs. The state-of-the-art platform boasts a comprehensive suite of new-age tools that enable remote online assessments on the platform. It easily allows both human and AI (Artificial Intelligence) proctoring, ensuring the integrity and security of the assessment process.


What are the different types of assessments we offer? Here is the answer:


Assessment Platform Blog_Infographic 4

Psychometric tests:

Measures an individual’s personality traits, aptitude, intelligence, abilities and behavioral style. This online assessment tool is widely used in career guidance and employment to match a person’s abilities and personality to a suitable career or role.

Behavioral tests:

Measures behavioral competencies in a simulated work environment. These online assessments require candidates to demonstrate their behavioral skills in an activity that resembles an actual organizational situation.

Aptitude tests:

Measure cognitive intelligence with our scientific aptitude test apt for hiring and learning and development. This online assessment tool allows you to identify the best talent with high cognitive intelligence.

Coding skills tests:

Measure the hands-on coding skills of a candidate in a real-world environment with our coding tests. The online assessment platform comes integrated with a suite of robust simulators -Front-End, Back-End and Fullstack.

Domain tests:

Our online technical assessments enable you to hire the best talent with in-depth functional knowledge. This online assessment covers a wide range of core corporate functions, industries and skills.

Spoken English tests:

Measures a candidate's comprehensive spoken English abilities on four levels - fluency, grammar, pronunciation and listening comprehension. The online assessment system offers intelligent voice assessment technology that objectively evaluates candidates on nuances of speech.

Features of Mercer | Mettl online assessment solutions

Our robust platform allows you to conduct easy and secure virtual online tests cost-effectively. These tests are secured with integrated proctored assessment technology (with AI-powered tools). It has several features and offers great value in the pre-assessment, during-assessment and post-assessment phases. Here is a look:


1. During pre-assessment:


  • A complete suite of assessments: We measure on-job skills, domain knowledge, personality, and behavior traits and communication skills with our suite of assessments tools and simulators, including personality assessments, behavioral assessments, cognitive assessments, technical assessments, coding assessments and communication skills assessments.
  • Easy assessment creation: Our online assessment platform allows you to create quick tests using our 100,000+ pre-built questions library. If looking for a customized test for a specific skill requirement, you can easily get it done through our team of experienced subject matter experts. We have a wide variety of question types, including multiple-choice questions, case studies, coding simulators, subjective writing, guesstimate, spreadsheet questions, diagram-based questions, and fill-in-the-blanks.
  • Automated scheduling and invites: You can easily schedule assessments, and the system automatically shares the test links to candidates. You can also set up automated reminders for candidates and send bulk invitations in just one click. Its self-manageable online assessment management lets you track test-takers, assess and interview them with minimal training.
  • Integrated with new-age assessment tools: Mercer | Mettl’s online assessment platform is well-integrated with new-age tools such as coding simulators, case study simulators and more to create interesting, dynamic and challenging assessments.


2. During the assessment:


  • 100% Cheating prevention: Mercer | Mettl’s platform comes integrated with best-in-class AI-powered and human-assisted proctoring technology. With its anti-cheating solutions, you can easily detect all forms of malpractices that include live monitoring, authenticity check and secure browsing, facial recognition, multiple people detection, device detection and distraction level detection. Besides, the tool is customizable to your requirements to ensure flexibility in cost, features and the stakes of assessments.
  • Amazing test-taker experience: Our modern and dynamic system is easy to use for candidates. Its sleek and modern UI and UX allow easy and quick navigability. The latest tech stack empowers a hassle-free experience with quick navigation and no glitches. Yes, no glitches at all! Test-takers don’t have to download any software. Additionally, their work is auto-saved in case of network interruptions, and test-takers can easily resume from where they left.
  • Test-taker aiding features: Mercer | Mettl’s online assessment solution comes integrated with test aiding tools like an easy-to-use scientific calculator, which is always on screen, bookmark question feature, a quick summary of attempts analysis, among others.
  • A mobile-friendly interface: Candidates can take assessments as seamlessly on their mobile devices and tablets as they take them on laptops. Mercer | Mettl offers an optimized native app experience, and its online assessment tools are compatible with multiple operating systems.


3. Post the assessment:


  • State-of-the-art reports: Mercer | Mettl’s online assessment platform offers sleek, insightful, and easy-to-navigate reports generated automatically after completing the exam. The highly insightful reports come with deep customizability. The evaluator can see a candidate’s performance on various sections and levels of difficulty. The reports also provide deep insight into the strengths and weaknesses of the candidates on various levels.
  • Automated certifications: Provide credible automated certificates to your candidates post the completion of their assessment or a particular course. Mercer | Mettl’s automated online certification platform decreases the delivery turnaround time by giving real-time certifications.


Features that make Mercer| Mettl’s assessment software world-class

  • Scalability: Mercer | Mettl’s online assessment platform can conduct more than 200,000 assessments in a day. Multiple users/candidates can simultaneously become a part of an assessment, irrespective of the geographical restraints and without technical glitches. Mercer | Mettl’s robust server structure can facilitate the criteria of scalability and high response time.
  • Data security: Mercer | Mettl’s assessment system supports data encryption in transit and at rest and complies with international data security standards. The data is hosted on the most secure server – Amazon Web Services (AWS). The system proactively evaluates threats and reduces the risk associated with data storage and handling. Mercer| Mettl is GDPR compliant, ISO27001 compliant and ISO9001 compliant.
  • Customizability: This unique feature allows assessors to write their test instructions and customize sections as per their requirements. The tool allows theme customization as per the group of candidate/s participating. The feature also allows users to incorporate their brand logos onto the assessment platform. You can also add more to the test’s credibility by using Mercer | Mettl’s watermark feature. Mercer | Mettl’s assessment tool also allows the assessors to customize their reports.
  • Seamless integration: Easy API-based integration with organizations’ ERP solutions. Mercer | Mettl’s assessment platform offers its REST APIs that work exceptionally with search engines and seamlessly support all major ATSs, HRMSs, LMSs – Moodle and Blackboard, to name a few.

Click to read more about Mercer | Mettl’s recruitment assessments solutions used by TVS Motors



The world of work is in the midst of digital transformation with a continual perforation of new-age technology. It is time to embrace new norms and stay updated. Most organizations and institutions are perceiving virtual assessments as the new regular to yield successful results. By including Mercer | Mettl’s online assessment tools in your assessment processes, you can better control the quality and retention of the talent, regardless of size. With Mercer | Mettl’s robust online assessment solutions, high-yielding assessments are easy. Mercer | Mettl offers numerous tailor-made assessment platforms with remarkable features to suit your requirements. Its tools help you adopt an innovative approach to decision-making, which is backed by data and scientific methods for organizational progress.

Originally published March 12 2020, Updated November 3 2021

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With an honours degree in English Literature, Arshmeet has been contributing in field of content for more than six years. From working in NDTV Ethnic, Ideal Home & Garden Magazine to MakeMyTrip India, Arshmeet had the opportunity to write for varied industries. She enjoys writing interactive yet unambiguous content that is relatable and informative.

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Online assessments, also known as digital or virtual assessments, are computer-based exams. Online assessments use information technology to empower test-takers to take assessments from anywhere, anytime. Online assessments are widely used by educational institutions and corporations.

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