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Three Ways to Make A Buzz in The Tech Community & Source Easily

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Tech recruitment is like a sales role. It often requires tech recruiters to sell the brand name along with the position, benefits and culture of the organization to the candidate, after a thorough study of their competitor’s offerings. Tech recruiters are often expected to know tech jargon to be able to confidently converse with the candidate and build a deep understanding of their job requirements and expectations, which can often get strenuous. If you don’t have a ready pipeline or access to a tech community, open positions for tech roles can easily take months to fill.

Tech communities are one of the closely-knit communities across the globe and having your name known to these communities can significantly improve your chances of getting access to a great tech talent pool when a position opens in your organization.

In a candidate driven job market, sourcing of quality tech candidates is one of the biggest challenges. While new technologies are sprouting up, there is a major talent shortage to take them up. In addition, the highly competitive tech recruitment landscape makes it all the more difficult to reach out to candidates, who are already being bombarded by tens of hundreds of other recruiters. It is essential for tech hiring professionals to look ahead of traditional sourcing channels and build a brand that leaves a mark on the tech community. Since the demand for tech candidates is always on the rise, tech recruiters need to stand out to create a niche for their organization amongst a pool of competitors. Here are four ways using which you can make a buzz in the tech community and attract the right kind of talent:

Social Media

With digital transformation, social media channels are the most viewed platforms. Candidates and recruiters, alike, spend a lot of time scrolling through these channels. Tech recruiters should avail these channels to showcase the company’s culture and vision to engage the right kind of audience.

The current workforce lives in the digital world and relies on it for all important decisions. When candidates apply for jobs today, they first research the company on social sites and take decisions based on this research. It is imperative for businesses to list themselves on all social media and review sites and always keep them updated with regular posts and testimonials that speak to the candidate about the company’s work culture.

Many companies often use social media to display friendly workspaces, interactive office events, team building activities, ergonomic interiors and a casual way of life, that is commonly known to attract tech talent who are looking for flexible workplaces along with a fine balance of work, learning and fun.


A close-knit tech community can easily be leveraged through a strong referral policy. Tech communities often rely on each other for better opportunities, advice and recommendations.

In a digital world, where the job market is driven, especially by tech candidates, it is essential to be able to tap into this tech community and leverage it when the need arises. To be able to do that, organizations should have a strong referral program that not only furthers retention but also encourages recommendation for the overall success of the tech hiring process. Referral programs are also a great way to reach out to passive tech talent, and hence, a thought after referral program can definitely help organizations get the right kind of talent.

For most tech candidates, the initial search for suitable job opportunities is often within their own network across the globe. If employees of an organization are happy with their jobs and are also given the advantage of a referral bonus, they are more likely to recommend the organization to other tech candidates.


A newer concept, tech events and hackathons are gaining popularity among tech recruiters and professionals alike. While the trend was started by multinationals and more prominent companies to build a brand name, SMEs are following suit by organizing hackathons to acquire tech talent. Consistently engaging tech communities through events, hackathons, learning opportunities, and a consistent online presence increases the chances of sourcing better quality tech candidates. Many companies are also using hackathons as a successful means of campus hiring, a great way to interact with fresh talent and newer ideas.

A great way to make inroads into the tech community, build a brand name, and use it as a hiring tool, especially for campus hiring, hackathons are the new fad in tech recruitment. Based on ideas of innovation, problem-solving, and prototyping, Hackathons create a business simulation to test candidates on real skills.

With easy hackathon platforms available in the market, many SMEs are using hackathons for their campus hiring. An excellent way for companies to introduce themselves and for participants to showcase their skillset, hackathons often create the right kind of buzz to establish you as a brand name to reckon with in the tech industry.



Tech talent is often on the lookout for better opportunities and newer challenges. They enjoy the right to choose the type of company they want to work for due to always being in high demand. If you wish to leave a lasting impression on this active tech community, ensure your organization’s tech recruiters are on their toes by not only organizing but also attending hackathons and other tech events, networking on social media and creating a luring referral policy.

According to our report, Tech Hiring & Technology Adoption Trends 2019, tech recruiters often face the biggest challenge while sourcing for qualified candidates. These three off-the-chart routes can help recruiters engage a bigger community of tech professionals and naturally attract them when the time is right. Positioning their organization as a trendy place to work for on social media, organizing tech events and hackathons for continuous networking with the tech community, and creating a luring referral program to attract fresh talent and retain old ones are some sure shot ways to create a great industry reputation and feature on the tech community’s list of organizations to work for.

For more insights around the current trends in tech recruitment, do download and read our latest report, Tech Hiring & Technology Adoption Trends 2019.


Originally published July 5 2019, Updated August 5 2021

Bhuvi Kathpalia

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Bhuvi is a content marketer at Mercer | Mettl. She's helped various brands find their voice through insightful thought pieces and engaging content. When not scandalizing people with her stories, you’ll find her challenging gender norms, dancing to her own tune, and crusading through life, laughing.

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