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The rise of remote proctoring for corporate training certification exams

Examination and Proctoring | 8 Min Read

The rise of remote proctoring for corporate training certification exams


Corporate training certification programs or corporate training refers to methods and initiatives supporting workforce upskilling. A critical part of workplace learning and development (L&D), corporate training equips individuals with new skills and knowledge for performing better in their roles, qualifying them to accommodate new responsibilities and enhancing their contributions to the company. In addition, with the digital revolution transforming professional environments, businesses opt for online solutions like remote proctoring to amplify their corporate training certification processes.

This article dives deep into the advantages of remote proctoring for corporate training certification, the reasons fueling its popularity and the ways in which you can choose the ideal proctoring platform.


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Non-proctored vs. proctored corporate training certification exams

A non-proctored certification exam, just like a regular non-proctored exam, has no proctors or supervisors. It usually happens when using textbooks is allowed during the exam. Such exams measure problem-solving abilities rather than theoretical knowledge.

On the other hand, a proctored corporate training certification exam involves human proctors, AI proctors or a combination of both supervising the exam.


Remote proctoring for corporate training certification programs

Remote proctoring, often known as online proctoring, is administering online tests to employees who can take them from the privacy of their homes or offices. Online webcam proctoring allows trained human proctors to oversee these candidates.

Online proctoring for businesses provides a cost-effective, time-saving, easy and secure way to conduct any online corporate training certification exam.

Platforms supporting advanced online proctoring technology give additional control to the human proctors and authorize them to:


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Furthermore, AI-enabled proctoring technology records online examinations. These recordings are essential for post-exam evaluation to rule out cheating and malpractices. Moreover, they come in handy during organizational audits.

Organizations are progressively implementing innovative tactics to simplify and improve employee learning and development. Therefore, it is no surprise that proctored tests for corporate training certifications are gaining worldwide popularity.

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Seven compelling reasons to adopt the online remote proctoring mode for certification exams


Exams for corporate training certification programs and licensures or continuation of employment credentials sponsor high-stakes assessments with consequences. Moreover, they affect more than just the individuals and firms hiring them. So, naturally, several mandates and considerations exist to ensure fair and secure exam experiences. In that case, what makes businesses prefer the online mode? The following seven reasons will explain.

Robust cheating prevention

Online proctoring for corporate training certification programs has gained popularity because sophisticated software and services safeguard exam integrity. AI-assisted solutions with live proctors are highly successful in preventing cheating during exams. For example, efficient remote proctoring software uses applicants’ device cameras to supervise them, looking out for suspicious actions such as using mobile phones, connecting to external devices, copying or pasting information, using search engines and web browsers, etc.


Advanced proctoring services utilize artificial intelligence to monitor examinations and inform a human proctor to act if any concerns arise. Furthermore, they include features such as identity verification, video surveillance, speech detection and technology to determine if test questions were leaked on the internet.


Online proctoring software authenticates test takers via:

  • Identity management: Ensures that the individual who appears for the exam is the right person.
  • Continuous identity verification: Assures the person taking the exam is still the correct person.
  • Deterrence capabilities: Restricts or limits access to illegal resources during the exam or acts that would allow the test-taker to duplicate and disseminate the test content.

Convenience and privacy for test-takers

As professionals prefer flexibility in their work locations, companies must allow their teams to take certification examinations from the comfort of their homes. It eliminates travel time and reduces test-takers’ anxiety. That is among the primary reasons businesses increasingly opt for location-agnostic proctoring solutions. The latter makes it possible to effectively conduct, monitor and evaluate exams for corporate training certification online.

Moreover, candidates and their systems are only watched during the exam session, guaranteeing no invasion of privacy.

Adaptability to devices and preferences

Online exam platforms allow businesses to host a variety of certification exams using multiple question formats and assessment methods. This adaptability extends to devices, test features, proctor instructions, evaluation criteria, etc. Proctoring technology supporting these platforms comes in handy during various test activities like:

  • Making exceptions for handwritten responses: Custom exam settings can accommodate handwritten answers to questions and assessment sections.
  • Monitoring screens and other activities during the exam session: Browser lockdown features prevent test-takers from accessing other tabs for information. Furthermore, AI proctors can quickly detect the use of alternative devices and raise alarms.
  • Recording verbal reactions: AI videotapes the test taker’s verbal response. It can also recognize voices and produce a transcript of what was spoken.

The promise of fair evaluation

Remote test proctoring software can also hide test-takers’ identities from evaluators. It eliminates bias based on candidate name, gender, ethnicity and other attributes. Therefore, the evaluation is fair, prioritizing what matters- exam performance.

Simultaneous testing across locations

As stated earlier, online remote proctoring enables organizations to conduct location-agnostic corporate training certification exams. In addition, excellent scalability means the organization can simultaneously test its employees worldwide.

Enhanced data security

Data security is among the most critical considerations when hosting online certification exams. Therefore, remote proctoring services assure all-around security in data collection and storage, staff training and regular security testing.

Time and resource-saving

Conventional in-office testing methods for corporate training certifications are expensive and demanding. Adding a hybrid or online-only course option with remote proctoring relieves this strain. It also improves the evaluation approach.

Furthermore, when an organization activates a blended or online service, the reach expands, positively impacting the bottom line. Marketing gets easy as well. Learners progress at their speed while organizations save overhead expenses and logistical load.

Additionally, test proctoring software collects test data for review. The reports, with concrete insights, allow companies to monitor exam effectiveness and understand how to enhance the assessment experience for applicants in the future.


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Choosing a test-proctoring software for corporate training certifications

Today’s market is replete with many proctoring service providers supporting corporate training certifications. These superlative providers intensify the competition and improve exam processes with automation, standardization and efficiency. So how does one shortlist an end-to-end proctoring solution from many vendors offering a state-of-the-art platform and sophisticated online invigilation services, sharing detailed candidate performance and diagnostic reports?

The fundamental step for any organization seeking remote proctoring technology is identifying its objectives and setting priorities. For example, a company with a limited budget may need to choose between scalability and proctoring modes. However, there should never be any compromise with security and anti-cheating features.

As a rule of thumb, organizations should adhere to the following three considerations to proctor corporate training certification exams.


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1. Airtight cheating prevention


A remotely proctored corporate certification exam should provide similar accountability levels as an in-person exam. Therefore it is critical for anti-cheating tools to ensure strict invigilation online.

Your proctoring solution provider should offer an AI-based algorithm that promises more than 95% accuracy in detecting dynamic digressions and suspicious activities.

From test-takers ID verification, disclosing non-visibility of an additional face/ presence, detecting mobile phones, to spotting a distracted eye movement – the proctoring mechanism should negate all possibilities of malpractices during a remote proctored certification exam. In addition, the provider should also offer a secure browsing feature to eliminate concerns about on-screen remote proctored exam cheating.


2. HMS (Hiring Management System) integration


Your proctoring platform should provide almost instantaneous proctoring integration with any hiring management system. That means once a proctoring software is integrated with the HMS; the latter will gain a much-needed layer of invigilation. As stated earlier, the layer should comprise credible anti-cheating features, insightful test analytics and instant report generation. Such integration streamlines exams’ delivery and eliminates technical issues. You can also choose proctoring services available as a Chrome plug-in-play. Such solutions allow exam administrators and faculty to customize and initiate proctored exams without leaving their environment.


3. Insightful analytics


Besides technical finesse, it is vital to maintain the examinations’ and the organization’s integrity while ensuring proctoring’s sanctity.

Hence, your remote proctoring solution provider must provide automated, instantaneous and most relevant results.

Whether a test-taker’s integrity report or an account of the score report, the remote proctoring software should be adept at sharing granular insights with real-time validation.


How Mercer | Mettl can help

Mercer | Mettl has been solving online proctoring challenges for organizations by empowering them with robust tools, efficient platforms and advanced technological upgrades. Moreover, Mercer | Mettl’s solutions ensure stakeholder comfort and end-to-end process seamlessness. The Super Proctor feature closes the loop, guaranteeing a highly credible, secure and scalable online examination environment.


Mercer | Mettl’s online certification software


This advanced certification software with excellent security and proctoring features guarantees the safe and seamless hosting of high-stakes corporate training certification programs.

Here are a few highlights:

  • Custom certification test library with 100,00+ pre-built questions.
  • Adaptability to all kinds of corporate training certifications: financial, international language certifications, government certifications, skills and safety, IT (Information Technology), and more.
  • 98% accuracy in cheating detection, supported by an industry-leading AI bot.
  • Multiple proctoring options: Auto, hybrid, live, audio, video and image.
  • In-house assessment expertise with various question types covering 500+ skills for 25+ professional profiles in 20+ languages.


Mercer | Mettl’s AI-powered auto-proctoring software


Mercer | Mettl’s state-of-the-art proctoring solution offers an array of upgrades to conventional proctoring methods.

Here are a few highlights:

  • Multi-factor test-taker authentication to eliminate impersonation during the exam.
  • Secure browser-lockdown technology that sanitizes your employees’ computers during the test by disabling additional tabs, browsers, external ports, etc.
  • Patented technology- Mercer | Mettl SpeechSense- to accurately identify the count of unique speakers in the test-takers' vicinity. It also separates candidate audio from background noise.
  • Multiple proctoring levels.
  • Impeccable data security standards- GDPR compliance, ISO 27001 and ISO9001 certifications, localized data-hosting for European servers, secure data-hosting on Amazon web services, annual vulnerability and penetration testing.



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Originally published October 11 2022, Updated October 11 2022

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