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How to Hire Kickass Java Developers

Scope of Java

Java remains the most popular language even in 2018, despite being nearly 20 years old. The reason behind its popularity can be accredited to the steep rise in the number of smartphones. 86 percent of smartphones, and 65 percent of tablets run on the Android platform, while all Android applications are built on Java’s framework. Seeing the wide-scale usage of Java, the language will continue to stay in demand among employers.

The TIOBE Programming Community Index, which measures the popularity of programming languages based on worldwide search engine results, named Java as the most popular language as of July 2018.

What Makes a Good Java Developer?

Doug Linder

A kickass Java developer has a firm hold on the ecosystem knowledge of tools and libraries which is more valuable than knowledge of the language itself.  This knowledge serves as the foundation of every code, thus reducing the time spent in writing everything from scratch. A Java developer works with web designers, developers, and software engineers to integrate Java into the organization’s website. He lays out the business objectives by collaborating with managers and analyzing user requirements to meet the demands of both.

The demand for Java is adequately met with the supply of developers. But, finding that diamond among coal is a hard nut to crack. Life would be much easier if we had the source code. Right? So, to simplify the lives of HRs, we have listed the top four ways of hiring outstanding java developers.

Mettl's Java Test


Create Technical Competency Framework

Technical competencies are an integral part of a technical recruitment cycle, not the ready-made templates available online. A relevant job description has a defined competency framework based on the job opening. The online tailored job descriptions add to the confusion of job seekers. In order to hire the right Java developer, HRs first need to spend some time with the hiring managers or tech leads to define a set of technical expertise expected of a developer for java test. The thought process that goes in creating a job description determines how critical a job is. Once you have a solid framework, it can help you mine quality candidates with the right skillset and even aid in evaluating the job performance in the future.


Additionally, the technical frameworks should be devised as per the journey of a Java developer, which can be divided into three parts:

  • Junior Java Developer (0-2 years)
  • Senior Java Developer (2-5 years)
  • Java Tech Lead (5+ years)

An entry-level JAVA developer is expected to know the basics of Java. He reports to the senior java developer who in turn is involved in planning and implementing concepts and strategy. The team is headed by Java tech lead who safeguards the smooth operation of the team, keeps track of the timeline of deliverability and ensures on-time delivery of the project.

Use Online Java Test

Java Online Test act as a pre-hiring mechanism. They test coders on various parameters ranging from conceptual knowledge to real-world implication. Mettl’s Java test comprises of multiple-choice questions and simulators.  MCQ’s help in testing developers based on their theoretical knowledge.


While simulators test candidates on a set of parameters that filter the lot and helps in refining the talent pool.

The three parameters that assist in spotting the right hire through Java online test are: 

  • Time Complexity – Time taken by coders to write certain code.
  • Space Complexity– Space occupied by a code in the drive.
  • Code Complexity– Number of decision statements candidates used in the code.


Ask Technical Questions During Interview

The personal interview is a two-way street. As much as the employer is keen on knowing how much the candidate knows, a job seeker wishes to know more about the organization. But many hiring managers let go of this opportunity by asking out of context questions. They make interview questions a cliché by asking the same questions like: –

“Tell me about yourself.”

“Who all are there in your family.”, etc.

And this does not end here. It gets worst when it comes to technical hiring. As per Glassdoor reviews, Java developers have complained of having been asked questions related to different technologies and languages altogether. 

What is the point of asking disconnected questions when they don’t even remotely help in recruiting the right candidate?

For instance, hiring tech leads is a crucial decision for any organization. It is a position of responsibility, which is why it is essential to put those questions that determine his technical know-how, experience, and team management.  It’s a sheer waste of time that could have been spent in asking pointed questions.

4 Questions to Ask a Java Tech Lead

  • How would you synchronize five threads to start at the same time?
  • Where have you implemented micro-service architecture in your previous organization?
  • What are the deployment methodologies you have followed in the past?
  • List a few producers and consumer-related problems. Which class of the queue interface is used to solve it?

To identify the right match for your organization, Mettl has come with a comprehensive handbook of 100+ technical interview questions.

Pre Book Technical Competencies

Determine Commensurate Compensation

The HR department of every organization has a specific budget allocated for various job roles. But, if the hiring managers are not aware of the best market practices, that budget may not be best utilized. Skilled Java developers are well paid well. So, once you have hand-picked the right match for a job opening, all that remains is to offer a competitive compensation package to retain the employee.

According to Indeed’s salary estimate from 13.285 285 employees, users, and past and present job advertisements on Indeed in the past between October 2015 and 2018, Java developers earn ₹ 20,239 on an average.

As of Indeed’s October 14, 2018 update, salary estimated from 13,285 employees, users, and past and present job advertisements on Indeed in the past 36 months, considering the developer stayed in the same company for a year.

However, it is to be noted that salaries vary between service and product-based companies. There is a huge difference between the salaries of junior and senior Java developers and Java tech leads.

Salary Range as Java Developer

Source: Payscale

If you wish to hire outstanding java developers, it is time to do away with the traditional pen-and-paper assessment. It is important to access them based on their ability to create solutions using the tools necessary to get the job done. Online Java tests help in identifying skilled candidates who proactively deliver quality results by writing clean codes.


Originally published October 30 2018, Updated December 17 2020

Megha Singh

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A writer at heart, Megha has been in the content industry for 4 years. Starting her career from print, her journey spans across IT, legal and consulting industries. She has been associated with Mercer | Mettl as Assistant Manager, Content Marketing for 2 years.

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