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Psychometric Assessments For Marketing Managers

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Given the rising business uncertainty as well as unprecedented opportunity, marketing has become the most prominent business driver today. But in order to succeed, marketing has to be more than merely the art of persuasion or the use of spreadsheets.

Here’s what authors Beth Comstock, Ranjay Gulati, and Stephen Liguori wrote in an HBR blog post on what makes for successful marketing managers:

Marketing leaders need to think strategically and challenge the status quo, using their unique external vantage point to see what may not be apparent to others in the business. Sometimes this entails moving beyond preaching about marketing’s merits to imagining scenarios that business heads might face—perhaps marketing’s most important role. Leaders must be willing to push change. But the hard truth is that any affection for change agents dissolves when people don’t like what’s being proposed. Perhaps that explains why, according to several surveys, CMOs last only 23 months, on average—just over half the tenure of other C-level positions.

In other words, marketing today has to be propelled by vision, leadership and creativity as much as by data analysis. Spotting such individuals is hard enough already, so how can organizations make sure that the talent they are hiring is actually suited for the marketing role?

The best way to go about the process is through online assessments. Developed after distilling marketing talent and patterns from across dozens of industries, online assessments make for a much better first filter than, say, interviews. Here are the important traits online assessments measure to ensure that the marketing talent you’re considering is worth hiring:

Psychometric Assessments For Marketing Managers

  • Personality inventory:

    This part of the online assessment measures behavioral competencies of leadership in a marketing manager. For instance, is the manager goal-driven? How does he react to stressful situations, especially those involving high risk? Such questions form the basis of this test.
  • Critical thinking: 

    Marketing is all about devising novel solutions to problems new and old. This requires the marketing manager to have highly developed skills of critical thinking. Is the person able to process the information available quickly and reach a decision? Such information is indispensable when benchmarking marketing managers.
  • Customer focus: 

    Customer focus is important not only when it comes to interacting with customers, but also because user experience is as important as the product itself. It’s also a measure of how well the person handles the pressure of day-to-day interactions.
  • Motivation inventory: 

    A good marketing manager should be able to work motivation both ways: inside and outside. He should remain motivated through rough waters, and should be able to keep the team’s spirits up. Online assessments help you test this important trait in a marketing manager.

Whether you are hiring for the position of marketing manager, campaign manager, or brand manager, online assessments are your best bet to narrowing down on candidates that are the best fit. If you haven’t tried it yet, you need to get started now!

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Originally published February 14 2019,updated June 29 2019

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