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56 Frequently asked questions on proctoring within an LMS

Examination and Proctoring | 8 Min Read

56 Frequently asked questions on proctoring within an LMS


It is easy to game a system with visible loopholes. However, the advent and the growing popularity of online proctoring have lent safety and security to systems with vulnerabilities. For instance, Learning Management Systems (LMSs) such as Moodle, Canvas, Blackboard and D2L, once unable to deliver exams safely due to the absence of strict supervision, now comes integrated with online proctoring. Resultantly, proctoring on an LMS has significantly improved the exam experience. SecureProctor has warmed many naysayers to the idea of online exam-taking via an LMS by solving simple concerns and alleviating systemic barriers. Some persistent concerns include the lack of comfortable internet bandwidth, negligible software setup and initiating on-screen monitoring software. Such has been its impact that several leading universities and academic institutions employ it as one of their most advanced and secured ways to administer online exams with integrity.


Mercer | Mettl has helped the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (IIMB) proctor over 1.2 million learners across 180 countries on its legacy LMS.


Many educational entities, however, are still concerned or experience discomfort when accessing this digital environment. Their unfavorable perception about proctoring on an LMS being complicated, challenging to deploy, and hard to use for students and faculty alike creates a massive gap in its usage. Also, the inability to find the answers to even the most rudimentary questions on proctoring plug-in hinders their transition.

But here’s a key to addressing these issues 

Below is all the information you need to start proctoring services on your LMS.

From walking you through the meaning of SecureProctor, familiarizing you with the process, to communicating the right approach from faculty’s and students’ perspectives, we have spilled the beans in incredible detail.

This exhaustive list assuages concerns and acts as a tool for preparedness to drive greater acceptance of SecureProctor.


Commonly asked questions before the exam by admins and professors

What is SecureProctor?

SecureProctor is a state-of-the-art, cloud-based remote proctoring tool that allows exam administrators and faculty to initiate proctored exams without leaving their LMS environment. This proctoring tool can be integrated with any system, software or platform.



What value does SecureProctor add to an exam? 

SecureProctor helps ensure reliable and scalable exams and maintains their integrity. Furthermore, it instills confidence among universities in using online examinations by offering students a similar or sometimes even a superior means to support an impartial, trustworthy and comfortable test-taking experience.


Who needs to install SecureProctor? 

All professors creating the exams or quizzes and students taking the exams need to install SecureProctor. Proctors who would only invigilate the assessment or the quiz do not need to install SecureProctor.


How are exams currently taken on an LMS? 

Here is how exams look like on an LMS:


how exams look like on an LMS


How long does it take to enable SecureProctor?

SecureProctor is enabled instantaneously if an LMS is LTI compliant. However, it takes up to a week to set up SecureProctor on a system if the LMS is non-LTI compliant or a personal LMS, which requires customized propositions.


How will SecureProctor help me conduct secure and reliable exams online on my existing platform?

SecureProctor is readily accessible, affordable, easy to use, scalable and secure software that requires no learning of any new technology/software. Moreover, minimal internet connectivity, negligible software setup, and a sophisticated invigilation system enables online proctored exams successfully at any given time on an LMS.


How can I enable SecureProctor on my LMS or my assessment platform?

These are the two ways to enable SecureProctor on any LMS or assessment platform:

SecureProctor Chrome extension:

One can enable SecureProctor with just two steps, for LMSs such as Moodle, Canvas, Blackboard Learn and D2L, without writing a single code. It can be set up within hours.

Deep Proctoring Integration:

Clients who seek a custom proctoring workflow or have a non-LTI LMS or web platform can opt for deep integration. Deep integration takes up to a week or more to set up as it involves using REST APIs.

How can I check my LMS’S compatibility with SecureProctor?

SecureProctor can be integrated with any web-based platform using SecureProctor APIs. For the SecureProctor Chrome extension, you can refer to the following:




Which is better: proctoring as a layer or platform proctoring?

It depends. Institutes that own a platform or LMS can add SecureProctor to the existing platform. Proctoring also comes integrated with a platform if you don’t have one.


How does online proctoring service work?

An online proctoring service is made available as a secure, web-based plug-in that can be integrated with any LMS. Since most LMSs open in browsers, this plug-in is added to the browser to equip any popular LMS or legacy platform to undertake safe exams, which is valid for Moodle, Canvas, BB and D2L. For other LMSs, SecureProctor APIs can be consumed to enable proctoring on the client’s system.


Will faculty members need to learn a new system to use SecureProctor on an LMS?

No, faculty do not require any technical training or learning to use SecureProctor on an LMS. Instead, one needs to log into their existing LMS account and set up a proctoring setting for the exam with the click of a button. The entire process is straightforward and seamless.


How effective is SecureProctor’s proctoring efficiency?

SecureProctor makes cheating next-to-impossible for test-takers when giving an exam on an LMS. Enabling minimal browsing tolerance, eliminating any impersonation possibility by validating the exam-takers and providing the most relevant results to administrators lend utmost integrity to the examination.


Furthermore, Mercer | Mettl’s AI proctoring is incredibly hands-on at auto-flagging suspicious cases with upward of 98 percent accuracy.


Will enabling SecureProctor have any impact on my existing quizzes on my LMS?

No. Enabling SecureProctor will have no impact on your existing quizzes or exams hosted within your LMS.


How do examiners ensure the integrity of the proctoring process?

Mercer | Mettl’s features such as Super Proctor ensure more robust visibility in a live proctored drive. It lets the examiners or faculty members access any proctor’s classroom view, enabling them to monitor the proctor and student activity. Besides, they can check the overall invigilation quality by observing how the proctors respond to student queries, flag cheaters and suspicious activities, etc. Thus, it not only replicates a physical center’s experience but also assures exam controllers of the drive’s integrity.


What security features does SecureProctor provide?

A standalone proctoring service provides all features that come under remote proctoring. They include:


FAQ_infographica 2


How does 3-point identification happen within an LMS with proctoring software?

Mercer | Mettl undertakes the following candidate authentication process to negate impersonation:

  • Live candidate authentication begins after the candidate clicks on the exam link
  • Then, they are asked to take a live picture via the webcam
  • Following which they are asked to show a government-approved ID
  • Then, a set of proctors/authorizers compare the person’s on-screen image and other details with a previously shared photo/ details to attest to the candidate’s legitimacy.


Can one conduct human proctoring with SecureProctor? If yes, how can it be done?

Yes, human proctoring is possible with SecureProctor. Proctors can easily monitor test-takers remotely, from start to finish, to negate any untoward incident using one-to-one and one-to-many proctoring view available to them. They can even granularly verify the test-taking environment for any anomaly.


What does a lockdown browser mean?

A lockdown browser is a highly secure and controlled environment that limits test-takers’ navigation controls and deters their cheating attempts while taking exams online. Adopting this technology can significantly improve the quality of online exams.


How will the lockdown mode of SecureProctor affect my system?

The lockdown mode of SecureProctor restricts students from navigating away from the exam window by enabling a KIOSK mode on their browsers. This mechanism has no impact on the candidates’ systems and is restored as soon as they complete their test.


Can one conduct examinations using SecureProctor for non-English-speaking students?

Mercer | Mettl offers cross-lingual support in over 19 languages, available across multiple time zones. This provision enables educational institutions to conduct swift and secure exams in any language of their choice.


What are the different types of proctoring mechanisms that I can leverage on an LMS with SecureProctor?

The three different proctoring types include:

 Live proctoring:

A human invigilator supervises the exam remotely, using a webcam.

Auto proctoring: 

AI-based advanced proctoring monitors the candidate’s live webcam feed and auto-flags up to 18 digressions with upward of 98% accuracy.

Recorded proctoring:

No proctor is involved in monitoring the exam-taking session in real-time. Instead, audio-visual and screen-sharing feeds are recorded throughout the test and reviewed later by authorized proctors at their convenience.


If a college/university has hundreds of students taking their exams concurrently, do they need to deploy hundreds of proctors?

No, one doesn’t have to deploy a proctor for each test-taker. But Mercer | Mettl believes a 1:10 ratio is ideal for strict invigilation, i.e., one proctor for every ten test-takers.


I don’t have proctors available. Can Mercer | Mettl provide me with proctors?

Yes, Mercer | Mettl provides trained, vigilant and mindful online proctors such as offline invigilators. These proctors ensure a respectful, responsible and honest drive. Additionally, Mercer | Mettl’s team also assists in training faculty members on various aspects of exam proctoring.


What storage and data implications does SecureProctor have on my existing LMS?

None, as SecureProctor is an entirely cloud-based product. Thus, there are no storage implications.


Can students access their LMS for a proctored exam from anywhere?

Yes, students can access their LMS from anywhere for a proctored exam, provided it is a complacent environment free from fraud.


How can I know about my system compatibility before the exam?

Please check your system compatibility on the link given below:



Commonly asked questions before the exam by test-takers

From where can I take an online proctored exam?

One can take an online proctored exam from any safe remote location of their choice. There are no specific proctored exam locations unless specified by the institution in consideration.


What bandwidth and systems requirement do a student need to commence an examination?  

Before commencing an exam, test-takers should ensure fulfilling the criteria mentioned below:

  • A compatible device (desktop or laptop)
  • A functional input device such as a webcam and a microphone
  • Internet bandwidth of at least 512kbps is recommended
  • OS supported: Windows OS and Mac OS
  • Browsers supported: The latest version of Google Chrome


What are the pre-requisites to a seamless online exam experience? 

  • Test-takers are required to sit in a well-lit place
  • It should be a quiet environment, free from noises and distractions
  • Test-takers should ensure no additional persons in the exam room
  • Use of any unauthorized digital device, except the exam system, is prohibited in the exam room


How do test-takers initiate proctoring for their quizzes? 

The test-takers need only to download the proctoring Chrome extension and follow the LMS quiz’s usual steps. Just as the candidate clicks on the “Start Quiz” button on the LMS, they will be shown a pop-up notification about proctoring.


How early can I start my exam? 

An online proctored examination begins only at the scheduled time, pre-decided by the exam-giving authority.


Will the students be required to learn a new system to initiate SecureProctor on an LMS? 

No, students do not require any additional technical training or learning. The entire process is free from complications and extremely easy to remember.


Is there a change in test-takers’ experience after implementing proctoring services on an LMS?  

No, there is no change in the candidate experience after initiating proctoring services on an LMS for their exam.


Can a proctor see my live video and screen? 

In a live proctored test, once a test-taker grants explicit permission to a proctor, he/she can view the test-taker’s live feed, his/her screen and can chat with him/her.


Commonly asked questions during/after the exam by admins and professors


How can I monitor my students while they take their exams, and how can I communicate with them?

The proctoring faculty are given one-to-one and one-to-many view features to proctor the exam thoroughly, just like a classroom view. Should they wish to communicate, Mercer | Mettl provides a live chat option, enabling the invigilator to immediately connect with the student to address misunderstandings or dilemmas in real-time.


Can educators enable an open-book exam with just proctoring and no browser lockdown mode or navigation control?

Yes, educators can efficiently conduct exams where they want the proctoring services and allow students to refer to online and offline material during the exam. Here’s how:

Full-screen Mode:

Enabling this feature ensures that candidates' tests run mandatorily in the full-screen mode, and they won’t be able to exit it.

Navigation Control:

This feature ensures that candidates take their test in the lockdown mode, which restricts them from navigating away from the test window and opening new browser tabs, etc.

How does an admin view the test-takers’ proctoring reports?

The admins can view proctoring reports and details such as the number of test-takers. Besides, they can easily access Credibility Index scores directly from the LMS.


How long does one have to wait to get students’ proctoring reports?

Report generation is almost instantaneous. Once the student finishes and submits the exam, the faculty gets a detailed proctoring report on their system.


I have thousands of students taking an exam. How can I leverage Mercer | Mettl’s AI to make quick and accurate decisions on their candidature?

Mercer | Mettl’s provides report viewers with an option to filter test-takers based on their Credibility Index and Credibility Score and make quick decisions on their candidature without going through thousands of reports.


Where does SecureProctor store the captured data?

SecureProctor stores candidates’ data on its secure servers. It is GDPR compliant; therefore, it gives the control of the data back to the exam-giving authority. SecureProctor is present globally and gives its clients the option to store their data on the servers of their choice. The servers are locating at the following locations:


FAQ_infographic 2 copy


What if a test-taker gets disconnected while taking a test through SecureProctor?

SecureProctor is bound by the design of your LMS in such a scenario. When the internet gets disconnected, the test-taker will receive a pop-up from the LMS and the proctoring service provider informing him/her about it, after which the browser will be closed.

When the internet is restored, you will have to click on “Re-attempt” on the LMS to continue with the exam from where it was disconnected/discontinued. Proctoring will re-activate, and the webcam and screen feed will be captured after the examination is resumed.


What if there is any other technical glitch during the exam? How does SecureProctor ensure students are not taking an exam without proctoring?

Test-takers can encounter technical problems owing to power cuts, computer malfunctions and internet instability.


But proctoring service providers like Mercer | Mettl offers round-the-clock customer support to promptly resolve issues and preserve the integrity of the exam. Besides, Mercer | Mettl’s customer support teams ensure the exam starts from where the glitch occurred, and the student gets the same time left before the test was disconnected for attempting the remainder of the exam.

Are Moodle exams proctored? Can Moodle detect cheating?

Yes, Moodle exams can be proctored if integrated with a proctoring service that makes Moodle exams, assessments and quizzes Moodle proctored. Moodle online proctoring done via SecureProctor disables any form of unwarranted on-screen instances by predicting and detecting cheating with 98% accuracy. This means SecureProctor is free proctoring software, which prevents any Moodle exam cheating for all Moodle users.


What is a proctored exam on Canvas? How does Canvas proctoring work?

A proctored exam on Canvas means a proctor can monitor students and course participants from within the LMS without leaving the environment. A pre-requisite for Canvas proctoring is that students must enable proctoring on their devices by accepting screen, video and audio sharing. SecureProctor is already compatible with and available as a Chrome extension on Canvas.


Are the quizzes on Canvas proctored?

Yes, quizzes on Canvas can be proctored by initiating a proctoring feature. SecureProctor is already compatible with and available as a Chrome extension on Canvas to enable safe proctoring within the LMS environment.


Can you cheat on an online proctored exam?

Depending on the test proctoring software provider, various anti-cheating mechanisms are available to clamp down on cheating. The best test proctoring software will offer state-of-the-art proctoring tools to prevent students from indulging in unethical activities.


Are Blackboard exams proctored?

Yes, Blackboard exams are proctored. SecureProctor is already available on the Blackboard LMS via a plug-in. Hence, examiners can initiate a Blackboard proctoring to proctor exams, assessments and quizzes easily. Furthermore, Blackboard proctoring via SecureProctor also disables any form of unsavory on-screen instance by predicting and detecting cheating with 98% accuracy. This means SecureProctor is a free proctoring software, which prevents any form of exam cheating for all Blackboard users.


Can teachers tell if you cheated on Blackboard LMS?

Yes, teachers can tell if you cheated on a Blackboard online exam using SecureProctor available on the LMS as a plug-in. A Blackboard remote proctoring system integrated with SecureProctor disables any form of unsavory on-screen cheating instance by predicting and detecting cheating with more than 98% accuracy.


Can D2L track cheating?

Yes, D2L tracks cheating using SecureProctor, integrated with its LMS. This proctoring plug-in makes exams, assessments and quizzes easily proctored. D2L proctoring via SecureProctor also disables any form of unsavory on-screen instance by predicting and detecting cheating with more than 98% accuracy.


Commonly asked questions during/after the exam by test-takers


What will happen to my exam if the internet gets disconnected during the exam?

Students often encounter technical problems during an online exam owing to power cuts, computer malfunctions, internet instability or any other unforeseen glitches. We recommend informing the proctor or faculty about any technical bottleneck during the exam. In case any student gets disconnected during the exam, Mercer | Mettl’s customer support team promptly resolves issues and minimizes the glitch’s impact on the exam. It ensures the exam commences where it got disconnected, and the student gets the same time left to attempt the remainder of the test.


What data does SecureProctor capture, and how secure is it?

SecureProctor does not capture any additional student data aside from candidates’ email IDs, which is taken via API calls. Students continue to get a seamless experience.


What if I accidentally close the exam window during the exam?

An exam usually commences from where you left it, with the remaining time, if you’ve accidentally closed the exam window during a low-stakes exam. However, a proctoring service provider such as Mercer | Mettl ensures no such incident using a secure exam browser feature that removes options such as closing or minimizing the test window. A test-taker will need to complete the entire exam to move out of the test window.


Do I have to humanly turn off the proctoring after my test is complete?

No, the proctoring stops as soon as the test-taker finishes the exam. It is an automated process with no need for student intervention.


How can I reach out to my proctor for any assistance?

SecureProctor offers a two-way live chat option during the exam session that enables test-takers to reach out to their invigilators and seek clarification or support.


Can I reach out to someone if I face a technical difficulty during my exam?

One can always reach out to Mercer | Mettl customer support that provides high-quality and real-time assistance, irrespective of the time zone.


What should I do if I have additional questions about SecureProctor?

Please feel free to drop us an email at contactmettl@mercer.com for any further clarification or detail.

You may also connect with our product experts for more information on the numbers mentioned below:

Australia: +61 3 90699664

Indonesia: +62 8 5574678938

India: +91 9555114444

Singapore: +65 3 1386714

South Africa: +27 8 75517192

The USA: +1 858 260 3322

UAE: +97 1 8000320460

Do check out the answers to all your proctoring questions for any more queries on proctoring.

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