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Examination and Proctoring | 4 Min Read

Top 7 Remote Proctoring Software and Service Providers

What Is an Online Proctoring Software?

Online proctoring software meaning, state-of-the-art proctoring software for online exams that invigilates test-takers using an advanced AI mechanism. This ensures that in an online proctored exam cheating is next to impossible.

What Are Proctoring Services?

Proctoring services meaning offering the most sought-after, state-of-the-art, cloud-based online proctoring features that enable academicians to host and proctor online exams with integrity. It minimizes browsing tolerance, eliminates possibilities of impersonation, and provides the most relevant results to administrators.

Today, online examinations, online talent assessments and certifications have become quite the norm. Most universities, educational institutes and schools are conducting their exams online to overcome disruptions in the education system and ensure learning and education continuity. 

There are innumerable benefits of conducting online exams. Any exam requires standardization, marking and invigilation. All these activities require employing expensive workforce, planning and scheduling. However, these can be automated when conducting remote exams online to save resources, lending convenience to the entire process, using proctoring software. 

Leveraging suitable proctoring software is still a consideration for many educational institutes. The lack of awareness and familiarity with the proctoring landscape is a significant bottleneck. Those benefitted by proctoring’s advantages have concerns about groundbreaking anti-cheating proctoring tools, technical adaptability and flexibility with LMS integration. They are skeptical about their ability to serve the needs of institutes and students, and the level of accountability and integrity provided by proctoring systems to the entire examination process. 

Then which is the best proctoring solution provider?

The market is replete with service providers, intensifying the competition and improving the processes concerning online exams, with automation, standardization and efficiency. From providing a state-of-the-art online proctoring platform, sophisticated online invigilation services, to detailed candidate diagnostic reports on student/candidate performance, proctoring service providers offer various long-term solutions that augment human abilities. 

However, with several online proctoring software providers, it’s essential to know which vendor is reliable and is offering a proctoring tool that enables you to consistently maintain test integrity. 

Here’s how you choose the best global proctoring systems provider!

Top Features Needed in a Global Proctoring System

Anti-cheating Proctoring Tools:

A proctored exam taken from anywhere in the world should provide similar accountability levels as an in-person exam for students. Hence, state-of-the-art anti-cheating tools to ensure strict invigilation online is critical. Any proctoring solution provider that you choose should have an AI-based algorithm capable of detecting dynamic digressions and suspicious cases with over 95% accuracy. From verifying each test-taker's identity, disclosing non-visibility of the face/ presence, detecting mobile phones, an additional person's presence, to catching a distracted eye movement - the best proctoring solution provider’s anti-cheating mechanisms should negate all possibilities of malpractices during a remote proctored exam. Additionally, the provider should also offer a secure browsing feature to eliminate concerns about on-screen cheating.

LMS Integration:

Another feature that helps shortlist the best proctoring solution provider is the player’s ability to provide almost instantaneous proctoring integration with any LMS. This means once a proctoring software is integrated with the LMS, the proctoring platform will have a much-needed layer of invigilation, comprising credible anti-cheating features, insightful analysis and instantaneous report generation. This integration streamlines exams’ delivery and eliminates technical adaptability issues. Today, proctoring services are available as a Chrome plug-in-play, allowing exam administrators and faculty to customize and initiate proctored exams without leaving their LMS environment.

Insightful Analysis:

Technical challenges aside, it is vital to maintain the examination’s and the university's integrity while ensuring the sanctity of proctoring. Hence, the proctoring solution provider you choose must provide automated, instantaneous and most relevant results. Whether a candidate's integrity report or an account of the candidate's score report, the proctoring software should be adept at sharing granular insights with real-time validation.

To enable sound decision-making, we are covering the industry’s top 7 remote test proctoring software providers. The information includes the range of proctoring services on offer, top proctoring software features, clientele, the possibility of integration with proctoring software such as Blackboard, Canvas, and their remote proctoring software price, etc.

Top 7 Remote Proctoring Software Providers

  • Mercer | Mettl
  • PSI Services LLC
  • Meazure Learning
  • Examity
  • Proctortrack
  • Proctorio
  • Talview

Here’s a detailed description emphasizing their prowess:

Mercer | Mettl

Founded in 2010, Mercer | Mettl is a leading technology company. It is the only Indian company to feature in Gartner’s Global Market Guide for Top Proctoring Vendors in the World. The company provides a sophisticated slew of online assessment software, competency-based customized skill assessment tools, result analytics and proctoring services to a cross-border clientele. It offers location-agnostic, robust anti-cheating features, AI-proctored supervision, human proctoring flexibility, and stand-alone services that solve continuity-related concerns. Its online proctoring services, compared to others, are the best.

    • Client size: 4000+ clients across 90+ countries
    • Key Proctoring Software feature: Existing Chrome Plug-in proctoring extension with Canvas and Moodle, instantaneous integration with over 250 LTI-compliant systems such as Blackboard and edX. It offers a full range of services for conducting online exams/ assessments/ certifications, powered by robust avant-garde remote proctoring solutions and stringent proctoring software privacy with prompt 24×7 customer support.

Mercer | Mettl MPaaS: Integrate Proctoring as a Service Seamlessly with Just A Click!



  • Online Remote Proctoring Services: State-of-the-art candidate identification and proctoring tools with an incredibly futuristic AI Algorithm that auto-flags 18 dynamic and suspicious cases with 95%+ accuracy. Mettl Secure Browser (MSB) to mitigate on-screen cheating. Integrity and credibility validation feature using a proprietary algorithm- the Credibility Index. Mercer | Mettl also offers the geofencing ability, auto-generation of reports and availability of professional human proctors.
  • End Users: Academic institutions such as IIM Bangalore, Miami Dade College, The USA, The Washington Center, The USA, Jordan Hospital, The Middle East, EBZ Business School, Germany, PIP UNPAD, Indonesia, Ghent University, Belgium, and Laureate International Universities, to name a few world’s leading professional organizations and vocational Skill and Certification providers
  • Annual proctoring capacity: 20 million proctored exams conducted to date
  • Per day proctoring capacity: One lakh (a hundred thousand) proctored assessments in a day

PSI Services

PSI Services is a US-based, professional testing services provider that entered the remote/online proctoring market by acquiring Software Secure in 2017 and Innovative Exams in 2015. It also launched its online proctoring software SAAS solution –PSI Bridge- in 2018. PSI also provides complete remote proctoring tools meaning variety of solutions, from hosting the test online to monitoring test-takers and undertaking competency-based testing. It delivers 15 million assessments annually.

  • Client size: Software Secure: 400; PSI Bridge: 750
  • Key Proctoring Software features: Seamless full range assessment solution, AI-powered, integrated remote test proctoring software with 24*7 live support
  • Online Remote Proctoring Services: Online Proctoring, ID authentication
  • End Users: Institutes, Corporates, certification providers

Meazure Learning

Meazure Learning is an Alabama, US-based, fully automated proctoring service provider that offers auto and live proctoring services. Founded in 2008, the company has established its name in the industry by delivering AI-driven proctoring services. Catering to academic institutions and professional organizations, it services a thousand customers, including Cameron University and the University of Florida.

  • Client Size: 1500+
  • Key Proctoring Software feature: Full suite of live and automated remote proctoring services with professional review included in all options
  • Online Remote Proctoring services: Live and automated with review remote proctoring
  • End-Users: Academic Institutions, Professional Organizations
  • Annual proctoring capacity: 1.5 million proctored exams conducted in 2018
  • Per day proctoring capacity: 1000 exams in an hour


Examity is a Massachusetts, US-based web proctoring solution provider. It entered the proctoring market in 2013 and services over 500 clients. Examity online proctoring tool provides auto, live and ID authentication solutions to universities, corporates and enterprise testing organizations. Its partners include Amazon, Tableau and Coursera.

  • Client size: 500
  • Key Proctoring Software feature: AI-powered, full-range, integrated remote proctoring solutions with 24*7 live support
  • Online Remote Proctoring services: Auto and live proctoring, ID verification
  • End Users: Standardized testing providers, Higher Educational Institutions, certification and licensure program providers and corporates
  • Annual proctoring capacity: One million tests


Proctor Track, offered by Verificient, is continuous identity verification and digital remote monitoring service provider. Founded in 2012, the company provides AI and computer vision, powered Trusted Identity as a Service (TIaaS). Proctortrack’s ‘RemoteDesk’ solution goes beyond exam proctoring to provide automated monitoring of people working from homes. It also provides assessments for hiring talent (FreshHire). It has served multiple users while verifying, identifying and detecting numerous violations. It also provides IP protection for instructors to prevent their exams from getting leaked online.

  • Client size: N/A
  • Key proctoring software features: Seamless full-range assessment solution, AI-powered, integrated remote proctoring solutions with 24*7 live support, biometric authentication and IP protection to prevent online exam leakages
  • Online Remote Proctoring Services: Online proctoring, ID authentication, IP protection
  • End Users: Students, institutes and instructors
  • Annual proctoring capacity: Up to 50,000 tests


Founded in 2013, Proctorio is a remote proctoring service used in digital classrooms when students take quizzes and exams. Proctorio proctoring tool uses facial detection technologies to validate student activity and identifies computer-based learning environments to ensure increased accountability, secure exam content, and integrity while improving learning outcomes.

  • Client size: 400 institutes
  • Key proctoring software feature: Automated, live and recording proctoring
  • Online Remote Proctoring Services: Online proctoring via webcam, ID authentication and data protection
  • End Users: Students, institutes and instructors


Launched in 2017, Talview is a Value SaaS business that provides a candidate experience platform to remotely screen, interview, and test the best talent and students. Talview’s proctoring services offer potent features that deter candidates from cheating in online exams or assessments. From identity authenticity, to a seamless and unobtrusive remote proctoring experience, Talview ensures a completely authentic online exam experience and seamless online proctoring services, using various remote proctoring tools for students.

  • Client size: 2500
  • Key proctoring software feature: Automated and live proctoring
  • Online Remote Proctoring Services: Online proctoring, ID authentication via facial recognition, data safety compliance with proctoring software privacy
  • End Users: Students, institutes and instructors

We have discussed the most prominent players in the online proctoring industry. You must be able to ask the right questions to make informed decisions on choosing a vendor. We have provided a checklist of the most in-demand proctoring features sought by educational institutes from a vendor, followed by the names of those that offer such features.

A Remote Proctoring System and Software and Comparison Table

A Remote Proctoring System and Software Comparison Table to shortlist the Best Online Proctoring Service Provider:

Proctoring FeaturesMettlPSIMeazure LearningExaminityProctor trackProctorioTalview
LMS IntegrationYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
3-Point Candidate AuthenticationYesMinimalMinimalNoYesNoNo
GeofencingYesNot SureNoNoNoNot SureNot Sure
Record and Review OptionYesYesYesYesYesYesNo
AI-based Test Integrity ScoreYesNoNoNoYesNoNo
Live Human ProctoringYesYesNoNoNoNoYes
Auto Generated ReportsYesYesNot SureNot SureYesYesYes
Lock down browserYesYesYesYesYesNoMinimal
Multiple Violation DetectionYesMinimalMinimalMinimalMinimalNoYes
Real-time Pause/Stop/Resume test by proctorYesYesYesYesNoNoNo


The choice of proctoring features depends upon the exam’s integrity level, the budget and the number of candidates to be proctored. The cost of the remote proctoring software must also be factored. Online proctoring has enabled fully automating the process of conducting examinations, from creating tests, scheduling, invigilation, checking answers, to sharing candidate results online. Online exams are 50% cheaper than pen-and-paper exams and require considerably less time and effort to conduct them in a fair, easy and standardized manner. With AI-driven proctoring, the algorithms will soon become trained enough to prevent 100% cheating, a guarantee that a physical invigilator may not always promise. Studies suggest that candidates taking exams online are more prone to cheating than in a physical setup. There is a massive market for cheating devices that cater to the students’ needs. Hence it’s important to take necessary measures while conducting online exams to ensure high integrity. Having multiple layers of checks and a robust AI-based proctoring solution provider, offering end-to-end online proctoring solutions for conducting online exams, is the best bet to achieve high exam integrity, seamlessly and affordably. 

If you’re still looking for “proctoring services near me,” you know who to approach!

FAQs on Proctoring Solutions

Below are the answers to some underlying concerns among institutes and universities on proctor exams, free proctoring tools definition, whether a remote proctoring software is free, remote proctoring software price, and most importantly, the best proctoring solution provider for conducting remote exams using remote proctoring software.

What is a proctor system?

What does online proctoring mean?

What does a proctor do in an exam?

Originally published February 20 2019, Updated January 27 2022

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Online remote proctoring is the technology through which exams are conducted online in a cheating-free manner, using high-speed internet and a computer with a webcam. Online remote proctoring uses video streaming and AI or human proctors to invigilate large-scale exams securely.

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