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The advantages and challenges in the workplace for a type B personality

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The advantages and challenges in the workplace for a type B personality


According to a Psychology Today study, more than 80% of Fortune 500 companies utilize personality tests to understand their employees better and as tools for screening prospective hires.

Identifying individuals by their personality type can go a long way in bringing in higher levels of understanding for team building and interpersonal relationships, especially for organizations looking to reduce turnover and avoid bad hires. A good personality test is among the best tools in a recruiter’s and a manager’s toolbox.


The four types of personalities

The ABCD personality categorization, introduced in the 1950s, is one of the most popular categorizations used by organizations to vet candidates and analyze existing employees with a simple test. The type A and type B personality types are considered the most common among the four types of personalities.

Initially, when cardiologists Meyer Friedman and Ray Rosenman introduced the concept behind these personalities, they only included type A and type B personalities. Over time, the idea was expanded to cover the types C and D. Individuals are categorized into these distinct types of personalities based on their attitude, behavior, and their response to stress.


What is the type B personality type?

Generally, a person with a type B personality is considered to be relaxed, easy-going, and highly flexible, preferring to take a carefree approach to work and life. It is easy for people to confuse the type B personality traits as being lazy, but that would be incorrect.

An individual with type B personality traits is generally very outgoing, fast-paced, energetic, likes socializing, and enjoys being the center of attention. Public acknowledgments of their achievements and compliments hold much value for the type B personality, much more than the others. With the right management, the type B personality can be a strong ally within the organization, build better working relationships, and be more flexible when following new approaches.


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How type B personalities differ from type A

A type A personality stays focused on its goals and likes to plan for the future, while the type B personality likes to stay in the present, cares about getting along with others and has a carefree nature. Despite being two completely different personality types, a team that includes a mix of both personality types tends to function well. Individuals with type A personalities help the team stay on schedule in terms of work, and individuals with type B personalities build interpersonal relationships within the group.


What it means to have a type B personality: Common type B personality traits


Type B personalities quickly adapt to changes and are flexible in their work. They are also quite adaptable to their and other people’s time.



The relaxed attitude of the type B personality can be either a positive or a negative aspect, depending on their job and the industry they are working in. Their relaxed attitude is also one of the reasons behind their lower stress levels.


Highly adaptable

Type B personalities are unafraid of change and are always ready to try something new. There is nothing that a type B will not agree to try, especially if it makes others happy or if it can help them understand how something works.



The type B personality avoids conflicts and confrontation, following a balanced, even-tempered approach. Type B personalities are very likable because of this. Instead of acting out or arguing, they try to find common ground with various individuals.



Type B personalities spend much time thinking up ideas, solutions, and even ways to create something exciting. Known to be dreamers, type B personalities can have an actionable vision that can be executed. They are, however, very philosophical about the process and are more comfortable working in creative environments.


How type B personalities can impact behavior in the workplace

Understanding the type B personality can help determine the positive and negative impacts they may have in a workspace. The type B personality thrives on interaction, so they can be a perfect fit for a team that needs individuals who can establish interpersonal relationships.

While type B personalities prefer working in creative environments, their personalities are not affected by highly stressful workplaces, unlike type A personalities. This is a significant advantage of hiring individuals with type B personality. It’s not as though type B does not get stressed at all; they feel less stressed, which can, in turn, help others around them feel a little more relaxed.

The positive and easy-going attitude of the type B personality towards change is also a massive benefit for dynamic workplaces that involve regularly changing work practices or systems.


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How to get the best out of candidates and employees with a type B personality

The first thing to do is identify whether an individual has a type A or type B personality. A test for personality assessment can help you here. Getting the best out of people with type B personalities requires managing both the positive and negative characteristics of type B personalities.


People pleasers

Type B personalities care a lot about pleasing everyone and what others think of them. This characteristic may emerge in an individual as an ability to bring people together and be open to different perspectives.



Type B personalities dream big and are very creative. They may spend days and weeks thinking about the right solution for a situation. While this may make them innovative problem solvers, this characteristic of type B personalities must be managed carefully, as it can easily distract them from their jobs and responsibilities.



Type B personalities require a little more management and monitoring than the other personality types because they tend to procrastinate.


Why understanding the type B personality is essential in hiring decisions

Knowing if an individual has a type B personality has a lot of strategic value. Knowledge of this fact can help recruiters determine if the candidate will be a suitable fit for the job in question and how they will respond and communicate with others in the organization. Similarly, when a lateral promotion is being considered within the organization, an evaluation of the type B personality traits will be of assistance in determining an individual’s suitability.



It is essential to keep in mind that the ABCD categorization of personality traits is just one of the several ways that can be used to gain a better understanding of one’s strengths, weaknesses, aptitude, motivations, etc. Explore the range of personality tests offered by Mercer | Mettl to improve your recruitment practices and internal learning and development programs.



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Originally published February 22 2024, Updated March 8 2024

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