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Holistic Appraisal

Take example of Education System, which is expected to craft out a fine person and Responsible Citizen of Society. Whereas currently the success of Education is measured by the assessment of performance of a student while answering few question  during 3 hours of examination – which is a very small window to assess a versatile life activities of evolving human being.  The quantitative measurement is not capable to capture and express multi facet qualitative performance of human being.

Same is case with Performance Appraisal System. The best of the best PMS is based on articulation of Performance Contract at the beginning of the year in the language of KPA/KRA/KPI and Balanced Score Card method. There are periodical reviews and course corrections and finally assessment of Performance based on the KRA/KPI etc.  There is large amount of activity and contribution by the employee in various areas, which are not captured in current system of PMS.

With advent of Technology we can look beyond the current system of Assessment

Unfortunately the quantitative expression of rate of success in Examination or in PMS is over stressed and Life Changing important Decisions might be based on the outcome on the same. We hear cry and agony of human beings around us, but we either prefer to turn deaf ear or convince ourselves with (so called) logic of the sufferings

Is it fair?

By deploying Big Data and Cloud Computing Technologies, organizations might enable Assessors to handle available multiple data points about the subjects (Students or Employees) to make more sensible and holistic assessment which will be more objective and purposeful. This may widen window of assessment and the organizations will have more meaningful inventory of available multi facet Talent within the organization.  This Inventory can be utilized for versatile requirements. This will improve resourcefulness of the Organization (which finally is a group of people).

In new era organizations are woven around talented persons. Smart and Intelligent Leaders will find opportunities to encash multi facet talented resources available within the organization. This will open windows of better Business Propositions.

On the other hand, individual persons might be better satisfied with holistic assessment of their talent.  There is distinct utility in every human being, if it is explored and utilized rightly. This will inculcate sense of pride and self-worth. This might reduce sufferings of mankind. This will certainly lead to better tomorrow.

This is a guest article from Mr. Milind Kulkarni – Chief People Officere-Zest Solutions

Originally published May 1 2018, Updated June 16 2020


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Get awesome marketing content related to Hiring & L&D in your inbox each week

Stay up-to-date with the latest marketing, sales, and service tips and news